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Star Trek Online

Post by JasmineSomers » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:27 pm

This subject was brought up briefly during last nights Discord fleet meeting and I was tasked with getting screenshots and saying a bit about possibly starting a PF STO Fleet, this would allow us to get the PF name out there as it would be another avenue. But this does not come without issues and work and if enough people are interested then perhaps a Fleet can be created for STO. The logistics for managing an STO fleet can be daunting, but the following screenshots are of an STO Fleet that has not been improved upon as I only use it to store my excess stuff I get when in game, but it does show a good example of how a maxed out Fleet Bank looks and other stuff that is required.

Apologies on the screenshots I had to use a Tablet to take them as I tried the Screenshot function on my PC and for some reason, it did not show the interaction box that came up.

Here goes...

When You speak to one of the NPCs that deals with Bank/Mail/Exchange etc you have 4 options, if you ever wish to visit the fleet Bank this is what you do, to my knowledge the only Organic NPCs to allow bank access is at the Academies on Kronos and Earth other places are console access. I have done screenshots of these so you can see how a maxed out Fleet bank looks with the maximum amount of tabs.

Screen 1

This is accessible via Organic NPC or in most cases an interactive Console

Screen 2

This one has the list of the bank tabs on the left the first one with the Energy Credit Currency icon is the one that comes free with the Fleet bank, all the other tabs and various upgrades have to be purchased either by energy credits or Dilithium I am not sure on that as someone gave me the Fleet and the bank that came with it as they were leaving the game. YOu can have a max of 8 Tabs with 4x lines of 12 store slots each, now this is not cheap and I assume it is EC based to expand them as I have seen no Fleet bank slots on the Zen store.

Screen 3

This one shows where the Fleet Icon is located, if you are part of a Fleet it will be lit, if not then it will be greyed out.

Screen 4

This one shows the main Splash page for the Fleet Holdings, as you can see at the TOp the Fleet Admins can put MoD notes in and the main screen is a general overview of the Fleet Starbase. There is also the option of creating a basic Fleet uniform and Fleet Logo in this area. You have the option to remain on the Overview page by clicking on the > to the right of the Fleet window to change to Embassy or Dilithium mine etc. Below that on the left you have a summary of what has gone on in the fleet and on the bottom right is what Fleet Events there are available (this will show up in active Fleets).

to the left of the Fleet window will be the Fleet logo and below that special Projects that will become available for a limited time, if not used they will vanish after a set time, but if they have been started then they will remain in the production line until completed long after the Limited time has gone, but these "Special Projects" are Dilithium intensive and not to be taken on lightly, they are cosmetic in nature, just to make the places look nice.

Screen 5

This one shows the Options in the Fleet window at the top, this is what ALL members see, but permissions can be assigned to certain levels or player Fleet ranks.

Screen 6

This is what you see when you click on HOLDINGS, to the left the newest addition is the Fleet Colony which when reached to Tier 5 will allow more benefits, same with all the facilities they provide passive Fleet benefits. You have COLONY/DILITHIUM MINE/K-13 Starbase/RESEARCH LAB/SPIRE/STARBASE (FLEET) each one has a set amount of projectss available that you would need to complete to raise their Tier level to 5, each projects basic requirements are Fleet Provisions/Experience Points/Some Duty officers (depends on what the project is for the Departments)/Energy Credits (EC)/Fleet Marks and in some projects a smaller amount of Dilithium may be needed, each Facility will have and require a set type of Fleet Mark to add to it, it will tell you what is required for the project when it is selected.

Screen 7

While each Facility has its own particular type of named area, they are all basically the same the buttons differ from each one, but it that screen shows the basic overview of a particular Fleet facility and how far the progress has come on each of them. About 2 of the Facilities only go as far as Tier 3 the rest are Tier 5. The higher the Starbase is in a tier the more options for fleet ships will be available.

Screen 8

This one shows where you click in one of the boxes on the left and on the right a selection of what is available to the fleet as a project, you just click Select and it is automatically put into the production cue, WARNING: When the task project is selected it cannot be cancelled, it will give you this warning when you select anyway.

Screen 9

This one is where the "Special" or "Limited" time fleet Projects go, these cost dilithium, you might get the odd one that required Fleet marks too, but on the whole only Dilithium is required.

Screen 10

This will show the Fleet events and such

Screen 11

The Fleet Roster, the default is set to only show online players, but at the bottom of the window is an option to select "Show Offline Players" on this section there is also the option to promote a member, just select the member in question and click on the "Promote" button at the bottom, there is also a Demote and Invite to Fleet button too.

Screen 12

This will give you basic Fleet information to those who do a Fleet Search to see if they wish to join.

Screen 13

Wider screenshot of Fleet information area, you can put up a description of the Fleet, select what the requirements for joining the fleet are, this bit is very important as it works with the Permissions section. On the bottom right is the Required rank and level the Fleet would accept people in, Default is Lt. Level 9

Screen 14

Recruiting Message and Date Fleet was created (Ingame)

Screen 15

This is a close up of what level Requirement is required when joining.

Screen 16

Close up of the Website and Search tags.

Screen 17

Close up of Fleet name and Fleet description (where to edit and add)

Screen 18

Left of the screen is the Rank Title tabs, 7 in total, they can be created with any Rank/Name and edited after creation.

Screen 19

This shows the available permissions you select a created rank on the left then check the boxes for that rank, it is the same for all of them, I think there is an APPLY button at the bottom too after completion.

Screen 3

This is where you can create an Armada, other fleets will see this and can invite, but this is what we would see after Fleet creation, there are benefits to an armada as most of the time if players have more Fleet marks than what their own Fleet projects require they usually add Fleet marks to other fleets in the armada, if you donate Fleet Marks to another Armada or other items (not Fleet Provison Marks) you will be awarded a set amoutn of Fleet Credits to spend at the Fleet base (if stocked)

This all may sound good, but the core of the matter is, those items a Fleet member can buy only exist if the appropriate Fleet project is completed, it is a resource hog as you also have to balance what Dilithium you donate as you will need to keep some for your own Reputation projects if you do them. This will only work with a dedicated core group and regular players.

The expected Resource requirements for each Fleet project are:

Provisions (can be replicated in the replicator)
Energy Credits
Duty Officers
Fleet Marks

Those above are just for everyday projects for the Specials and Limited time stuff it is Dilithium, basically creating an STO fleet is only feasable if there is enough interest in doing so, also there is an option at the Character selection screen if you have it available and that is creating a Foundry mission, requirement is 1 Char slot to get the minimum amount of Foundry slots is 1000 Dilithium.

If you have any questions please ask I will try to answer as best as I can.

Image PNPC
Image PNPC
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Re: Star Trek Online

Post by RudyHam » Mon Jan 28, 2019 1:37 pm

Do people in the community still play STO? I'd be interested to join the Fleet in that game too.

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Re: Star Trek Online

Post by Alex » Thu Feb 07, 2019 3:22 am

There are several people who play STO in the community. I know Somers still does. And I'm pretty sure we do have an in game Pegasus Fleet.
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