Greetings people of PF

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Greetings people of PF

Post by optimashprime » Tue Oct 08, 2019 8:00 am

Howdy all, how goes it today?

So, since I am new here I thought I should do the traditional "I am new, this is my intro post" post

Starting off, my name is Elliot, I am (almost) 25 years old and currently living in Brisbane Australia, though I was born in the UK. I like to describe myself as an all-round nerd and geek, a badge that I wear with great pride of course. As you may have guessed, I love Star Trek and all things sci-fi in general, I am not one of those kinds of people that say X or Y sci-fi is better, I love it all.

My love of Star Trek began many years ago with watching Voyager and then expanded from there, I have watched a number of episodes, all the films but my true love has always been the books. I have literally read hundreds of Star Trek books over the years, I find that they cover way more interesting topics and go into more depth than the shows ever could (due to time and budget). Seriously, if you haven't taken the time to read some of the books, you are seriously missing out, I am more than happy to recommend some for anyone :)

To go with my love of Sci-fi, and to build the geekiness of me, I am a big PC gamer and youtube watcher, they are probably my biggest hobbies but I am looking to expand back into other things. Which, conveniently, brings me here today. Many years ago I used to do a lot of simming and role-play, but for various reasons, I kinda fell out of it for a long time. I want to fix that, I want to get back into my passion of creating our own universes and stories together (also, I am really running low on Star Trek books to read :P). I probably don't want to jump in super crazy deep at the moment (so, I won't be taking a C.O role etc), but I would like to ease myself into the fun. I have always had an active imagination when it comes to Star Trek, thinking of my own scenarios and stories etc, so it is time for me to put those ideas down onto paper (or text to be precise).

Anyways, I could probably go on waffling for a little while, but I best tame it down now and save some energy for writing :D I will be posting a character idea very shortly, so take a look and give me some feedback :)

Nice to meet you all, hopefully, we can all have fun together.


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Re: Greetings people of PF

Post by Terris » Wed Oct 09, 2019 11:20 pm

Welcome. Glad you are getting situated. If ther÷ is anything you need assistance with just ask.
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