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Greetings, from Texas

Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2020 3:24 am
by Jaxson Morris
Hello all, my name is Carl, and I am a newcomer to Pegasus Fleet. Hadn't heard of it before a wonderful new friends pointed me this direction. I am playing Petty Officer 1st Class Jaxson Morris on the USS Poseidon, and already loving every minute of it.

Outside of simming I'm a huge bookworm, I love to read just about anything and everything I can get my hands on. I also am a sci-fi horror buff no matter the format, be it books, movies, or television, though I do prefer books to be honest. I'm also into music, I love to cook, and I spend a lot of time with friends and family. My partner and I are also planning on launching into a new adventure in the next few years, where we will be going fully nomadic, likely in a bus build, which we are super excited to get started building.

Well, I don't really think there's much more for me to tell you guys, but feel free to ask any and all questions, I'm not the least bit shy!