New IFS Release

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New IFS Release

Postby Williams » Sun Aug 06, 2017 4:24 pm

Hi all

This isn't really PF related (since we have our own install of IFS which I manage), but a couple of months ago I had a few requests for a working version of vanilla IFS, given that the last semi-official release no longer works on modern (PHP5) web servers. Since there's really no alternate place for me to put this, with OF having moved on to IFS 2 (and thus closing the old IFS help forum), I'm posting this here so that any others who like the look of our IFS can find their way to it.

IFS version 1.17 is now available to download on my GitHub at I've done my best to make sure I've tested everything as I've gone (and most of it should work anyway since the majority of the new code comes direct from PF's IFS), but there are significant code changes compared to version 1.16, so if anyone using it finds any outstanding bugs, please raise them at and I'll make sure to patch them.
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