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Re: Nova Ideas

Post by Treymiar » Fri Oct 09, 2015 9:59 am

This is a copied-post. Alex suggested that this idea be presented in this thread.

In essence: Put a Facebook 'Like' Button in Nova posts.

What better way to spread awareness of PF and your simm than click on it and have the link appear under your FB profile? :) By that, I mean it goes as a new 'post' under your Facebook page. I guess that would be different than adding it to your 'Like' List. Hmmm, maybe a different word than 'Like'? 'Post on my Facebook page'??

You probably don't want to overdo it, otherwise people will begin ignoring it. But pick a few of your fav posts, and people will be curious.

{ Offers he who quit using FB 3 years ago. ;p }


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