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Post by Stern » Mon Dec 22, 2014 2:03 am

Let's be honest, most of us love having an avatar for our characters. While we can use all sorts of colorful and flower language to describe them, we all see them differently in our heads, and a visual avatar offers up something visceral, instinctive... That is to say, something that pleases the visual side of the game. Something that we can grasp and hang on to, at least visually. But of course not everyone can make them, and of those who can, many aren't very good at it. I've seen some on the forums here that were great, and a great deal of others that were... Well, bad.

Now, I am not, and will never, profess to be an expert at it. Nor do I claim to make the best avatars in the world, because they certainly aren't. At the same time I do strive to make avatars that are enjoyable to look at. That aren't overly grainy, poorly cut together, suffer from odd lighting, or necks that are either oddly angled or too long because the head simply did not fit the body right. I know how to use layers, and I am pretty okay at managing various different things.

Again, like I said, not professionally trained by any means. I was taught by two friends who were both incredibly good at using photoshop, and the rest is basic guesswork and trial and error on my part. The more complicated the request, of course the more difficult it is going to be for me to get it all the way there. I can offer up examples, though I won't here because I don't wish to clutter anything up.

I tend to avoid overly famous people in my own avatars, but if you have a request, ask, and we'll see where it goes.

One final caveat I want to add; I am slow. Incredibly slow sometimes. It isn't because I don't value you or your avatar, but I am very busy, and making avatars is fairly tedious at times. If you will be patient, the end product will be pleasing, I promise you. Rush me, and I tend to cut corners and it won't be as nice.

My last request is that if you do stumble across an avatar I've made, please do not use it without first asking me. I don't necessarily 'sign' my work, and that can easily be removed anyway, but I don't appreciate seeing it show up in weird places if it wasn't something you requested to begin with. Thanks.


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