Wolf-Pup, a Sioux Boy's Story

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Wolf-Pup, a Sioux Boy's Story

Post by FruitLoop » Thu Sep 01, 2011 2:51 am

This was written when I was in High School, so please no jokes

It was dawn, the dangerous time, the time when anything could happen if the mist blinds you. Yet everyday the women are brave enough to go to the river to fetch the day's water. I rose from my bed robes energized and ready for adventure, for that day I would go on my first raid at age thirteen, younger than any other warrior in our tribe. Little did I know what was in store for me on that fateful day after we set up camp in a new area. My name was Wolf-Pup, and this is my story.

When I stepped out of my father's dwelling, the sun was a hand's breadth above the teepees. Most of the older men had not even stirred yet. I noticed my sister, Bright Morning, coming from the river with our water bags. I quietly went to the meadow to get my bay stallion.

Today he would not stop shying away from the meeting area. It was as if there was a hungry wolf there. Then I saw the reason for his strange behavior: Chief Hungry Horse was off to one side talking with Chief Four Bears. Chief Hungry Horse was known for leaving his horses so hungry they get sick. I had traded for my horse with him, so I assumed that Hungry Horse was the cause.

I left my horse with Bright Morning when Whispering Wind rose by on his chestnut stallion. They were a handsome pair. The famous Sioux warrior rode proud and tall, with piercing eyes and thick black hair. His muscles showed well beneath his reddish brown skin. The horse was as striking as his owner. He was a beautiful golden auburn stallion with a long flowing mane and tail and eyes as golden as his coat.

To my amazement, he pulled up and stopped to talk. "Hello Wolf-Pup. Are you excited about your first raid?"

"Yes," I replied. "I'm so excited I didn't get much sleep last night."

"That happened to me, too."

"It did?"

"Of course. You didn't think I was always calm like the Sun God, did you?" And with that, he left.

Around midmorning everyone gathered in the meeting area to hear Chief Four Bears speak. He was a real windbag.

"Friends, today our warriors will raid the Crow camp to the west. And they will be victorious! Whispering ind, whose presence is seldom heard but strongly felt, leads them on this glorious day. May the Sun God grant them success!"

Then I saw her, Evening Star. She was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She had long tick hair, big brown eyes, and the most captivating face anyone has ever had the pleasure to lay eyes upon. Her father was the first in many generations to allow his daughter the choice of her own husband. Was she coming towards me? She was!

"I want to wish you luck today, Wolf-Pup. My heart goes with you." I was so stunned I could only stand there and was as she walked away.

Then it was time to go. We rode for a while at a gallop. After that we slowed our horses to a walk and rode into the woods near the Crow camp. We dismounted and left the equines with Swan Necklace and his two cousins.

We began our rad just outside the camp. There were many fine horses. He looked for the best ones first and then started to creep quietly towards them. As we rounded a corner a young girl saw us and yelled out a warning. We jumped to our feet and ran towards the exquisite steeds. I jumped on the nearest one and rounded up as many as I could. We herded the pretty ponies towards our camp, our brown arms raised in victory.

That night was a night like no other. There was a great celebration with food and dancing. We were dancing when suddenly we smelled a horrible stench. A puddle of green ooze seeped up out of the ground followed by another and another and another until the whole camp was full of them. Then they began to rise and take the shape of dead blue coat soldiers, but others were dressed in grey. They were pale and sickly. Some had severed limbs, others had eyeballs hanging out of their sockets or their heads under the arms and all manner of unnatural things. And they reeked of death.

Then all was chaos. They tried to take us back underground with them and those they took underground came up looking as dead as the soldiers themselves and attempted to the same to others. We were on a field of slaughter!

I saw Evening Star being grappled by her cousin Dog Leg and I ran over and cut off his arm with my tomahawk. He immediately fell apart, turned into the green slime, and soaked back into the ground.

When I had finished this, I told Evening Star to run as far away from camp as she could. "Go. Run as far as those woods if you can. Go. NOW!" She immediately turned heel and ran.

I then yelled to the other warriors: "Sever a part of them and they will go." They tried it too, son finding themselves successful in winning a battle they once thought was lost. At what price had this victory come? Nearly half our warriors were dead.

It was a terrible loss. Bright Morning, Dog-Leg, Chief Hungry Horse, and countless others were gone forever. Their souls were doomed to haunt this land for all eternity.

We didn't bother to wait for morning. We were too afraid of the ghosts. We packed up and left immediately.

The next day, we had two ceremonies. One was to pray for those that were lost. However, it was to no avail. The other was my betrothal to Evening Star.

Now, my face wrinkled and my hair greying, I have returned to the place where I lost my dear sister. And as I hear my new named called, I know I will never see my sister again, either in this life, or the one to come.

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