Star trek Hope

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Ethen Underwood
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Star trek Hope

Post by Ethen Underwood » Tue Dec 11, 2012 3:02 am

The star base shone brightly against the back drop of the darkness space. For a number of years Star base 405 had stationed on the edge of the Anacreon pinch. An area of space that holds every scavenger low life and a thief in the quadrant had to offer. This region of space had been seen an increase of violent skirmishes and ships being attacked for no reason other than greed. Star Fleet had dispatched Star Fleet Corps of Engineers of the 216 Construction battalion to erect the Station she was built for the only reason of hope in a lawless area of space.

Commander Jason Golding stood looking out of the window of an office on the huge station his gaze fixed on the darkness trying to make sense of the flashing stars in the distance this was a lonely posting where only those with the strongest of dispositions would dare to work. Golding took stock and turned to wards the replicator still not sure what he wanted. If he was hungry he wasn’t sure if that was at all. He stood there staring at it trying to decided.

He took a glass of water and sipped the cold liquid that soon stopped the hunger and he returned to the stack of reports that needed top be addressed. He was the stations first officer and to be honest he really didn’t want a station position he wanted to be on the move on Star ship exploring the universe but to be honest any where within Star Fleet was a bonus..

Star base 405 was where some of Starfleet not so squeaky clean officers ended up when Starfleet had no other option to put them. Captain Sebastian Charles was a veteran Starfleet officer of 25 years he had been a thorn in commands side for years and this was their pay back a back water space station where he could be forgotten. The station sent the standard reports on the goings on the Anacreon Expanse. The were transferred at 9 am on the first day of the standard working week, Sebastian cursed yet again the Computer core was lagging so the information was stuck in the mid flow of sending.

“curses you dam computer” the Captain sighed he needed new equipment but star Fleet where not so accommodating to him or this station

=^= Lt. Commander Vistoe this Captain Charles I want you up here in my office right away Charles Out =^=

A deep sigh came from Lt. Commander Lisa Vistoe “for crying out loud does that wretched man want blood I trying my best to sort the crap that’s called no hope “ She had said it a little bit to loud as Ensign Harry west had looked up from what he had been doing this was a situation he had all to often heard. Lisa hurried to the Charles officer with damnation on her mind. West sighed as she left “ Dam this station”.

West had been top of his class at the academy and his first assignment was the USS Merrick a trade ship as ships mate to the engineer, It wasn’t the most greatest of assignments but it gave him the grounding of engineer. He recalled the day when he was assigned to Star base Hope. This is not wanted to be on a star ship and any where but out here in the vastness of space and the dregs of society.

Captain Charles was still seething at his first officer she walked in a manner that stated matter of fact she stood there on the defensive side “ Well Captain I am here what exactly is you want Captain” She sighted. The room was tense more than that it was cold a coldness that was outside the station. “ Commander Vistoe you are a impossible woman to get a long with. Your attitude is some what boarding insubordinate I will not tolerate this behaviour from a command officer. I am appointing Commander Golding as your replacement your being transferred”.

Vistoe stood back shocked but not surprised by his out burst “ Sir if that’s what you want I be delighted to get off your back.” She turned and sighed loudly and walked away not looking back.

Golding smiled as he stood at the observation deck. The USS Phantom was berthed in docking bay three she was having her refit and upgrades.. He loved the sleekness of the Sovereign class these were the upgrade of the Galaxy class all though the Galaxy was still a active class of vessel. He dreamed of captaining a Sovereign class for now his step up to first officer was now official . Lt.Commander Vistoe had officially told Captain Charles where he could stick his Job where the sun don’t shine. Although she actually had not said it. Although she had another position On the USS Arch angle as First Officer .

The End

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Re: Star trek Hope

Post by FruitLoop » Tue Dec 11, 2012 3:53 am

Very nice. I like the tension and the sheer hopelessness despite the name of the station. Gives it some irony. I saw some spelling and grammar errors, but those were minor. Overall, very nice and well written

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