Star trek Phantom

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Star trek Phantom

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This was an idea for a Pod cast or story not sure what. If any one would like to help me develop it pm me

USS Phantom - NCC 746252 Sovereign Class

Main Cast

Captain Marcus Sebastian Human Male
First Officer Commander Leanne Fredrick’s Human Female
Chief Medical Officer Doctor T’loc Vulcan Female
Chief Security Officer 8/11 Borg Female Liaison form the Borg Defence Force <this character is almost human>
Chief Engineer Chief Petty Officer Liam Bennett Human Male
Chief Science Officer Julie Johnson Half human/Trill Female

Recurring characters

Lt Commander Randal Vaughn Starfleet Communications Officer Star Base 22 Human Male

Gretara’h Klingon Captain IKS Mertock Klingon Male

Admiral Peter Campion Starfleet Sector Commander Human Male.


“Some times the last line of defence is the last hope“

Space the final conflict these are the chronicles of the Phantom. At a time when Star Fleets licking its wounds. The Federations all but crumbled worlds not knowing who turn to. Sometimes the last line of defence is the last hope.

The crew of the Phantom have a struggle in themselves they Phantom is badly damaged and there is not the resources that Starfleet would like and the Phantoms battle scares need to heal.

Despite the wounds a Starfleet Admiral will stop at nothing to stop the Phantom returning to base and allowing him to keep sending her on even more dangerous missions.

Sebastian is a man at his wits end a crew on the edge can this crew really return the once great star fleet back to its original mission. Sebastian wants to know what’s happened to the Klingons the Romulans and the Vulcan’s, even the Talaxian’s have not been seen in years why?.

To find out tune in next fall to Star trek phantom where really no one hears scream.


Captain Marcus Sebastian a man with an edge a raised voice in a silence where pain cries out. He’s a 40 something male although the scares he carries with him make some what 10 years older despite the calmness in his look his inner self rages to set free of the darkness. He highly motivated and a underlying problem that the Doctor has discovered by accident has made Sebastian even more angry and self loathing of the way his crew have been treated.

First Officer Commander Leann Fredrick’s She is young intelligent ambitious officer but has the get up and go left her a once principled officer now look out of her depth whilst the commanding Officer loses his way she can only see the devastation that his lack of judgement has caused. Can she get the strength to turn the captain round.

Chief Engineer Chief Bennett a man who thrives on problems and engineer who finds whilst all is going wrong he can make sense of the chaos. Bennett, despite disliking authority he will always step out of line to help the crew no matter what the cost.

Doctor T’Loc a Vulcan logic and always the voice of calm and reason. She sees both sides of every story no matter who’s wrong . A soft and caring nature a idealistic female. She allows those around her speak. She notices those who are suffering.

Chief Science officer Julie Johnson A woman in the wrong place at the wrong time she should have not been on the Phantom fate brought her she soon works out that if she toes the line it wont be long before she escape this some what frustrating and confusing ship. She doesn’t trust the captain she isn’t sure of the engineer the only person who understands her confusion is the Borg.

8/11 Borg Defence force Officer. He was a young human male before assimilation now 17 he finds him self on a strange ship free from his Borg collective mind its been some time since the Borg were set free. 8 regained some of his human trait’s and has reverted to a scared 17 year old boy. He finds him self on the Phantom with those who freed him but he dose not understand his know place in society a young Science officer who has taken the drone under wing.

Synopsis Of Recurring Characters

Lt. Commander Randal Vaughn a young Idealistic Communications officer who seems to be the Phantoms only friendly voice he is trying to find a way to help the crew of the Phantom undetected by Admiral Compton.

Admiral Pete Compton a vindictive sector commander who’s only joy in life is to make the crew of the phantom’s life a misery no matter how. He’s blissfully unaware that Starfleet have seen through his games. For now Randal Vaughn is the thorn in the Admiral’s side.
Gretara’h Klingon Captain IKS Mertock If there is any other a rather grumpy Klingon he is the commanding Officer of the IKS Mertock a thorn in the Phantoms and Sebastian’s side the Klingon is always one step head of the Phantom and always shows up at the wrong time to wreak havoc .

Star date 345634.23

Captains personal Log Phantoms Launch date.

It’s a proud day for myself and the Crew of the USS Phantom the second Sovereign class stars ship of the Utopia plantations after the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E we the crew of the Phantom have a lot to live up to as the Enterprise is a true legend. I am captain Marcus Sebastian and the USS Phantom NCC-746252 is the of command of my Starfleet career although I have to say this the newest ship under my command and I am to go to test her to the absolute limit once all these dignitaries have slipped back into the comfy confines of there offices. I am particularly worried by a one Admiral Peter Compton who’s the Commander of the Sector I am to patrol I find the man a little off handed and rude.

I fear this Admiral will cause some trouble for me and the crew but I am not let this happen under any circumstances but some times fate takes these situations out of our hands. I have been aboard the Phantom before the official launch and I have to say the ship is certainly impressive by any means. My last vessel was a Nova class vessel she is now under the command of a young Lt. Commander on her way up the command level. I wish her well and the Endeavour well on there future missions.

I have so much to do and I spotted my first officer Commander Leann Fredrick’s she was supposed to get the Endeavour but some reason she has turned down her own command to Join the Phantom I will have a conversation with that young lady I think. I have had some disturbing news that a Borg Drone is to be stationed on the Phantom. After all the destruction the Borg have caused I cant see why Starfleet have allowed them to take positions on Federations stars ships I would rather have 3 Klingon officers to be honest.

I have read the briefing over the freeing of the Borg its been quite an eye opener I have to say may be, as commanding officer I have been to judgemental on this topic after all 8/11 is 17 years old and he was human after all I am sure to be severed from the Borg Collective is one thing but to have all you have ever known ripped away and be returned to Factory setting is unsettling to say the least, I think my perception of this young male will have to change I owe to the boy and the crew to show some compassion and understanding after all its not really his fault.

*computer end log and encrypt*

USS Phantom Main Bridge

Marcus stepped aboard the Phantom at the same time as Commander Fredrick’s “Welcome Commander to the Phantom it’s the first time you have set foot on the ship isn’t it?” He gave her a friendly smile as welcoming as you can be after having to smile for all the photos of the launch he was actually glad that was over.

“Yes sir I am afraid it is I haven’t been able to get near her with all the brass” She glad not to have actually got here any sooner as she was stopped by a two pip Admiral who was rather hostile towards Captain Sebastian. “Sir I see you have already made a friend of Admiral Compton I thing he said he was not very nice about you at all. Marcus laughed “Have I commander that’s nice to know that some is wound up tight like a coil because of me”.

They both reached the bridge and stepped out of the turbo lift . A young Ensign Noticed the captain “Captain on the Bridge”

Marcus smiled at least one person was paying attention “ who’s the senior office” on the watch he asked the Ensign,

“Sir that would be Lt Forestall sir she is over there by the communication’s area”

Marcus sighed “Thank you Ensign” He walked over to where she was standing with her back to the room “Excuse me Lt Forestall may I have a small moment of your time”. Leann smiled at the Engineer it seemed as the good captain wasn’t in the mood for people that didn’t comply with protocol. Forestall sighed and turned around slowly “ Ah Captain Sebastian “ Alice Forestall didn’t want to smile but she had made grave miscalculation”

Marcus counted to mentally before allowing himself to speak “Lt Forestall I would be grateful if senior officer on the bridge actually paid attention to comings and goings on and off the bridge “ I am Captain Marcus Sebastian the Commanding Officer of this Ship I relieve you of the Bridge” Alice grimaced this wasn’t the dream start she hoped for “ I Lt Alice Forestall hand the command of the Phantom over to you Captain”. Alice wanted a big whole in the ground to swallow her up. She left the bridge and headed down to the engineering section.


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USS Phantom dare you

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A note all the characters and Star trek phantom are all my own creation and do not infringe any other star trek franchise.


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Oliver Steele

USS Phantom dare you


Mean while on the bridge of the Phantom

Leanne Fredrick’s the Phantoms first officer had spoken to several of the bridge crew which by now all had come on duty. She had noted that the Captains absence since he had first come on to the phantom. He was a quite man in her eyes and something she couldn’t place about him though since her conversation with the Admiral Compton she seemed less inclined to listen to the Admiral’s ranting as she had met people like him before and she wasn’t about to second guess her Captain on the hour the Phantom was due to launch. The USS Phantom was the state of the art ship and the Second ship in the Sovereign class. Admiral Compton by all accounts did not want Captain Sebastian to have the Phantom according to a friend who works on the Admiral’s staff. She thought about the Engineer Lt Alice Forestall. Initially she felt sorry for the Alice yes what she had done was a little out of line but Captain Sebastian was way out of line for at least balling out the Lt in front off all the bridge crew. She had an idea which might prove some what beneficial for all parties concerned.

She thought about it for a while then decided what the hell what did she have to lose. Leanne approached the captains ready room and stood for a second would or could she approach a solution with the captain. She entered the ready room and walked up to the desk where Captain Sebastian was sat doing some pre launch stuff. She cleared her throat “ Excuse me Captain I wanted to speak to you about Lt Alice Forestall the engineer that handed the Phantom over to you earlier today”. Pausing to gauge the facial expressions of the captain. Marcus looked up at the Commander wondering what she wanted to say to him. He was impressed that she wasn’t afraid to say her peace “Ok Commander what’s on your mind?” Leanne was taken aback by the smile on his face “I know Lt Forestall got off on the wrong foot with you today but I have a proposal for you” the commander paused for a breath she didn’t want to push to far to quickly. Marcus sat back in the chair and raised his head a little “ I guess she did got off to a bad start with me and maybe I just snapped to quickly. So what’s your point”?.

Leanne sat down on the chair next to him “Sir we need a Chief Engineer here on the Phantom and I think Alice Forestall would make a dam fine addition to the crew” Marcus had not considered that he hadn’t seen that coming either but she did have a point. “ Ok Commander you may have a point she is but first impressions actually count and so far she hasn’t impressed me”. Leanne couldn’t argue that point “ your right Captain but what away for her to start impressing you by being your chief Engineer. Can I suggest that with a rise in rank to Lt. commander in line with the rest of the Senior Officers. That was it she had given him here thoughts. Although Marcus wanted to disagree with the Commander she made a fair assessment of the situation. “ Commander Fredrick’s that’s a bold plan you have there but I see your passionate about getting the best for the Phantom’s crew so I am going to grant your wish all you have to do is convince Admiral Compton that Lt Alice Forestall would serve better on my ship and believe me you wont find it easy.” The one thing Marcus liked was some pointing him some times in the right direction and Leanne Fredrick’s had a way of putting things into perspective. “Oh and Number one please call me Marcus in the ready room” Leanne smiled “Ok Marcus” She laughed “Leave Admiral Compton to me I don’t have a problem with talking to him leave it with me”. With that Leanne walked away from the ready room with a huge grin on her face and the crewman who had been on the helm wondering what was going on as she passed she winked forcing the young man to smile.

Admiral Compton’s Office star base 221

Peter Compton was the most annoying officer you ever set your eyes on Star base 221 was on the edge of and expanse and a region of space that saw very little Starfleet traffic and Compton only saw earth on the odd occasions he was asked to attend some diplomatic function. This was the rare time what Admiral Peter Compton had on Earth and he was trying to tell any one who would listen that he wanted to expand his wings and transfer but most of the Senior Starfleet brass where kind of happy that he was far out of ear shot out at 221. The news that the Phantom and Captain Marcus Sebastian had been assigned to his sector had not improved his mood any either. Some few weeks later in his office he and the First Officer of the USS Phantom stood in his office. “Commander I am a busy man what’s the meaning of this untimely visit” Leanne was seething at this point she wanted to punch this arrogant son of a ***** in the mouth but being a respected Starfleet officer she held the thought “Admiral Compton I came to you on good faith I understand you do not like Captain Sebastian but your fight is not with me.”

Admiral Compton did not like being confronted like this “ Commander just listen here I dislike Sebastian there for the crew of the Phantom also fall in this category do you hear me Commander “ Leanne was taken aback she couldn’t contain her anger any longer “Sir lets get one thing straight I will take your frustrations as you’re a senior officer but let me tell you something I came here to ask for a Chief Engineer for our ship you can say no that’s your right. How ever I did not come here listen to you bad mouth me or my fellow officers on the Phantom do you understand”. Fredrick’s had gotten it off her chest in what surprised Compton to point his whole presence changed “ Commander Fredrick’s who is it that you have in mind for the role” She soon relaxed “ Lt Forestall I believe she is one of your Engineering team here” Peter smiled “ Actually Commander your in luck she is a good officer and her work ethics are strong and she is due a promotion so I will grant you request and she will be with you within the hour.” Leanne sighed this wasn’t supposed to be this easy in fact she was hoping for a fight but as luck would have it she didn’t have to. “ Sir I thank you could I ask for one more favour can please speak to Alice Forestall my self” Peter would be more than happy to get rid of the Lt as she was a accident waiting happen “ Commander be my guest”. Leanne walked away happy but in the back of her mind she was still intrigued as to why Compton didn’t like the Captain.

Walking around the station she stopped at a communications panel =^= computer please locate Lt. Alice Forestall=^= It took a few seconds for the computer to reply -^- Lt Forestall is located in main engineering section 34 level 12-^- . After several minutes walk she found Lt Forestall.

Star base 221 main engineering

Leanne walked in to engineering to see a lot of different coloured uniforms wandering around the main core are she spotted the young woman on the far side of the concourse “ Excuse me Alice could I have a moment of your time please she quietly said to the engineer with out speaking to loud. Let Forestall was rather surprised by seeing the First Officer of the Phantom walk in to the engineering section of 221 “Commander Fredrick’s what’s the first officer of the phantom doing here in my domain” she smiled and still recalled her earlier gaff with the captain “ Am I in trouble with phantoms dashing captain?” she laughed. Leanne chuckled some what “Nope not at all he’s actually forgiven you for that but the main reason I am here is because I have some good news and some bad news” Alice was used to bad news so wasn’t really expecting any thing less “Ok the bad news please commander might as well get that way first” she thought.

Leanne could tell this young woman had her fair share of bad news “ Right your time on this station is up your being transferred” Alice’s smile dropped some what “ Why because of the gaff with the captain “ She generally looked worried now “ Nope that’s not it all you are being assigned to the USS Phantom as the Chief Engineer and one more thing you are dressed incorrectly Commander. Congratulations Lt. Commander Alice Forestall I here by promote you on behalf of the captain” Alice was dumb founded “Thanks I think?” Leanne pinned the extra pip to the Engineer by this time a crowd had gathered and cheered her promotion “ Miss Forestall you have one hour before the Phantom leaves see you onboard.”

Leanne made way out of engineering feeling she had just made some ones day and for that she was grateful she decided not take the standard route back to the ship =^= Fredrick’s to Phantom one to beam over=^= with in seconds she was back on the Phantom and back in her own private world.

Commander Leanne Fredrick’s Personal log Star date 345634.23

As the Phantoms first officer I have certainly had a hectic first day at the office . I wonder weather I have actually made the right choice of excepting the first officer on this ship. The Commanding Officer is lost in his own turmoil and is shadow of his former self. I actually don’t doubt that he cant do his job but the internal struggle that seemed to etched as pain in his face I cant help feel sorry for him. All I can do is steer him in the right direction. I cant fathom what the hell is going on between him and Admiral Compton but I don’t feel that its going to be in the best interest of the Phantom and her crew. I earlier met the irresponsible little man and I am afraid I dislike him he’s a bully and I wont allow him to affect this ship or crew.

As my first act as First Officer was to poach star base 221s senior engineer Alice Forestall and promote her to Lt. Commander and give charge of the Engineering she seemed pleased to finally be getting away from the star base I for sure will be glad to have her aboard as she is a confidant officer and a excellent engineer. I feel that I’m going to be in demand as a peace keeper for this ship. Sometimes its in the best interest as First officer to keep a head of the game. I have not yet met the rest of the crew but looking forward to finding out more about them.

For now as my day is well and truly over I need to rest for a while before the off.

End log.


Shuttle Oswald

Ensign Nick Cook was the shuttle pilot of the USS Oswald he was an accomplished pilot and was a keen shot with a weapon also. Today was the most important and no ordinary day from him he was escorting a former Borg drone only know as 8/11. Nick had never been so close to a Borg and the excitement had gotten to him a little even to point of fear. The former drone had been appointed as chief security Officer of the USS Phantom and at 17 he was the youngest chief in Starfleet despite being the former drone. He wasn’t sure if the crew would even take him into their family. Of course he had heard of the tales of Bishop and Knight and even Voyagers 7/9 in fact 7/9 even now was assigned to Admiral Jane ways aid and diplomat. She was also a tactical advisor for the 9th fleet. In this modern times those who were assimilated by the Borg were set free by a race that supposedly created them. The report he had read was that Captain William Riker of the USS Titan and Captain Jean Luc Picard of the Enterprise and a 22 century Earth Captain had convinced the race that created the Borg to help the stop the Borg attacking sector 001 earth. They obliged and millions of drones and the collective vanished the link was broken with a huge surge of panic spreading over the alpha and beta quadrants. The Address of the Federation president at the time stated a new realm of peace that would sweep the federation and other non federations in years to come. 8 had studied the Borg and the history behind them It seemed that the Enterprise D ended up being the first contact of the Borg after a visit from Q a god like being out to cause mayhem with Picard. In dozens of encounters with the Borg’s Starfleet had lost thousands of ships and crew notably the battle of wolf 359 seemed a bitter taste in Starfleet’s mouth. Voyager still had a rough time in the delta quadrant and several incursions with them although Voyager seemed to gain help from the future Jane way which finally after seven years got the crew home being chased by a cube.

8/11 had been talking to a intrigued cook in the shuttle and Nick seemed less fearful of the Borg with the Borg 101 lesson “ Ensign I know you have feared me but you need not I am more human now with help from the various people that found me“. Nick smiled at the young man “ I am sorry if I seem to like I am frightened off you its not as if you personally have done any thing to me as you were once like me a human after all you didn’t ask to be assimilated. I guess its just a fear of the unknown” 8 smiled he understood perfectly the mans concern “ can I call you Nick “ Cook nodded 8 continued in a calm quiet voice. “ Nick as a human you only hear one voice its you that have to answer to you actions are governed by you only.” Nick nodded “ I guess I cant understand what it feels like to hear every thought of Borg in the collective.”

8 gave sigh “ No you don’t I don’t blame you believe me I don’t miss that either the constant information update the voices of races being assimilated just because they had a technology that the Borg didn’t have. I know that some quarters still believe that the Collective still out there and that one day they will make a return.” The whole conversation made Nick reflective he had such prejudice of other races and the Borg. The thing is if you are lead to believe that some thing or some one is bad no matter what you are going to believe what your told. A beep on the shuttles console shook Nicks back to the matter in hand “Commander we are approaching star base 221” 8/11 wondered if the crew of the Phantom would be so understanding as Nick was “Thank you Ensign I will get my things together”.

Approaching the stations outer marker the Oswald slowed to half impulse Nick had orders from the Phantom to request 8/11 to be beamed across to the USS Phantom he decided now was a good time for the Security chief to beam over “Sir your requested to beam straight to the Phantom” 8/11 smiled “Thank you”. Nick turned to the communications panel =^= shuttle Oswald to USS Phantom I am on final approach with a member your crew please be advised one to beam over =^= The Phantom replied instantly =^= USS Phantom to shuttle Oswald confirmed please beam 8/11 over now Phantom out=^=. For the first time to day Nick felt a little alone now his passenger was about to disembark “ Commander its been a pleasure to meet you and I know understand the Borg a little more now good luck in your new adventures” 8/11 Smiled “Stay safe and thank you Ensign may we meet again some day” Standing on the trans porter pad with that 8/11 disappeared again he nick was left with his own thoughts. The Oswald left the stations outer marker and Jumped to warp.


USS Phantom Main Bridge Departure

Marcus and Leanne had both spoken at lengths about the ship and crew and the latest arrival of 8/11 ever since he walked off transporters room he got strange glances form all most every one he met. The meeting with the Captain and first Officer was better that he expected there was no hostility towards him what so ever. Captain Sebastian even suggested at some point in the near future they start to search for his family and may give him his human name after all 7/9 these days goes by the her own name these days.

Marcus had taken seat in the centre chair for the first time since he came on board the phantom he recalled the first time he was asked to take the centre seat it was a little nerve racking but these days the feeling was totally different a sense of pride of taking the First Star fleet vessel to be made in ten years and it was his command. Of lately Star Fleets lack of ships and materials The Phantom comes at a cost and Starfleet took ten years to produce the second Sovereign class star ship Its not the only new ship to be produced of late a Luna class Vessel The USS Eagle is only months away from departure. Currently Star Fleer have only 28 ships that are less that 20 years old and forty that are over 40 years old and 10 that are newer of the fleet and the Phantom and Eagle being the shining examples of star fleets resolve to explore. Marcus had to laugh at this poignant line. For well over 40 years the federation and Starfleet have been at war with The Borg, Breen, Klingon’s , Romulans , Cardassians the Founders and Dominion. He guessed that Starfleet had actually lost there way to explore.

In hind site the Federation had some pretty tough times at the moment allies like the Talaxian’s and the Klingon’s had all closed the borders to Starfleet Marcus didn’t understand why. He resolved to make sure that Star Fleets once allies were contacted to find out what actually happened to them and why they chose to remain apart from contact. The Vulcan’s had made steps to make conversation with Starfleet after nearly 5 years as to why the sudden lack of communication all still very early days but all signs show a start in the trust process.

Leanne had sat down next to Marcus “ we are all set to depart star base 221 have cleared us to depart” Marcus smiled ok lets get underway but before we do

* To all Hands this the Captain Today the USS Phantom takes to space for the first time, I know I have not met all of you yet and I know as this ships crew you will do her proud. All I ask of you is to keep and open mind and all ways do the Job to the best of your abilities. There is a lot of questions that we as crew need to find answers for and with your help the final frontier will become explored again and to seek those goals that Star Fleet once strived for. My door and Commander Fredrick’s doors are always open that is all*

Marcus loved the whole inspirational speech from the first time he set foot on a star ship as a lowly Ensign. His first captain had given such a speech as his and made him proud to be a Star Fleet officer but know he had to get the Phantom away from this station. An operations officer spoke “Sir the stations communications officer Lt. Commander Randal Vaughn is hailing us” Marcus smiled at the young ensign “ Put him through Wendy”. A young fresh faced male appeared on screen “ Greetings Captain Sebastian I am Commander Randal Vaughn I am the stations Communications officer and a staunch supporter of the Phantom. Before I clear you for departure I will advise you now Admiral Compton will not make your life’s easy but Captain Sebastian I guess you already know that. I dislike the admiral also. For this reason I will be you ears and eyes I will protect you as much as I can “ Leanne smiled she liked this man already. Marcus seemed a little aware of this.

“Ok Commander Randal why is it you wish to help us you don’t actually know any of us” Vaughn sighed but the smile remained on his face “ Because Compton does not want you to succeed and the rest of Starfleet do I was put here to minimise Compton’s interference this man is a law unto himself and the senior brass says he’s on a one way ticket out of star fleet if he screws up. But they don’t want him to screw up your chance to make good of the chance been afforded you.” Leanne seemed surprised that such a man rose to a position and keep it. Marcus seemed stunned “ Ok commander thank you for the warning and am I to understand you are no ordinary communications officer”.

Randal laughed “very astute of you Captain but honestly for your own piece of mind and mine I will not answer that question. It makes answering questions very awkward if you get my drift”. Marcus did understand after all good things always came in the strangest of packages and he wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth “ Very well Commander Vaughn I will leave it as it is and thank you for making us such a interesting case.” Vaughn chuckled “ Captain good luck you cleared for departure and god speed Vaughn out”.

Rubbing her temple Leanne sat back down next to the captain she was annoyed that Compton was a thorn in this ships side “ Is Vaughn for real” Marcus frowned “ I am afraid so Commander, believe me I have some rather heated exchange of words over the years he’s as bad a Vaughn makes out”. Leanne laughed “Oh boy just as things start to improve and we get the devil for a ride”. Marcus signed “ You could very well be right commander”. The pre launch sequence had started and the helmsman had signalled to the captain that all lights were green. “ Signal ops and release all docking clamps all systems check Speed at impulse till we clear the stations outer marker then jump to Warp 6 engage”. The phantom lurched forward from the ships docking area and the blackness and vast emptiness of space engulfed the Phantom and its crew for now her voyage had begun and her troubles had started if only Captain Sebastian knew what was coming. If he didn’t some else did and soon.


USS Phantom Medical Bay

T’Loc had made her self at home in her office it had been some time since the ship had departed Star Base 221 she had left some one behind there and she sad. It was always the same. Same wants same needs but different paths lead them on a collision of self distraction. It wasn’t that many Vulcan’s made the chief Medical officer of one the Federations most important star ship but her she was sat in her office with a staff of 4 staff . Those things hurt her the most she had to leave it behind no matter what the cost to her personal happiness. If that person still had those feelings they would find away. T’Loc always saw the best in every body no matter what deep down they had done. It was her nature to care about all those who entered her life.

Getting up she headed out into the medical area to see her staff it consisted of one female human Lt Kelly Samuel’s a Bolian male nurse and Vulcan field medic attached to the Ships company of Marines. They were cross match of skills but enough to support the Phantom at any type of situation that arises.

Rear Adm Callum Wright
Commanding Officer
USS Phantom
Task Force One Commanding Officer

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Re: Star trek Phantom

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Very nice writing. Very creative.

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Thanks I was looking to develop this with other people's help

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