Voyages of The USS Funakohsi

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William T. Raines

Voyages of The USS Funakohsi

Post by William T. Raines » Sun Oct 25, 2009 5:00 am

Yoyages Of the Funakoshi
James J. Cecil

Some where a region of space known as the Orion sector in between the K'Lhargynx star system and Starbase 12 the United Federation starship Diplomacy comes under attack by six cloaked Imperial Klingon States Birds of Prey. As the red alert klaxon sounded in the back ground the Diplomacy's Tactical Officer yells out.

"We've lost our shielding, Captain!"

The Diplomacy's Caitian Captain quickly taps her combadge. "Engineering!" She barks out.

"Swason, here!" Came the reply.

"We need shields, Mister Sanson!" Said the Caitian urgently as the Diplomacy was hit with a photon torpedo off to her starboard side.

"Hull breech on decks 12 through 17. Heavy casualties reported, Sir." Intoned the Diplomacy's Navigator.

"Medical teams are enroute, Sir." Responded the Tactical Officer next just before the Diplomacy was shaken again.

Then moments later on the Diplomacy's VIP deck appeared a squad of Klingon Marines. The boarding party then quickly located Klingon Ambassador Tolark's door and blew it open and dragged the noted Ambassador out.

"Intruder alert deck 5!" Bellowed out the Diplomacy's Science Officer.

"Bridge to Security!" The Diplomacy's First Officer said tapping his combadge.

"Security, here." A voice said through the Diplomacy's First Officer's combadge.

"We've got a security breech on the VIP deck level 5." Said the Diplomacy's First Officer as he looked over towards his commanding officer.

"Ambassador Tolark's safety is priority one!:" Added the Caitian Captain.

"Aye, Captain. Security out." Replied the voice.

"Mister Harper." The Caitian Captain said to her Tactical Officer. "Initiate a priority one distress call."

"Aye, Sir." Harper replied as he carried out his orders.

Just as the Diplomacy's security team came around the corner of the hallway the Klingon boarding party unleashed the fury of their disrupters upon the Diplomacy's security team causing the Diplomacy's security team to take cover back around the corner before they had a chance to react. The leader of the Diplomacy's security team quickly tapped his combadge and yelled out, "Security to Bridge!"

"Go ahead, Security." Answered the Caitian Captain.

"They've got Ambassador Tolark." Replied the voice over the noise of disrupter and phaser fire.

Then the Klingon boarding party beamed off the Diplomacy's VIP with Ambassador Tolark.

"Sir." Interrupted Mister Harper.

The Diplomacy's Caitian Captain turned to him and before she could find out what it was that he wanted the front of the bridge where then main viewer was exploded inward sending pieces of glass, metal, and debris in all directions killing most of the bridge crew.

As the six Klingon Birds of Prey quickly left then area that the USS Diplomacy was in it suddenly erupted into a ball of flame. Ambassador Tolark was quickly brought before the Captain of the renegade Klingon vessel. When Ambassador Tolark saw who it was he said in Kliongoneese, "Why did you attack a Federation vessel? The Empire did not sanction such an attack!"

"The form of government to which you refer to Tolark is not the true government of the Klingon people." Answered Krin.

"Nor is the Klingon Imperial States to which you speak of." Replied Ambassador Tolark. "What do you traitors think you will accomplish with an attack on a Federation vessel especially one that was carrying an Ambassador of the Klingon people aboard her?"

"We are not traitors!" Howled Krin. "We are visionaries who see the utter destruction of our race, our life style, our philosophy as well as our religion. And what we hope to gain is that the Federation will declare war against the Empire for destroying one of its starships to which the High Council of your Empire will see that the Federation can't be trusted even with one of its most notable Ambassadors."

"Both the Empire and the Federation will not be fooled, Krin. They will discover the truth and will dispatch an armada." Ambassador Tolark informed Krin.

Krin snickers at him them with a wave of his hand issues to the two marines standing behind Ambassador Tolark to, "Take him away!" Krin said as both the marines grab Ambassador Tolark and escort him away.

To be continued...

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