Winters May

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Winters May

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Here is a story I wrote a few years back. There is a lot of things in this Story that is either true or has happened to me. Also some things are fictional and I wrote it to raise awareness of Bullying in school and how bad it can get. Its quite a long story so I'm going to be posting it chapter at a time on this same thread. So heres chapter 1.

Chapter 1

The darkness surrounded her; nothing was visible, everything was black, depressing and lonely. She stood in the middle of the abyss. Nothing disturbed her all was silent and still. She knew that this was peace, loneliness and been an only child had caused this, she stood in the middle surrounded by nothing but blackness; that no matter how far she walked it would never end. A faint ringing could be heard, it came from behind her, turning on a heel she ran towards the sound, light was erupting through a small gap in the blackness and then; she opened her eyes.

May turned over in her blankets; she saw the alarm clock jumping around on her bedside table, throwing an arm out of her bed she struck down the button, which shut off the alarm. Rolling over she yawned and soon she had swung her legs from under the blankets and stretching her arms high into the air she saw that today was a Tuesday, another day at high school. Her mother and father had a strict policy on school, it was attending everyday and doing nothing but work, work hard or you shall be facing the consequences. May personally thought that her parents were pushing her too far, as they wanted their only daughter to do well at school, and have a good job.

She ate her breakfast alone as usual and soon made her way out of the door and down her garden path; well she could call it hers, according to her parents it was theirs and even her own room belonged to them and she owned nothing except the items she bought with her own money. Her hand touched the small wooden gate at the end of the front garden and she slowly opened the frame that occupied the hole between the two walls of brickwork.

She strolled down the pavement of her council estate, she knew that the place was rough and all the bad people that she didn’t like patrolled these streets, May walked quickly, her school bag thrown over her shoulder she started to wonder why she went through all the stuff she had to endure since she started secondary school.

Other students from the private school that had modern facilities surrounded the bus stop and all the smart students that attended talked in small groups. A Double Decker bus pulled up at the bus stop and all the students climbed onto the deck, they sat on the comfy chairs and waited for the driver to start the journey to the school, which was further away and the buses were free of charge.

The bus drove off, leaving a cloud of dust and fumes behind where May was stood, she stood alone at the sign post, it had been vandalised and the sign had been drawn over with a permanent marker. She waited for her bus to arrive and take her to school. It was due to come at ten minutes to eight, May waited for it to arrive but by the time it had turned Eight the bus had not turned up. Then she realised what had happened.
“Stupid bus strike” she muttered out loud.
“Why do the drivers take time off work anyway?” she said to herself
“Because they all want more money they can’t have,” a voice answered.
May spun around, a boy stood there, he had brown hair that was slightly spiked up at the front, green eyes and wore the same red school uniform as her, he had a bag over one shoulder and he stood tall as he stared at her; stood on the pavement below.
“Now what are you doing here, on an estate like this?” he asked her.
“I live here, and the bus has not come, so I don’t know how I am going to get to school!” May explained.
He stood next to her; the towering figure cast a shadow over the concrete and the pavement. May shivered slightly in the November cold, she had no coat, only a thin cardigan that was wrapped around her.
“Well I am going to the same school as you, not that I want to, my mum says that if I don’t go then she will send me to my grandmothers, and trust me you do not want to spend a night there!” he explained.
May stared at him blankly searching her mind for a reply.
“Anyway what is your name?” he asked her,
“Oh, my name is May” she replied in a nervous anxious voice.
“Craig” the boy said in reply.
“So you said the bus has gone?”
“Yes” she trembled in the cold breeze “I think, it’s the bus strike today”
“Well looks like we will have to walk doesn’t it,” he suggested.
“Ok then” May said nervously.
They set off up the street towards the school, the school she was forced to go to was a fair distance away and it wasn’t the first time she had walked to school, some times she would be forced to walk, as May walked behind Craig towards the school a thought came across her mind last time that she had to walk to school.

It was a cold December morning, frost lay dormant on the path and road, and she was stood alone at the bus stop as usual. Unfortunately a group of boys who were due to catch the same bus sighted her stood alone and cold. This was when the council estate had nearly a full population. They approached May stood at the bus stop.
“Well if it isn’t little good girl May?” the oldest said loudly.
“Yer, she’s all ready for school, just like a little primary school kid” another said.
They had circled around her by now and she was surrounded, trying to ignore them.
“You got all your books in your bag? All neatly packed?” another boy asked her nastily.
“Lets see” another said.
The older boy made a grab towards May’s bag and emptied onto the floor below, all her school books and belongings onto the slush, he threw the bag away into the middle of the road and then another larger boy pushed May towards the other end of the circle, and then the others joined, pushing her around like a clapper encased in the shell of a bell. They threw her around the group, managing to get a punch in every now and again. Then after they had pushed her into their fists they threw her to the floor and walked away laughing. May looked towards the bus stop, the bus that was going to her school was packed with students watching out of the windows, they were all laughing at her, she tried to get to the doors but they shut before she got near and the bus drove off, leaving her covered in bruises and ice and snow. Out in the road was her bag, all torn and saturated, her books ripped and thrown onto the floor. She was left standing alone in a ring of mess all her things scattered around like ashes.

She looked left, then she looked right, her things still lay upon the ground, she tried to salvage as much as she could. Some of her books, her homework and maybe some of her lunch that hadn’t been spread or ripped from the plastic wrapping it was concealed in, she was used to this, she couldn’t even go out of the house usually. She managed to get her saturated bag back; it was ripped and soaked from the snow and ice, she slotted her books inside the bag and carried it in her hand. She now had to walk to school, she walked alone, later than ever, and tears from her physical pain rolled down her cheeks and the emotional pain made her cry even more. She looked at the floor as she walked, she wouldn’t tell anyone what happened, she knew that if she told it would intensify and hurt her more. This had been happening since the first year at her high school.

She shook her self right, “I have someone with me, no one can hurt me, or can they?” She thought. Craig walked ahead.
“Come on May, you want to get to school today?” he asked.
“Oh, yes, of course, coming Craig” she shouted back.
She hurried up to his side and walked quickly.

It took half an hour to walk to her school and soon they were arriving at the front gates.
“I am going to report in, they know I turn up late,” Craig explained,
“Why?” May asked.
“Well I got transferred from another school, and lateness is one of my tricks!” he explained.
“Tricks?” May asked confused,
“Yes, you know, tricks” he told her.
May stared blankly at him.
“Tricks to get off school May!” he explained!
“Oh I see, ok, I need to go report in, see you later” May said.
“Ok, later” Craig replied.

He walked towards the bike sheds, May walked quickly towards the main entrance where the office was. She opened the door; walking into reception she was cold, and late. The office receptionist looked at her.
“May, what a surprise, why are you so late?” she asked sternfully.
“Sorry, bus didn’t turn up, never came” May explained quietly.
“May please wait here” the receptionist asked her.
“Ok Miss” May replied sweetly.
May sat down on a small seat that was in the reception area of the school.
She knew what was going to happen, her school had a strict policy on been late or truanting, she was going to get punished and she could do nothing about it.
“Stupid bus” she whispered to herself as she sat on the chair.

A woman walked through the reception doors, the behaviour officer, that’s all she needed now!
“May, please come with me,” she asked.
May got to her feet and followed her into a small office near the main corridor of the central building.
“Right May, you are late, I am afraid this is the third time you have been late in the last week” she explained.
“Only because of those nasty people on the bus” she thought.
“We cannot have you being late all the time, you have a good record, but being late is not acceptable, I am afraid I will have to give you detention” The women went on.
May was now screaming insider her head! She had been in detention before and it was not pleasurable, also she knew that her mother and father would not be happy with her and would punish her severely for misbehaving, but it wasn’t her fault. She felt lower than dirt at this precise minute and she has started to hate herself for everything that has been happening.
“May, you are meant to be in maths, please go to the maths block to your lesson” the woman told her, handing her a late note.
May took the note and silently started to walk out of the office.
“Oh and May; I will be phoning to your parents about your lateness” the women explained.
May looked at the floor and walked slowly towards the maths block, she knew she would have torture in the next hour.
When her hand touched the metal handle of the door it seemed to shout danger, but she had to go in.
She looked down the class; everyone stared at her.
“Oh look everyone, look, who is late!” a boy from the front shouted.
“Naughty May, been skiving again!” another student shouted amusingly.
“I hope she gets expelled for been so late, she is not worth anything, she lives on a scruffy council estate, no wonder she hardly says anything, she probably doesn’t know how to talk” a large tall boy shouted over the class.
“Class quiet down please” the teacher tried to prevail over them.
“Is it true May that you live in a box? On some street corner?” a girl asked nastily.
“Any tongue in that head, or is there anything in that head of yours?” she asked again.
May didn’t look at her, she kept her head down looking towards the desk, she knew not to say anything. It would always hurt her more if she tried to stick up for herself. She was a quiet girl, she let all the hatred hit her full on, not deflecting any of it back towards them, and she absorbed it and bottled it up inside her body.
She would spend hours on a night crying over the day she had had, and her parents did not care. Just another day for May. Just another day.
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Chapter 2

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May sat noting down the information on the whiteboard, her pen moving slowly in a neat handwriting. The head of the mathematics department entered the room and walked towards the teacher, May sat at the back of the classroom she didn’t hear what he told him but they both exited the classroom by a side door that lead into another corridor.
“Hey, May, have you got thrown out of school yet?” The boy in front asked her nastily.
May sat and kept writing down the notes off the board.
“I’m talking to you, answer me,” the boy demanded.
May just seemed like he didn’t say a word, ignoring him as he spoke nastily to her. She had learned that if she ignored them then they would usually quit.
“I said answer me May!” the boy demanded again, May just sat and looked down at her book.
The boy then threw his hand around in a circle striking May in the face, on contact May flinched.
“Now answer me,” he told her.
May just sat in pain as he hit her again. By now the whole class had turned around and saw May getting hit, they thought it was funny as they were laughing at her. Before the boy could hit her again the teacher came back into the door, every one immediately turned around and May sat at the back alone, by herself watching the teacher.

It got worse in the minutes to come; every time the teachers back was turned something would be thrown in her direction. She had got a skill now of either catching the thrown items or dodging them as they came flying across the room towards her. By the end of the lesson she had several items scattered around her, luckily the bell rung and she was first out of the classroom. Her next lesson was science, so she began her way to the science block. Walking alone across the playground she spotted some boys walking slowly ahead. One turned their head and saw May; it was obvious what they were going to do.

The boys turned around and started to walk towards her, getting closer and closer.
“Hey, you’re May aren’t you?” one of them asked.
“Yes, I am, why?” she asked.
“Because” they explained.
“Because what?” she asked.
“Because this” one said.
Immediately they rounded on her, she tried to walk away, but they were pushing her around, into one another, just like what happened at the bus stop last December. She knew what was going to happen, they pushed and shoved her trying to throw her to the floor. One of the bigger boys pushed her towards the hard concrete. She landed hard on the ground, her head striking the surface. She sat in a heap; tears ran down her face from the pain. Then a foot came flying towards her and struck her in her side; another foot came into the other side. Then she heard a voice.
“Leave her alone!” a loud voice came.
“No we won’t” the boys shouted back.
“Leave her alone or else!” the voice shouted back.
“Make us!” The bullies shouted back.
May, in pain was heaped on the floor not watching as the gang of boys started to fight the person who had told them to stop bullying May. She looked up and saw that whoever had told them to stop was actually fighting them off; eventually the group of boys ran away in fear from the person who was stronger than them.

A hand held out in front of May, she looked up and took it.
“You ok?” he asked.
“Yer, thanks” May lied.
“Come on, you aren’t, even I can see that” the voice said.
May continued to look at the floor, ashamed that she had to be rescued.
“Come on, look at me, please” the voice asked
May lifted her head and saw that the voice came from a girl, she had brown hair, brown eyes and she had a caring look on her face.
“Now, what’s your name?” the girl asked.
“It’s May” May said in reply.
“That’s a nice name, my name is Allison,” she said.
“Ok, thanks for helping me” she said.
“No problem, I just can’t stand to see things like that,” Allison told her.
“Where are you now May, what lesson you in?” Allison asked.
“Science, in science lab twelve” May explained.
“Ok, I will walk you there” Allison told her.
“Thanks” May told her.
Allison smiled at her and they walked towards the science block, they were soon standing out of the door, May entered. The science teacher looked at her; he had a stern expression on his face. Then he spotted Allison stood at the door, he rose to his feet and walked towards her.
“What can I do for you Allison?” he asked her.
“I have walked May to lesson sir, she has just been attacked by a group of boys, they were in year eleven sir, that’s why she is late” Allison explained.
“Ok, thank you Allison, I will have a word with May about it, you'd better get off to your lesson now” the teacher explained.
“Yes sir, thanks sir” Allison said to him as she walked away down the corridor.

May sat on the back bench as usual, away from everyone else. She was removing her pencil case from her bag just as Mr Johnson came to her. The science teacher stopped at her desk.
“May would you please take a step outside, you haven’t done anything bad, I just want a word” he asked her.
“Yes sir” she replied quietly.
May got up and started walking towards the door.
“Look everyone May is in trouble again!” someone shouted.
“Shut up you lot and get on with your work,” Mr Johnson shouted over the class.
May quietly shut the door behind her and stood next to the door.

Mr Johnson exited the classroom and he stood opposite May. May looked at the floor as he stood in front of her.
“I have had some disturbing news May” he said.
“I heard from Allison of what happened in the playground,” he explained.
“Could you tell me what happened?” he asked her nicely.
May looked up, she looked into his eyes.
“May, please tell me, this is against the rules, you should not feel unsafe in school!” he explained.
“Well” May started.
“I was walking from Maths, towards the science block when I saw these boys in front of me” she paused.
“Go on May”
“They slowed down and then they turned around, I tried to walk away from them but they circled around me” May paused again. “They stared to push me about, they threw me to the floor and started to kick me” she paused as a tear ran down from her eye “then Allison made them go away and helped me to science” May explained, tears now running down her face.
“May how long has this been happening?” Mr Johnson asked.
“Ever since I started high school,” she told him, wiping a tear from her face.
“Ok, I will put in a report for you and make sure that the boys who did this are punished ok?” he asked.
“Yes sir, thanks sir”
“Calm down before you come back in, wipe your tears” he told her, handing her a tissue.
“Thanks” she said sadly as she wiped her eyes.
“Good girl, come in when you are ready” he told her.
“Ok” she replied.
He went through the door and sat at the front watching the class carefully as May stood outside calming down.
She peered through the window in the door and saw the class working from a textbook.
Opening the door she looked at Mr Johnson, he smiled at her and she took that nicely and sat down at her workbench at the back of the classroom.
She started to write down the answers to the questions in the book and soon small objects bombarded her. Things such as pieces of rubber and pencil were been launched towards her. Mr Johnson saw Simon, who hated May and was one of the students who would usually start the bullying throw a test tube towards May. May saw the glass object zooming towards her; she immediately ducked as the test tube shattered all over May’s desk.
Glass bounced in every direction; some just missing her, her desk now covered in fragments of glass.
“SIMON! OUT NOW!” Mr Johnson yelled at him.
Simon looked at May and smiled, in his expression as to say “ha you scary cat” but he walked silently out of the room. May looked around and saw all her belongings covered in glass. Then she immediately had to crouch down again as soon as the teacher exited the room as other science equipment came flying towards her.
A steel bar approximately fifteen centimetres in length bounced off her table and narrowly missed her left shoulder. More whole rubbers were been thrown at her as she crouched behind the solid desk, using it like a shield. Then someone else threw another test tube and it shattered when meeting contact with the desk.
Disturbed by the sound Mr Johnson quickly opened the door and looked in to see most of the class launching various objects towards May at the back.
May was crouched behind the desk trying to protect herself from the objects.
“STOP EVERYONE!” Mr Johnson shouted.
Everyone stopped at tried to hide their objects behind their backs.
“Right; everyone here is immediately in a class after school detention” he told them.
“Everyone, except May” Mr Johnson said sternly.
May looked over the desk at the surrounding bombardment site around her.
Glass, rubber and various other objects lay around her.
The bell sounded and the class started to get their things together.
“NO ONE HERE IS GOING TO MOVE” Mr Johnson ordered.
“Why not?!” a girl shouted back.
“You are all staying in now for break time, for your behaviour” he told them.
“May you may go, you have done nothing wrong” he told her.
She quickly threw her bag over a shoulder and trotted quickly out of the classroom.

May walked out of the building, tagging along at the end of the big crowd of people.
She made her way to her usual spot on the playground, she walked around the back of the English block where it overlooked the playing fields. There was a wall that joined onto the back of the English block and ran around the side to form an L shape, it formed a small pen for May, the wall reached the roof and she could see the field where boys would play football.
May sat down in a dark corner, her usual space. Placing her bag on the floor she pulled her legs up to her face and cried softly into her knees as she had to endure what had happened today. Tears splashed to the floor as she sat alone in her corner, away from everyone else.

This is her usual break time, sat in her corner alone and crying over her day so far. She wiped her eyes with her sleeve and looked down at her watch; she saw that she had less than five minutes to arrive at her English lesson, luckily because she stayed around the English block she didn’t have too far to walk.

She rose to her feet; she knew that English was an ok lesson, as she didn’t have the bullying so bad there.
“Calm down May, calm down,” she said out loud to herself.
“Think about something nice” she said out loud again to herself.
“I know, think about…” she stopped in mid sentence,
The thing is May hadn’t had any happy memories since she could remember, she had always lived on an old council estate, her mother and father never took her on holiday, they both spent the money on themselves instead of using the benefits to live properly, maybe giving May a pound a month to spend on what she liked. They pushed her hard, treating her like a slave; she is always doing the house jobs, as her parents demanded she would do. Her parents would not get out of their bed and would spend hours in front of the television, not caring for their daughter.

May arrived outside of her English classroom; entering the room she sat down and opened her English exercise book. Writing down the date and the title she looked around and saw some of the class walking in late. She had to sit in this class for the next two hours through her double English lesson. The next two hours passed, May watched as the clock ticked away, soon it was lunchtime.

May strolled out of the classroom and she ran directly into the group of boys she met earlier walking across the playground from maths, they were waiting for her, and as soon as she stepped outside, they surrounded on her.
“Well, well May” the leader said.
“I see you have a new friend?” another said.
“Well she isn’t here now is she, what you going to do now?” they asked May.
May tried walking away, but they formed a circle around her, preventing her from escaping.
“Well May, now that your friend isn’t here, why don’t you tell us about the box that you live in?” one of the older boys said.
“Or, why don’t you tell us about how a good little girl you are”
“Teachers pet, they should lock you up in a cage,” another told her.
A tear came to May's eye and trickled down her face.
“Little May can’t get away, oh boo hoo” one expressed with his hand to an eye.
“Can’t you just leave her alone?” a voice came.
A girl, with black hair, brown eyes and a neat bag stood behind the oldest.
“No we can’t, now scram” the oldest said.
“You will leave her alone” the girl said.
“No we won’t, its fun,” another said.
“I said leave her alone” the girl continued.
The oldest came towards her, “and what are you going to do about it?” he threatened raising a hand to push her out of the way. As soon as his hand made contact with the girl, he was suddenly thrown up into the air and over her shoulder onto the hard concrete. The other boys came at her and one by one they were either on the ground or somewhere around in pain.
“Let’s get out of here, I'm not getting beaten up by a girl,” the oldest said.
“How did you do that?” May asked tearfully.
“Black belt in karate” the girl said.
“Names Jade; your name is May I presume” Jade asked.
“Yes, thanks” May said.
“Unlike some, I’ve seen what those boys can do, so I thought I’d better stop them from hurting you” Jade explained.
“Here you are, dry your eyes” Jade told May as she handed her a tissue.
“Come on, you going to the canteen?” Jade asked.
“I don’t go in the canteen, I have food thrown at me” May explained.
“Okay, well we can eat our lunch on a bench somewhere then” Jade suggested.
“Okay then” May said.
They both set off towards the top block where most of the benches were located, but hardly anyone sat down on them as they had been graphitised and vandalised. They sat quietly on a bench and watched the boys on the yard playing football while they unpacked their lunch boxes.
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Chapter 3

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They sat on the bench eating the lunches that they had packed for today.
“Well May, what lesson do you have next?” Jade asked.
“I have ICT next” May told Jade.
“Oh, I have ICT as well, I have been moved up to the top group, is that your class?” Jade asked.
“Yes it is, will you sit next to me? No one ever sits next to me” May asked sadly.
“Ok, I will sit next to you” Jade assured her.

The bell sounded out over the playground and the two new friends made their way towards the ICT classroom, which was situated upstairs in the main computer building. They strolled through the metal doors that separated the playground from the building, entering the building they saw that the corridor was deserted.

They walked cautiously down the corridor towards some stairs; climbing the stairs they heard someone coming up behind them. It was Allison that May had met earlier; she trotted up behind them quickly.
“Hello, May, hello Jade” she said.
“Hi!” Jade replied
“Hi” May also replied.
“You both ok?” Allison asked.
“Yer fine, thanks Allison” May told her.
“Good” Allison smiled sweetly.
Allison over took them on the steps and made her way to her classroom, which was further down the corridor upstairs.

May and Jade stopped out of their classroom, and May opened the door, the teacher stood there, unfortunately it was a supply teacher, and some of the people in the class were already acting stupid and like immature five year-olds, taking advantage of the cover teacher. The teacher stood at the front of the classroom he tried to calm down the class, but he did not possess a loud voice so the constant chattering overruled him as he tried to teach.

After ten minutes the class had finally calmed down slightly and May and Jade had managed to log onto the school network. The teacher stood up, “you should by now know what you are doing, something to do with group work?” the teacher asked.
“Yes sir” some people said out loud.
The class then started to talk again.
“What are we meant to be doing May?” Jade asked.
“Oh, well we have to make this website thing, its called an e portfolio and then we have to organise an imaginary event to raise money for a charity” May explained.
“Who is in your group?” jade asked.
“Only me, you can work with me if you want” May told her.
“Ok” Jade said.
The two girls then got working on the computers, they typed in codes and using various programs after thirty minutes they had succeeded in creating a basic website for their idea.
“May what is our idea?” Jade asked.
May looked down at her keyboard “I was thinking of creating an imaginary drawing contest” May explained quietly.
“Well I think we should do something more, more useful” Jade suggested.
“Oh, you have any ideas?” May asked.
“What about a fashion show?” Jade suggested.
“Ok then,” May replied, “lets do the fashion show!”

Then out of the sky fell a paper glider, landing on Jade’s hair.
“Who did that?” Jade asked loudly.
“Good shot Simon, except you missed May” one of the boys said from across the row of computers that divided the classroom.
“Ignore them Jade, they are stupid” May suggested.
“No” Jade told her “Watch this” she said.
May lifted her head and saw Jade straightening out the paper aeroplane.
She folded the plane again till it was perfect, May watched as the more unusual design came into shape. Then aiming it right towards Simon; Jade pulled back her arm and then with an elegant, smooth throw the plane departed in a straight line towards him.
“Oi, Simon!” she shouted.
Simon turned around and the paper plane hit him directly between the eyes. Simon looked at Jade, smiling sweetly at him as if to say, serves you right!

May couldn’t stop laughing at the plane incident, she giggled for the rest of the lesson till the bell rung loudly and she and Jade made their way out of the classroom towards where usually the buses would depart from. But because of the bus strike May had to walk home. She saw a notice fastened on the gate.

“All students that catch buses which are cancelled, must make alternative arrangements to get home, no buses running today except for designated areas.”

Sighing May walked towards the side gate of the school; most people were heading for the side gate. Someone tapped her on her shoulder; she looked around preparing for the worst; a boy stood there; sunlight streaming from behind him; only a shadow stood there; and then he came into the shadows.
“Hey May, where have you been all day?” Craig asked.
“Oh, around and about Craig” May replied.
“Ok; you have to walk back home again?” He asked her.
“Yer” May said sadly.
“Come on, I’ll walk with you” He told her.
They set off together and soon they were walking down the very same path they had traversed only six hours ago.

They rounded the corner that lead onto the council estate, smashed bottles lay at the side of the road, several houses were boarded up and old cars were left to rust on the side of pavements. May looked down the main street; the shop windows was all smashed and large boards covered one side of the window and glass lay scattered around on the floor.
They passed the bus stop they had been standing at earlier this morning.
“Well I gotta go this way,” Craig told May.
“Ok, I have to go the other way” May explained
“Ok May” Craig said.
Then Crag threw his arms around May and pulled her in tightly, May was slightly shocked but she enjoyed been cuddled, she hadn’t been cuddled by anyone for many years.
“Well see you later May” Craig said as he walked off leaving her shocked on the pavement.
“Yes, see you later” May whispered.
She strolled down her street, glass was still laid at the side of the pavement and roads, and her house lay ahead. She opened the gate. Walking up the path slowly. Closer to the door. The hell awaited her inside.

Turning the handle she walked inside. The curtains were all closed and then a loud yell came from upstairs.
“MAY IS THAT YOU?” a male voice shouted.
“Yes Dad” May replied.
“GOOD, MAKE US SOMETHING TO EAT NOW!” he shouted back.
“Ok” May shouted back at him.
May walked into the kitchen, she saw that her parents had at least tried to cook something, pans lay on the side, still filled with food that had been left, knifes lay on the floor and the fridge was open.
Picking up the knifes and shutting the fridge door she tried to tidy some of the kitchen. Then she started to make some sandwiches for them, the only filling she could find that had not yet been savaged by her parents was a tin of corned beef.
She made the sandwiches and put them on two plates, then she carried them upstairs, passing her own room, passing the bathroom to the room at the other end of the house; her parents room.

She slowly opened the door, plates and cups lay about on the floor, the television was casting a glowing light over the room, the curtains were drawn and dust lay on the bedside cabinets. In the middle was a large double bed where her mother and father slept, actually they loved it there, they would not move, they would buy the shopping on the internet using the laptop that May had shown them how to use and set up for them, also they would spend as little as they could on May, they had no idea how to raise a daughter.

Handing them the sandwiches May picked up some of the plates and cups, before departing the room and walking down the stairs towards the kitchen, she shoved them in the sink; she would wash them later. Then she crept back to her room. Upstairs is where she spent most of her time, her room was a blank canvas, nothing on the walls, no colour and it had been like that since she could remember; sitting down at her desk she pulled out her books and started to do her homework.

Scribbling away in her books she couldn’t help think about Craig, and the mysterious hug that he gave her before he said bye.
“I wonder why he did it?” May asked herself out loud.
She searched her mind for answers, she had never had any friends that were boys, in fact she had never had any friends of any sex, but today she had met three nice people who helped her and stuck up for her.

May opened the top drawer of her desk, pulling out a green diary she turned today’s date, as she wrote about what had happened she couldn’t stop thinking about Craig. She wrote in the diary, but her thoughts began to wander, what he had hugged her, what did he see in her, what does she see in him…
“MAYYY!” a voice shouted.
May snapped out of her little fantasy.
“Huh?” she said.
“Oh, Coming” she shouted back.
She flipped the green diary shut and exited the room. Along the landing she travelled, along towards her parents room yet again.
“Yes, dad, what is it?” she asked.
“What is this about detention?” he asked sternly.
“Oh, well I have detention” she explained
“Why?” her father asked.
“Because I was late, but it wasn’t”
“YOU WERE LATE!” her dad interrupted.
“NO BUTS” he yelled at her.
He swung out of bed, he crossed towards the door where may was stood.
“TO YOUR ROOM!” he yelled in her face.
May started to walk to her room.
“FASTER!” he yelled.
“I SAID FASTER!” he yelled at May.
May started to walk faster, she was been marched to her room, again.
She hated this, but it was what her dad did to her that hurt her more, they arrived at the door of May's room.
“But, dad…” May tried to explain.
As soon as the words left her mouth, her father's hand came swinging around striking her in the face.
“NO BUTS!” he shouted again.
“Dad, really…” May tried again.
“I DON’T CARE MAY!” he shouted at her, pushing her violently through her bedroom door into her room.
“YOU SHALL STAY THERE, TILL SOMEONE LETS YOU OUT!” her dad yelled through the door.
She heard a key turn in the lock; she was now locked in, alone and cold.
She threw her face into the paper like pillow and cried, crying into the pillow she tightly gripped it, hugging it like it was a comfort.
Then the loud footsteps of her father storming away down the landing back to his bed could be heard. Outside the sun gleamed, casting a glowing light over the rooftops and the buildings that occupied most of the suburbs.

The night passed calmly, May had eventually cried herself to sleep, and she woke up with the alarm clock, waking her at seven thirty. She stretched; still in her school uniform she was scruffy and creased. Her small mirror lay on the desk, her green diary still sat where it was laid.

She picked up the mirror and stared into its depths. Her pale face looked back at her, several shiny crystals flowed from her eyes down her cheeks and a red mark sat on her face where her father had struck her.

A tear flowed over the crystals, trickling down the cheek and dropping light a raindrop towards the desk.
A knock came at the door.
“May, are you in there?” a female voice came.
“Yes mum, coming” she replied.
The lock turned and the door opened.
A small woman with similar hair to May’s stood at the door.
“I hope that you have learned your lesson” she said sternly.
“Yes mum” May replied.
“I do not agree with your father of hitting you and locking you in here” she explained.
“Although I was not very happy that you were late for school”
“Mum, the bus didn’t come, it didn’t show up” may explained.
“I see” her mum paused; she entered the room and shut the door behind her.
“I see you cried yourself to sleep last night”
“Oh, well it hurt” may tried to explain,
“Yes it hurt on both sides” .
“Both sides?”
“Yes both sides May” her mum sat down on her bed. “By both sides I mean your physical side, when he hurt you and your emotional side” he mum explained.
May sat on her small wooden chair that occupied the hole in the desk, where she sat for most of her time reading.
“Now come on dear, we only want what’s best for you, your father does not like been phoned up by teachers complaining about you, he was very angry, and also he was upset” she explained.
“Why was dad upset, he seemed very angry towards me” May asked.
“He was upset that you were late and he does not like the fact that our only daughter was not at school at the right time, when he went to school he had to be on time every day of the year” her mother told her.
“now hurry up, get some breakfast, and get to school, hopefully the bus strike is over and it should come on time” her mum explained, tapping her gently on the back.
Her mother got up and walked out of the door towards the front room.

Running a hand over the area of her face where her dad had hit her, she flinched from the pain. Then she rose to her feet, pulled out some fresh uniform from her wardrobe and pulled them on, and then she ran downstairs to find her mother cooking bacon sandwiches.
“Morning May” her mother greeted her.
“Want a bacon sandwich?” she asked.
“Oh, yes please” May said politely.
Her mum handed her a plate with a sandwich on, taking the sandwich May spent several minutes taking in the luscious flavour of the bacon.
Then picking up her school bag that was stood up in the corner she said bye to her mum and walked out of the door onto the streets again.
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Chapter 4

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May arrived at the bus stop, her bag over her shoulder, and just a few minutes to go.
Craig was leaning against the bus stop sign.
“Hey!” he said.
“You all right May?” he asked.
“Yer” she said.
“Listen” he paused, “sorry about last night, it just seemed like you needed a hug” he told her.
May's eyes filled with tears, and she walked towards him.
“What’s the matter May” he asked.
May came closer to him, and he then hugged her again, comforting her.
May cried onto his shoulder and he stroked her long brown hair as he held her closely.
“Come on May, cheer up” he said.
May sobbed slightly, she looked up at him.
“May; who put that mark on your face?!” he asked shocked.
“My dad beat me for being late for school” she sobbed.
“Oh, come on” he told her, holding out his arms.
May let herself be held by them as she hugged him again, pouring out her emotions.
“Come on May, you are making my shoulder all wet!” he said in a joke fashion.
“Oh, ok” May said smiling sweetly.
“No seriously! Look its all soaked!” he said.
May giggled slightly at the expression he made.
“You see, a little bit of laughter never hurts anyone” he told her.
“I guess you're right” she said.

The bus pulled up at the stop and they climbed on, paying over their bus fare to the driver they took a seat, next to each other. May sat staring out of the window, her usual activity.
Craig sat watching May, he looked up at her hair; he knew that it was soft and gentle, also his sight wandered down her neck to her torso.
“Nice…” he said quietly
“What’s nice?” May asked.
“Oh nothing, just thinking of something” he explained.
“Hmm, ok” she said, turning around to look out of the window again.

Both of them did not know what each other was thinking.
“Did he just look at me?”
“I wonder what she’s like.”
“Does he notice me?”
“I might ask her out, should I or shouldn’t I?”
“He is such a nice boy, but I’m nervous to ask”
“I hope she likes me”
“I really want to be more than friends”
“I wonder if he will ask me out, I have never been asked out before”
“Yes, I should ask her out! Definitely but not yet!”
“How should I act around him?”
“But when!”
“Should I ask to meet him at Christmas?”
“I should ask her out at Christmas”
The bus stopped and the May and Craig stopped wondering and together stepped off the bus into the bus bays of the school.
“May I am in the gym for the first two lessons” Craig said.
“Oh, I am in the gym as well, the girls and boy gymnastics groups are working together today” she explained.
“Great!” Craig thought to himself.
“Well I can show him some of the things I do” May thought to himself.
“Well see you in PE then May” Craig told her.
“Ok, see you later” May replied, with a small smile on her bright shining face.
May set off towards her form room which was in a science classroom, and Craig set off towards his form room.

May arrived outside her form room, for the next fifteen minutes she sat at the front on her own desk. She pulled out her planner and pencil case and sat quietly. Her form tutor typed on the computer at the front of the classroom, bringing up the register on the screen, he began to call out names.
May answered him politely as “yes sir” while most other just said “Yer” or made a noise.

The bell rung and May headed towards the gym where her PE lesson was. On the way she ran into Jade.
“Hi Jade”
“Hi May, you in PE now?” Jade asked.
“Yer, I am, in the main gym” Jade told May.
“I heard that it is boys verses girls in gymnastics” May said.
“Think it is, that’s what people in my form have been going on about”
“Ok, Jade are you good at gymnastics?” May asked.
“I am ok, not bad; at least I can do a decent handstand!” Jade giggled.
“Ok” May glanced at her.
They turned a corner and down the main corridor towards the main gym.

On arrival the saw that most of the year nines were huddling around the gym entrance hall.
“May, we should go wait near the doors” Jade suggested.
They sat off towards the door of the main gym.
A PE teacher came out into the yard.
“All boys go to the boys changing room, and girls go to the girls changing rooms then make your way into the gym when you are changed” he said.
May and Jade made their way towards the girls changing rooms, on entry May saw Craig, he waved at her, and she waved back.

“Hey Craig who are you waving at?” Simon asked.
“Oh just someone” he replied.
“Come on Craig who was it?” he asked again.
Simon looked over and saw May walking with Jade towards the girls changing rooms.
“Were you waving at May?!” Simon asked shocked.
“So what if I was, why do you want to know?”
“Oh my God! Craig she is the biggest geek in the school, everyone hates her!” Simon explained.
“No she isn’t, she is actually really nice” Craig told Simon.
“Well just because they work hard doesn’t mean that they have to picked on by everyone!” Craig told Simon.
“But no one likes her, she doesn’t have any friends and she lives on a scruffy council estate!” Simon exclaimed.
“Your point is?”
“Well she is always afraid about things, come on Craig, you have only been here like two days and you should already know that everyone hates May” Simon explained.
“Well who cares, I like her, she is sweet and nice” Craig told Simon.
“Really?!” Simon said shocked.
“Yes! She has become a good friend and I trust her!” Craig told him.
“Ha ha, everyone listen! Craigy boy likes May!” Simon shouted at the top of his voice.
“Shut up will you” Craig told him sternly.
Simon kept shouting getting people’s attention.
“Craig and May sitting in a tree…” but before he could finish, Craig had flung am fist around and hit Simon directly on the nose.
“Now shut up or else” Craig threatened, an angry look on his face.
“Ok, cool it Craig” Simon said, getting to his feet.

A few minutes later, May and Jade were walking into the gym, the boys were already there, sat on benches, the girls made their way to the other bench at the other side of the gym.
“Today it is boys verses girls on the equipment, everyone will have a go to score points and points for their side, the side with the most points wins an extra credit” the teacher instructed.
“Oh wow, an extra credit” muttered Simon sarcastically.
The girls were first in the handstand competition, Craig sat watching, it was May's turn, he watched as her hands rose above her head, then going head first she landed on them, her legs flying into the air above her body. He watched as her polo shirt dropped slightly revealing most of her lower abdomen, he gazed adorably at her, wanting to go and catch her as she came down.
She landed softly on her feet.
“Well done May, nine out of ten for that” the teacher said, marking down the points on a sheet of paper.
May crossed over to Jade and they high-fived one another. Craig got to his feet, walked over to May.
“Hello May, that was a good handstand” he congratulated her.
“Oh thanks, I don’t usually like doing them” may tell him.
“Well sometimes, like now people can see my entire belly” may told him.
“Oh ok” Craig laughed slightly.
“Well I’ve got to go do the climbing frame thing, see you around May”.
“See you later” May said.
Craig set off towards the other side of the gym, May watched him walk away from her.
“I wonder, I really wonder” May daydreamed.
“Hey! May!” Jade came pouncing from behind her.
May, jumped slightly at the sudden surprise.
“Bloody hell you should have seen you jump then, you nearly went through the roof” Jade laughed.
“Oh, did I, you caught me unaware” May told her
“Anyway, what's up?, you’ve been staring over there for the last five minutes” Jade explained.
“Well” May started.
“I don’t really know” she finished.
“Okay…” Jade looked at her tilting her head.
“Come on May, it’s nearly the end, only five minutes and the girls are winning by ten points!” Jade told her excitedly.
“Ok, coming”
She cast one glance towards Craig who was now upside down on the climbing frame.
The last minutes were long for May, they seemed to drag on and soon they were walking back into the changing rooms.
“Well done girls you beat the boys by fifteen points!” their teacher told them.
“You all get an extra credit” she finished.
The girls cheered and the boys next door heard them, ashamed to be beaten by girls.

The days slipped away quickly and soon it became December. The Christmas spirit was coming and everyone at school was excited about it. Jade, Allison and May had become best friends and now May had started to hang around with them at lunch and break. They would do things together and Jade and May would work together in class.
“You know what Jade?” May asked.
“What May?” Jade asked her.
“It’s nearly Christmas, and it will soon be the school Christmas dance” she said.
“Whom should I go with?”
“Oh, well if I was you, I would go with Craig, you two seem close” Jade told her.
“I suppose so” May exclaimed, going pink in the face.
“Well the dance is about a week away, you should ask him, or let him ask you, or make it really obvious” Jade told her.
At that moment Allison came and sat down next to Jade.
“What you guys on about?” she asked.
“Alli, do you think May should go with Craig to the Christmas dance?” Jade asked.
“Oh, well, yeah, why not!” Allison giggled.
“There summat up with you two today?” May asked curiously.
“Hey May, here’s your chance, look, there’s Craig now” Jade said, pointing at Craig.
“Ok, wish me luck” May said.
“Good luck May” They both said at the same time.
May quickly trotted over the playground innocently.
“Hi Craig” she looked sweetly at him.
“Oh, hi May” he replied.
They both stared at each other for a minute.
“Will you go the Christmas dance with me?” they both asked one another at the same time.
“Huh?” Craig said.
“I think we just asked one another to go to the dance?” May exclaimed.
“Well, yes then!” Craig said.
“And yes too!” May told Craig.
Craig then put his arms around May and gave her a hug, then his lips met with her cheek and May giggled slightly.
“Looks like they are having fun!” Allison exclaimed.
“Aww, that’s sweet,” Jade added.
“I think that’s a yes then, from both of them” Allison said.
“Next they will be dating!” Jade exclaimed.
“You never know, Jade, you never know!” Allison added.
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Chapter 5

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May ran home quickly from the bus stop, she couldn’t wait to tell her parents about the dance. She wanted to tell them about going and who with. But then she stopped in her tracks.
“Would they let me?” she asked herself.
“Who cares, I am going, no matter if they like it or not!” she said out loud to herself.
Then she walked past the newsagents where most of the kids had paper rounds from.
Maybe she should ask for a job or something.
“Well, it’s nearly Christmas, and I need money” she told herself.
“Ok, I shall ask”.
She opened the door, the owner of the newsagents, Mrs Hill was sat behind the counter watching the news on a small television mounted on the wall.
“Oh hello May” she said sweetly.
“Hello Mrs Hill” May replied.
“What can I do for you?”
“Actually, I was wondering if you had any jobs?” May asked.
“Well we have no paper rounds, but you could work helping behind the counter?” Mrs Hill kindly offered.
“I say it would be about twenty five pounds for six days, about three hours, so your school finishes at three, so how about four o'clock till seven o'clock, we close at half seven so that should be ok?” she told May.
“Ok, when do I start?” May asked.
“You can start tomorrow if you want”
“Ok, thanks Mrs Hill” May said smiling as she walked out of the shop.

She trotted away from the shop, down her street and into her house.
She ran upstairs, into her parent’s room.
“What the hell?” her dad said out loud.
“Dad, I asked at the paper shop, they said I can have a job from four till seven, and I want to go to the school Christmas dance” May exclaimed excitedly.
“Say that again, slowly!” her dad semi-shouted.
“Well, I called into the paper shop on the way home, and Mrs Hill said I could have a job there from four o'clock, till seven o'clock, helping behind the counter” May said.
“Ok, May, that’s fine as long as you are home by eight” Her mum said.
“Are you sure?” her dad questioned.
“Yes, she is fourteen!” her mum told her dad sternly.
“And Craig; my friend asked me to go to the school Christmas dance with him in a week!” May said, slightly jumping on the spot.
“May, this dance, I do not like the idea” her dad told her.
“Please dad” May begged.
“Ok, but, you better be back to make me dinner” her dad granted.
“It starts at seven and ends at eleven!” May said.
“Just make sure that you get home when its finished” her mum said sweetly.
“Thanks mum, thanks dad!” May said excitedly, and then turning on a heel, she ran out of the room and threw herself on the bed.
She gazed up in at the ceiling hard in her daydreaming!
Her thoughts took her into the emotions that were swirling around in her head, dancing like spirals, swirling happily as she dropped into a very light sleep.

The next morning, May woke very early, she looked at her clock, the darkness encased her, and she discovered that it was five in the morning. Turning over she knew that in just a few days was the Christmas dance at school, and she was going with Craig.
Craig saw May approaching the bus stop; he had a small envelope in his hand.
“May!” he said.
“Morning” may said sleepily.
“Here you go” he told her handing her the envelope.
“Oh, what’s this” may asked.
“Open it and see” he explained.
May slowly opened the envelope, pulling out the Christmas card inside.
A white polar bear was on the front with some baby cubs.
“Oh, Craig, thank you!” may said.
May came closer and wrapped her arms around him; taken aback Craig nearly fell, but hugged her back.
They got on the bus and sat down in their usual place May kept reading her card.

To May
Merry Christmas
Love Craig

She held it tightly, and then pushed it neatly into a slot in her bag. The bus was the earlier bus so only May, Craig and another four students were aboard waiting for the driver to take them to school. The bus turned a corner, an incredible groan travelled to May and Craig’s ears, from the back of the bus, May sat silently, and still pleased from the Christmas card she had received from Craig.

The bus began to stop and start, like someone was trying to pull it back, the driver tried to keep the vehicle under control, but it hit a pact of black ice. The driver slammed on the breaks, the cold brake pads against the solid steel sparked and soon flames were coming out of the wheels, eventually the bus stopped swaying out of control hitting the kerb.

May had hit her head on the steel bar that was attached to the seat in front, the impact had knocked her out cold and blood was trickling from the cuts she had obtained during the impact. Craig looked up; he saw the flames and smoke, and then May lying on the floor out cold.

He grabbed her arm, picking her up off the floor he made his way off the bus, carrying the unconscious girl in his arms. Laying her gently on the pavement, he looked at the bus encased in smoke and flames. A car stopped, out ran a middle-aged man.
“What happened?” he asked.
“Don’t know” Craig panted.
“The rest of the people are still inside the bus” Craig explained pointing at the bus.
“I am going to call for help” the man told Craig, pulling a mobile phone out of his pocket…

The ambulance rushed away, the blue lights flashing brightly. In the back Craig sat down next to May. She lay motionless and cold.
“You have to wake up” he told her.
May still lay motionless.
“Come on May” he said.
“I don’t know how to say this” he paused for a second.
“Well; the truth is” he paused again “I love you” he cried holding her hand.
“And I do too” May told him quietly
“May” he exclaimed, “you’re ok!” he held her hand tightly as the ambulance zoomed off into the distance.
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Chapter 6

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The lights zoomed overhead, the wheels clattered and screeched as the bed turned a corner, people were surrounding her, she was lying down in the middle looking up, a blurry vision faded her mind and then there was blackness.

May opened her eyes to see a white roof high above her.
Then she heard the Beep, Beep, and Beep, as the heart monitor next to her measured her pulse.
“Where am I?” she said out loud.
No one answered her question.
Then a tall lady with straight brown hair and glasses opened the curtains surrounding her bed.
“Hello, May, you feeling better now?” she asked.
“I suppose so” May replied sweetly.
“You are in the children’s wing of the hospital the nurse explained.
“You were submitted after the accident on the bus; and it looks like you have a guardian angel, if it wasn’t for Craig then you would not be here” she told her.
“Where is Craig and how is he?” May asked.
“He is ok, don’t worry he said he would visit you as soon as you woke up” the nurse told her. Then Craig appeared behind her and looked down at May.
“Hi May,” he said.
“Hi, thanks for getting me out of there” she told him
“I appreciate you waiting to see me,” she muttered.
“No problem May, I would do it for you anyway” Craig informed her.
“Really?” she asked
“Yes, of course I would!”
He took a seat by her bed and she gazed at the roof again.
“May, what you said in the ambulance, did you mean it?” he asked.
“Remind me what did I say again, I’ve forgotten” May lied.
“I said that… well that I… loved you, and you said that you loved me too?” he explained. Slowly the heart monitor began to increase, her heart rate shot up.
“Well” she stopped and looked at the monitor.
“Well the answer is; yes!” she said, going bright pink in the face.
“Well I do love you too, that smoke wasn’t getting to my head you know!” he told her.
“I suppose so!” May giggled.
“Well, May my mum is picking me up in a few minutes” he turned on a heel, then spun around again “oh, and Jade has rung your parents she said they should be here for you soon” he explained.
Then he spun around again and walked towards the door.
“Great” May muttered under her breath sarcastically.
She closed her eyes again and fell into a light sleep, then the curtains were thrown back, May's mother burst in and threw her arms around May, then she sat down on a stool beside the bed.
May's father stood at the bottom of her bed, looking down on her like a hawk.
“May, are you alright?” her mum asked.
“I should be, the doctor said I can go home tomorrow” she said happily.
“Good, we need some one to dig the weeds up in the garden!” her dad muttered.
“Is that all you think about!” May's mother asked, her dad loudly.
“She is our daughter Mark! She is not a slave!” Rachel told him sternly.
“Yes she may be our daughter, but I expect her to earn her keep!” he fired back.
“For goodness sake, she does literally everything, and all you do is hurt her! When was the last time you told her you loved her?!” Rachel went on.
“You have no idea, how life would be without her, May is our daughter and she does as she is told!” Mark now shouted at her.
May had slunk down under the blankets, and people on the ward were starting to look in their direction.
“Well if you really care for her, for once in your life leave her alone!” Rachel shouted “you always hurt us!” she shouted.
“She is my daughter and you are my wife, I know what is best for you!” Mark yelled loudly at Rachel.
“But you don’t know what is best for us, you stay in bed, you steal the money to live off and spend it on stupid stuff then you work May to death, sometimes you have to give us some liberty” Rachel shouted stood up leaning on the bars on the bed.
“You have no idea what that money could buy! Why should I waste it on her!” Mark shouted pointing to May.
“Can’t you see, it’s not for you! It’s for us to live off, and you should stop being a selfish pig you are!” Rachel shouted louder than may had ever heard her mother shout before.
“Don’t you call me that!” mark yelled louder.
“Well, why did I ever marry you then?” Rachel shouted.
“I have no idea, why I even married you either!” mark yelled.
“Then for once leave me alone, let me get on with my life!” Rachel shouted loudly.
“Fine then!” Mark shouted in her face, he then turned and stormed out through the curtains.
“Good for you, you selfish pig!” Rachel shouted after him, and then she turned on her heel forgetting about May she also stormed off in the other direction.

May sat in her bed, her eyes filled with gleaming tears. She sobbed into her pillow.
Craig then came through the curtains, he went to May's side.
“Come on, dry your tears” he told her handing her a tissue.
“I heard everything they said, and so did my parents” he said softly.
“Your parents?” she asked
“Yes they wanted to meet you, unfortunately they heard everything that your parents said, I am very sorry” he said, hugging her slightly.
“Should I get them to come in?” he asked.
“I am sure they can help” he assured her.
“Ok then” May sobbed.
Craig disappeared for a few seconds then he entered again, two adults came through the curtains as well, the man was tall, had black hair, wore frameless glasses and wore a clean black suit, the lady was tall, she had blonde hair and wore a long pink dress.
“Hello May” the lady greeted, kneeling down beside her.
“My name is Mrs Williams, I am Craig’s mother, I heard all of that argument outside, and can I help in any way?” she asked.
“I don’t know what to do” May told her, she dried her eyes with the saturated tissue.
“Well, May I work with teenagers in the same position as you” she told her.
“My name is Mr Williams, I help my wife, May, I shall go have a talk with your parents, and maybe I can ask if you can come with us” he said boldly.
“Thank you sir” she said tearfully.
“May, I promise you, we can help you resolve this problem” he assured her.
“Thanks” May said.
A few minutes later Mr Williams returned.
“May, your mother I found crying outside, she suggests going with us, she doesn’t know how violent your father can get, she wants you safe” he told her.
“Ok, thanks Sir” May said.
“We should get you to our house, you need to settle down” Mrs Williams told her.

The next day they came back and took her out of the hospital, towards a big car they walked. May sat in the back seat with Craig and she watched the lights zoom by and leave their trails of light stretching into the sky.
Then they arrived at the house, it large iron gates, a large driveway made of gravel and small pond set into the front lawn, the house towered up with three storeys, the big oak door was heavy and solid. May enter into the large room and she took off her shoes. Then Mrs Williams showed her to the front room, it was large, had a cream carpet, and a television on the wall.
“May, stay here with Craig we can get you something to eat” Mrs Williams said happily.
“Ok” she said.
Craig picked up the television remote and switched on the plasma screen. The BBC news was on and it only showed bad news, people dying, people been murdered and the Iraq war, May hated this kind of news. She looked out of the large window at the back lawn; a shed was built at the far end of the garden. Then Mrs Williams entered with two plates full of ham sandwiches.
“Here you go you must be hungry” Mrs Williams said.
“Craig, go put the fire on” Mrs Williams said.
“Ok mum” Craig replied nicely.
He knelt down to the fireplace and turned the knob that ignited the fireplace; small orange flames erupted in the grate and cast a glowing light over the room.
May and Craig sat happily next to one anther on the couch munching away at the sandwiches.
“Mrs Williams, what shall I do? I don’t have any clothes that I can wear” May said nicely.
“Well May, we have some clothes” Mrs Williams said sadly.
“How?” May asked.
“They belonged to Craig’s sister, when she lived here” she explained.
“Doesn’t she live here anymore?” May asked.
“No, I’m sorry to say but she died three weeks ago, she was thirteen and we loved her very much” Mrs Williams explained, a small tear coming to her eye.
“If I may, can I ask how she died?” May asked quietly.
“She was caught up in a big car crash, and the car that hit her, crushed her, killing her instantly” Mrs Williams explained.
“I am very sorry, I am, I didn’t mean to…”
“Its ok May, you weren't to know” Mrs Williams interrupted.
“Oh, well I am sorry Mrs Williams” she said again.
“No harm done, it’s ok; thanks May” she said as she walked out of the room taking the empty plate with her.
“May you will have to use her old clothes, and her bedroom is upstairs, and you will have to sleep in there too” Mr Williams told her, walking into the room.
“Ok” May said in a worried voice.
“You sound worried May” Craig said.
“Worried! Me! No!” May exclaimed.
Craig looked at her, and May stared back, into her eyes, then she turned away to watch the flames that danced and spread their heat around the room.
The time ticked by and soon it was time to retire to the beds upstairs.
“May follow me, I shall show you to the room” Craig told her, leading her up the stairs by her hand.
“Ok, are you sure it isn’t haunted?” May asked.
“May of course it isn’t haunted” Craig chuckled quietly “well here is the door” he stopped outside of a large wooden door of the large landing.
“If you need anything May I am the next door down” Craig told her.
“Ok, thanks Craig” May said.

May opened the large door, inside was a dull room, the large curtains were closed, all was dark. Her hand pushed the switch in and the light flew through the room casting shadows over everything. A dusty desk lay to one wall, a bed laid unmade and the blankets thrown away like someone had just got out of them a large wooden wardrobe occupied one corner with one door slightly ajar. May approached the large wardrobe; she opened the door and found several clothes hanging on hangers. May took down a pair of pink pyjamas; she pulled them on and then looked at herself in the mirror.
They fitted her perfectly, a little short around the arms but she could live with that.
Then she climbed into the bed and flicked off the light. Darkness surrounded her.

“May” a voice whispered.
“May wake up” the voice said again.
May sat up and looked across the dark room, a small circle of light was forming, it swirled suspended in the dark air.
“Who are you?” she asked.
“I'm Katie”.
“Katie who?” May asked.
“Katie Williams, Craig’s sister” she told her.
She came to view, her face was white and her long hair danced around like gravity had no effect on her. She wore a shirt that was ripped and torn; her jeans were also ripped and stained with white blood. She had a beautiful childish face and she gazed at May adoringly.
“What do you want Katie?” May asked.
“You are wearing my clothes” she softly said.
“I had to” May explained.
“I want my family back, so I have returned”
“I’m sorry Katie but I don’t know how to bring you back to life, I am not Casper” May explained.
“May, you are a nice girl, you have always been nice” Katie complimented her.
“Katie, you are a ghost” May said.
“Yes I know, and I shouldn’t be, I should be on Earth, with my family” Katie told her.
“Katie what happened?” May asked. Katie started at her confused. “I mean what happened in the crash?” May explained.
“It happened so quickly, but I saw what happened, it happened on a morning, I was walking to school, and the same boys that tried to hurt you at school, they killed me” Katie stopped, a small tear ran down her cheek.
“They didn’t kill you, did they?” May questioned.
“Yes they did, they pushed me out into the middle of the road, and I met a big Land Rover, speeding along at sixty five miles per hour, it smashed my fragile body, ripped my clothes and killed me instantly; the boys ran off they were scared I presume and they left me there, in the middle of the road. As a spirit I sat and watched, it took a whole hour for someone to find my body, one whole hour and it turned out that the driver was drunk and disorderly, I wasn’t hoping to die in such a way, and May promise me, for your own safety don’t make the mistake I did”
“Katie, what mistake?” May asked.
“Keep safe, and don’t let anyone push you around” Katie told her.
“Now I must go” Katie said, turning in mid air, a cold wind swept through the room, Katie’s hair spread out behind her then she vanished and into the black abyss.

May shot up light lightning, sweat was running down her face, her heart was racing and her breathing was heavy.
“Bloody hell” she said out loud
“Did I just meet Katie?” May asked herself.
She switched on the light and looked at the mirror; this is where Katie had vanished.
Then right in front of her eyes letters began to write themselves, first a large K then an A, then a T formed and an I and last an E till the mirror had Katie written on in the dust.

May shook as a cold draught swept around the room, and she could feel the presence of Katie, May felt like she was in the room watching her every move.
May looked around, she was scared, and she could have sworn on her life that someone else was there. She turned around and looked around the dimly lit room, and then there was a small ping as the light bulb went out. A storm was brewing outside, thunder rolled across the sky and lightning illuminated the darkness. A flash of lighting lit the room, light bouncing off the mirror and Katie’s face staring at May looking through the mirror. May saw her face and she immediately ran out of the door, scared, onto the dark landing.

Leaning on the banister, she looked towards the window at the end, the rain tapping on the window and running down the glass, made the atmosphere seem spooky and gloomy. May stared at the open door she had just fled through then she saw Craig’s door. She strolled towards the door, turning the handle she entered the black room, occasional lighting flashing through the gap in the curtains.
“Craig, are you awake” May whispered.
“I was, what’s matter May” he asked.
“I’m scared” she told him.
“Come here, get in bed, you're safe here” he said.
She strolled over to where he lay and slipped under the covers, Craig put an arm around her and May felt safe and warm.
“Remember what I said, May” Katie’s voice echoed through the room. But Craig didn’t hear it, and they were soon safe asleep in each others assuring warm arms.
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Chapter 7

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The light filled the room and May opened her eyes, today was Saturday and she woke naturally without the help of the clock. Stretching she turned over to find herself in Craig bed but he had already departed the room and gone downstairs, she pulled herself out of bed and slowly entered Katie’s room. No letters were written on the mirror so she imagined it must have been a dream, although she could still feel a spooky eerie presence in the room. Pulling on some clothes she wondered about Katie and where she was and what she is doing. May walked slowly down the stairs and towards the kitchen. Mrs Williams looked at her when she entered the room.
“You alright May, you seem kind of pale” she asked.
“Yes, I’m ok, where’s Craig?” May replied.
“He went to the shops, he should be back shortly” she said.
“Thanks Mrs Williams, I'll wait in the front room” May said.

May exited through the door and into the front living room, it was empty, but a warm fire crackled and danced in the fireplace. May spotted a small cabinet tucked away secretly in a corner, on its top stood many frames each with photographs in. A frame was tucked between two other. It revealed a young thirteen year old girl, with long brown hair and a sweet smile. Her school uniform white as snow and her red tie trailing down her chest. She sat smiling at her, her innocent face lit up and happy.
“This must have been taken about four weeks ago” May whispered.
“Its Katie” May stopped running a finger over the smooth glass surface “one week before she died” May whispered again.

Then Craig entered the room, and looked towards May.
“Oh, you’re up are you?” he said jokily.
“Yes, I suppose I am” she replied.
“Craig I have something to tell you” she said softly.
“What is it May?”
“Well before I came into your room last night, Katie visited me in my dream, she told me how she died and that it wasn’t an accident, she said that some boys pushed her out into the road, and I swear on my life, that it wasn’t just a dream, she looked just like she did in this picture, and I had never seen her before” may told him holding up the picture of Katie. “But her clothes were ripped and she had blood over her”
“That’s how we last saw her” Craig said.
“Mum cried for hours” Craig paused, “And I sat next to her and held her hand, she was so cold, so cold and I sat next to her fragile body” Craig told May, tears running down his face. “Her funeral was very sad, all her friends, the head teacher everyone was in tears, and that was where I said goodbye” Craig hugged May softly.
“I tried to be strong, but I couldn't I cried for days after she died, and I could never seem to think she was gone” he cried. “She always seemed so quiet and innocent!”
“Craig, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you” May said.
“Its ok May, its ok, she was my sister, why wasn’t I there to protect her?” Craig sobbed.
“It wasn’t your fault, those boys pushed her out, and the driver was drunk, she told me” May explained.

The Saturday and Sunday passed slowly, May could not stop thinking about Katie, she had visited her again in her dream, showing her the whole scene of how she died and May identified that the boys were the same that bullied her at school.

Monday morning came and May went up to school on the bus, but she didn’t trust it, she kept looking back towards the back of the bus where the engine was.
When the bus reached the school, May went one way and Craig went the other way.
Immediately the group of boys stopped May.
“Why hello May” the oldest one said.
“Oh hello, Tom, Matthew and Daniel” May said softly.
“How did you know our names” they asked.
“I just do” she said smartly.
“Tell us” they demanded.
“You can’t hurt me” May told them.
“We can”.
“If you do, I can tell the police about Katie Williams” May remarked.
“How the hell do you know about that?!” they exclaimed.
“I know enough, that you pushed her into the road in front of a speeding car” she said.
“We didn’t mean to kill her” Matthew said.
“Yes we only wanted to scare her” Daniel followed up.
“And we was expecting her to get out of the way” Tom finished.
“Well it did kill her, and I know her family, I am sure that if I accidentally tell them who did it, then they might come looking” May said.
“I think your lying” Tom said.
“Really?” May questioned.
“She isn’t lying” Craig’s voice sounded.
“You killed my sister” Craig said.
“How dare you lay your hands on her” he shouted.
“Craig calm down” May said scared.
“Sorry May, but they killed her!” Craig said.
“You pack of bastard wolves, and now you go turning to May, you don't even deserve to be in this school” Craig shouted, his fists clenching as he stood upright.
“You know what Craig! We couldn’t care less, your sister was a waste of space!” Tom said laughing.
“Take that back” Craig shouted.
“No, make us” Matthew said,
“I said take it back!” Craig shouted at the top of his voice lurching forward to throw himself on top of them, May held him back scared she held on.
“No, ha ha” Daniel said.
“Thats it!” he screamed.
Craig shook May off him and launched himself towards Tom, knocking him to the ground, he started thumping him, hard in the face, and Tom was struggling and trying to get up.
“You killed my sister” Craig shouted.
“Get off of me you bloody idiot, she needed to die anyway” tom shouted back in the struggle. Matthew and Daniel had started on May, she backed away but once again they surrounded her.
“You bastard! How dare you say that about my sister” Craig yelled in his face.
“Leave her alone” Jades voice came.
Then Jade stood by May's side and then started to fight together.
Allison saw the fight and she ran for the head teacher. He came rushing out.
“Out of the way everyone, out of the way” he yelled.
He pulled the girls off Matthew and Daniel and separated Craig and Tom.
“You lot to my office NOW!” he shouted at them.
“Everyone else go to your lessons” he ordered.
Then he marched the children to his office.
“All of you sit down” he shouted.
“Thomas, hold this tissue to that nose bleed” he said, handing him a tissue.
“Now what is the meaning of all this?” he asked as he sat down behind his desk.
“Those three killed my sister!” Craig shouted.
“Craig, are you trying to say that these three boys were involved with the accident with Katie Williams?” the head teacher asked.
“Yes they are” May said backing up Craig.
“Boys I need to know, is this true?” the head master asked them.
“No, it isn’t!” Tom said going red in the face.
“Sir, may I ask Craig something private outside please?” May asked.
“Of course, but don’t you dare run away” he said.
“Craig, did Katie keep a diary?” May asked.
“Yes I think she did, she never let anyone in the top drawer of her desk” Craig said.
“But I once saw a green diary in there when she left it open”
“Ok, we need to phone your parents, we need that diary” May said.
“Why?” Craig asked.
“Well if she does have a diary its more than likely that she wrote down everything in that diary” May explained. Craig pulled out his mobile phone.
“Dad, go into Katie’s room, get her diary out of her top drawer, we need it, bring it to the head masters office” he said.
“Ok Craig, but why?” he asked.
“It’s proof that we need to prove that Katie didn’t die in an accident, better bring mum as well” he said.

They entered the room again.
“We can prove that they killed Katie” Craig said.
Matthew was shaking and he said “no we didn’t” he said shakily.
Ten minutes later Craig’s mum and dad were sat in the office with Katie’s diary.
May flicked through, turning over the pages.
“Here it is, look at this” she said handing the diary to the head master.

November 27th
Dear diary, I had problems with Tom, Matthew and Daniel again today, they tried to push me out into the road, luckily they didn’t but it was very close. It seems to me that they hate me, they seem to always want to kill me, in the playground today, they threw rocks at me, and I don’t mean just stones I mean rocks. They always call me names and hit me, but I don’t want to tell mum and dad, even though I have bruises all over me, I don’t have the courage to tell my mother and father.

November 28th
They did it again, Tom Matthew and Daniel, they managed to push me out into the road again today, I narrowly missed the bus coming the same direction, and they just laughed, as usual they call me names, and call me a waste of space. All I want to know is why they are doing it, I haven’t done anything to them, they told me today that it would do the world good if I died, and I cried and they pushed me around, can someone help me?

“I’ve seen enough of this” the head master said.
“I am sorry but I have to get the police involved” he said.
The police car pulled up outside the school, including a police van.
May, Jade, Allison, and Craig sat outside, while Craig’s parents were in with the headmaster and Tom, Matthew and Daniel.

The police officers put handcuffs on them and loaded them into the back of the van.
“You lot may go home, I see no need for you to stay here, go home you have all had a big shock” he said kindly to the friends sat on the bench outside his office.
May, Craig, Jade and Allison all went to Craig’s house after that.
“Craig, I am glad that you cleared that up” Mr. Williams said.
“Actually it was May, if she hadn’t known about the diary they would have got away” he said.
“Thanks May” Mrs. Williams cried. “You are always welcome at our house” she cried again.
“Thanks Mrs. Williams, but I felt like you should all know the truth” she explained.

All the children sat down to tea together at Craig’s house and then Jade and Allison went home. May went up to Katie’s room and stared out of the window. She saw the church spire stretching high over the houses. Then Craig walked into the room.
“Craig, where is Katie buried?” May asked.
“In the church graveyard” he said.
“Come on, we are going to get some flowers and put them on her grave” may said.
“Now that we know the truth we have to tell her what we did” May said.
“Ok” Craig said.
They walked to the small shop before they came to the church and bought some nice purple flowers. Entering the graveyard they walked towards the newest part. A smooth white piece of marble stood out of the ground on it the words stamped on in gold
Here Lies Katie Williams,
A Beautiful Daughter & Sister
June 21st 1994 – 4th December 2007
The empty pot with the grill for the flowers lay empty. May arranged the flowers in the pot and they sat on the wet grass staring at the headstone.
“She didn’t deserve this” Craig sobbed.
“No one deserves this” May assured him.
“Hopefully those guys will be found guilty” she told him.
“Well if they get away with it, I shall find them and…”
“Craig, don’t say things like that” may said, “your sister would not have wanted you to hurt other people over her” may said.
“I suppose your right, thanks May” he said.
Craig helped May to her feet and turned towards the grave.
“Be back later Katie, I promise to visit you everyday” he told the gravestone.
Then he held May's hand and they strolled away from the marble headstone towards the big black gates that held the dead in the confined areas.

Later on they were sat at the dinner table.
“Your mother phoned May, it seems as if your father has decided that the accident on the bus was not your fault”
Mr. Williams told her.
“She said that you can stay here for as long as you like”
“Oh thanks Mr. Williams” May said.
“But why?” May asked.
“Well May, this is kind of difficult to explain but…” he stopped in mid sentence.
“I am sorry to say that your mother and father have decided to get a divorce and they think it would be easier for you to stay here” Mr. Williams told her.
May put her knife and fork down on the table.
“I’m sorry May” Mr. Williams told her “I wish it didn’t have to be this way”
“Its ok” she said, “I knew this would happen; I’ve been predicting it for years. I just never imagined it would come as a big shock” she said quietly.
“Excuse me” she said getting up and walking away from the table.
She walked upstairs and into Katie’s room, she closed the door as she sat in the semi darkness.
“Oh what am I going to do? this is a disaster” May said.
“Well you can start by not sitting in the dark” Katie’s voice said.
Katie stood there, ghostly and white, her ripped school uniform and blood splashed over her. She was looking at May with caring blue eyes.
“Katie, am I the only one who can see you?” May asked.
“Yes, you have a true spirit inside you, and you also believe in me so you can see me, it seems like my own mother and father can’t see me neither can Craig” she said sadly.
“Ok, well I suppose you know the situation?” May asked.
“Yes I do, you see you can only communicate with me, while you are dreaming, you fell asleep on my bed” she explained.
“And I know everything that has happened to you, I am very sorry May, I don’t know what to say.” Katie said.
“Do you have any idea what to do?”
“All I know is that you need to be strong” Katie told her.
“Thanks Katie” May said.
“You’re about to wake up, I have got to go, see you later May” Katie said.
Then Katie vanished and May opened her eyes to see that the time was three in the morning. She got up, and dressed and made her way downstairs where she sat watching some late night television.
Soon she was asleep on the sofa, the television light drifting over her and illuminating the stream of dry crystals on her cheeks.
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Chapter 8

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“Wake up” a voice said.
“Come on, it’s time to wake up” the voice said again.
May opened her eyes and saw Craig leaning over her in his school uniform, shaking her awake.
“Come on May, get dressed and have some breakfast, or we are going to be late!” he told her.
“Oh ok then” she yawned.
She rose to her feet and stretched throwing her arms high up into the air, and then she skipped up the stairs to the bathroom.

All the way on the bus she stared at the floor.
“Are you ok, May?” Craig asked.
“I should be” she said sadly.
“You will be alright” Craig comforted her, placing an arm around her.
“Thanks Craig” she said softly. May rested her head on Craig’s shoulders and stared out of the large front window of the bus.
The bus stopped outside the school, and everyone stepped off.
May walked along side Craig, still staring at the floor, she hadn’t expected the after affects of her parents splitting up. Why was she feeling like this? What does she do now? And how? Then an idea came to her.

The morning dragged on for her, she didn’t say a word to anyone at all, and she sat quietly and wrote slowly. During English her teacher asked her a question.
“May, are you ok?” he asked her.
May just nodded slowly and didn’t even look up at him.
It was soon break time and May met up with Allison. Jade absent after the incident that occurred yesterday.

“Allison, I have something to tell you” May said.
“Ok, May, I have noticed you're not yourself today” Allison said softly.
“Well last night Allison, I had a message, and my parents are splitting up.” May told her.
“Oh” Allison said.
“Well, I’m sorry” she said.
“I just didn’t think that the shock would have such an effect on me” May told her.
“You sure you are ok?” Allison asked softly.
“I think I will be” tears leaked out of her eyes.
“Come here” Allison said softly, pulling her into a hug “you will be ok” she assured her.
“I don’t know what to do, I’ve never been through this before” she told Allison.
“Well I shall help you, we can help each other through this” Allison told her.
“And the school Christmas dance is tomorrow, after all we break up for the holidays tomorrow, you looking forward to going with Craig?” Allison asked.
“Yes, I suppose so” May said.
“Good, you would never guess who I am going with” Allison said.
“Don’t know, who?” May asked.
“Well I’m going with Nigel” she said.
“Nigel!” May said.
“Yes why not” Allison said.
“Oh come on; he isn’t very popular” May told her.
“Yes, but he was the only one to ask me to the dance, so I said yes” Allison said.
“Come on it should be fun” Allison told may, tapping her on the back.
“Ok, I suppose so” May said quietly.
They walked off towards the science block, where their next lesson was located.
When they reached the large red doors, they discovered that they were locked and a sign was hung on the door.

All science classes are cancelled after break time, this is short term only, the school dance will still be held in the hall tomorrow evening at seven.

“Well I wonder why the classes are cancelled.” May said.
“No idea, it could be something to do with the bullying Katie Williams got, after all it happened to her all over the school, and the police are involved” Allison said.
“Ok, well I have to go back to Craig’s” May said, “You coming with me?”
“Yeah sure” Allison said.

Buses had been called early and most of the students were gathering around the bus departure area. May and Allison boarded the bus that would take them near to Craig’s house. On the bus was Craig, saving seats for them. They sat down and started talking about the day off. Soon the bus arrived at the bus stop, as usual the sign was missing and the post was vandalized.

They all walked to Craig’s, he opened the front door with his key. When they entered Allison was staring around, fascinated by the size of the house.
“Come on, we can watch some TV” Craig said to them.
“Ok” Allison said.
Craig switched on the TV and picked up the sky remote. Flicking through the channels he came to the local news.
On the local news for their area was their school.
“The Dalla High School in Leeds, this afternoon was closed by Police for further investigation due to a bullying case that lead to the death of the student Katie Williams, the head teacher is shocked that this could happen and the police have asked anyone that may have any information to come forward immediately” the news reporter informed the nation.
“Well that’s why the lessons were cancelled” Allison said.
“Well I hope that those boys are found guilty!” May said.
“I hope they are, my parents have to go to Court the day after we break up about Katie” Craig said, “will you two come with me?” Craig asked the girls.
“Of course!” they both said.

Soon Craig’s parents came home and they knew that the lessons were cancelled, Allison went home and May and Craig went to bed early. May climbed into Katie’s bed and settled down among the blankets.
“looking forward to the dance then?” Katie asked May.
“of course I am Katie” May said.
Katie stood there, her ripped school uniform, she settled on the carpet and sat down, in May's dream, she sat next to her.
“Katie what is the matter” she asked.
“I remember the school Christmas dance,” she said.
“Nobody would ever go with me” Katie told May.
“Its ok, I was like that till I met Craig” May told her.
“Thanks May” Katie said.
“As a ghost, I can only communicate with you through your dreams”
“Why don’t you try to communicate with Craig?” May asked.
“He doesn’t believe” Katie told her, “and I can’t enter dreams of non-believers” Katie told May, a ghostly tear running down her face.
“Its nearly dawn, I must be going May” Katie said.
“Ok, Katie, come tomorrow night, you are like a friend now” May said.
“Thanks, and ok!” Katie said, a small smile spreading across her face.
She rose off the floor and twirled out of sight.

The light shone through the window, illuminating the dancing particles of dust that danced happily around in micro air currents. May opened her eyes slowly. Tonight was the school dance, and the police had closed the school for another day. She strolled downstairs; Craig was sat on the couch.
“May, its very early, what are you doing up?” he asked.
“I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep” she said.
“Ok then” he said, “actually, could I ask you something?” he asked.
“Go on, fire away” she said.
“Well I was wondering, if…” he stopped in mid sentence. “its kind of hard to ask you”
“You want to ask me out?” May said calmly.
“Well; yes” Craig said shyly.
“Well Craig; your answer is; yes!” she said leaning on him and resting her head on his shoulders.
“Thanks May” he said.
“No problem” she said. “Love you”
“Love you too” Craig replied stroking her long brown hair.
The clock passed seven and May and Craig had fallen asleep on each other, Craig was gripping Mays hand while they slept with their heads resting on each other.

Craig’s mother and father trundled down the stairs; they saw the television on low and the light casting a glow over May and Craig asleep on the couch.
“Isn’t that cute” Mrs. Williams whispered..
“What?” Mr. Williams whispered back.
“Look they are holding hands” Mars Williams said.
“You remember when we did that, when we went to Dalla High?” Mr. Williams said.
“Yes, I do, the year was nineteen seventy-four” she whispered. “Come on, back upstairs, we better not disturb them”
They trotted silently upstairs, leaving may and Craig cuddled up together on the couch, their sleeping faces catching the glowing light squeezing through the gap in the curtains.

The day passed and May and Craig stuck to one another like glue, wherever Craig went, May would follow.
The morning flew and in the afternoon, May received a phone call, from her mother.
“Hello May dear, you ok?” her mother asked.
“Yes mum, what’s happening?”
“Well me and your father have decided to split up” she informed her.
“We still have to live in the same house until we decide who is the one moving out”
“Where am I going?” may asked.
“I don’t know, I don’t want you to go with your father, and I know he hurts you” she said.
“But for the time being I think it would be better if you stayed at Mrs. Williams house, I heard that you have a friend there”
“Yer, I do, its my friend Craig from school, well actually, he asked me out this morning, so we are boyfriend and girlfriend now” May said excitedly.
“Well congratulations May, good luck with Craig” her mum chuckled.
“Anyway, when can I see you?” May ask.
“I don’t know, there is a lot I don’t know yet, your father is refusing to talk to anyone, and he says he doesn’t want to see you” she said.
“Why?” May asked in a saddened tone.
“He says it’s because of me that he doesn’t want to see you, I don’t know why May” she explained.
“That isn’t very nice!” May said.
“I know, in the last few years your father has turned really nasty” her mother said “When you were younger he used to treat you like you weren’t replaceable and he used to protect you and take you out, but now he doesn’t care, and I don’t know why” her mother said sadly.
“Anyway, I have to go, see you soon May, Love you” her mother said.
“But mum, it’s hard!” May said.
“I know darling, but try to be strong, love you lots”
“Love you to mum” May said, “bye”.

The phone at the other end had been put down and May placed the handset into its place where it rested. She looked up at the blank wall, did her father really not want to see her? She didn’t know. Clearing her mind she looked at the clock, the clock showed it was five minutes to six.
“Damn, I need to get ready” she said making a run for the stairs.
“May, stop” Mrs. Williams shouted.
“What is it Mrs Williams? She asked politely
“I got a nice dress for you to wear” she said.
She was holding a coat hanger; on it dangled a long pale blue dress. Also in her other arm was a small white box.
“Here, you are, some new shoes as well” she said.
“Thanks Mrs. Williams” May said, hugging her.
May rushed upstairs and into Katie’s room. Then something unexpected happened. Katie appeared in front of her.
“Katie!” she said.
“I did it, I am a normal ghost now, I can now come out when I want, and I can talk to people normally!” she said.
“Oh good” May said.
“That a new dress?” Katie asked.
“Yes, your mum got me it to wear tonight” May said.
“You putting it on? I won’t look” Katie said turning around.
“Ok Katie, you can look” May said.
She turned around, and looked at May, the light blue dress stretched all the way down to knees.
“Nice” Katie said. “Sure beats this ripped school uniform” she said.
“Yeah it does” may giggled.
“Anyway I have to be going” May said.
“May, stop!” Katie said.
“What?” she said.
“Hairbrush, perfume, remember make a good impression!” she said.
“Oh silly me, of course” May said.
“Katie where is the perfume?” she asked.
“I kept it in my second drawer down, but I never used it, go ahead, I don’t need it” she told May.
May brushed her hair, till it gleamed like hundreds of small sparkles, and sprayed on perfume. Then she rose up.
“That’s better” Katie said. “You better be off, I am going to do some haunting, people such as Thomas, Matthew and Daniel” she said, her face looking eager.
“Ok, see you later Katie” May laughed.
Katie waved to her before disappearing then May opened the door and climbed down the stairs carefully.
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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

In the car May and Craig held hands and climbed out, there was a large sign that led the way to the school dance. Craig led her into the hall, the disco ball hanging from the ceiling and slow music playing, a large table was set at one side with snacks and drinks on. The walls of the side room were lined with comfy chairs for the people who didn’t want to dance, or just wanted to sit down. Craig took May's hand and lead her into the middle of the dance floor among the others.
They twirled round in circles, arm in arm they strolled across the dance floor, eyes locked on each other, they danced to the slow music. The disco ball cast spots of light around the room and most of the girls were on the dance floor, Craig was one of the few boys actually dancing, but you could tell that they were enjoying it most of the boys were in the side room or stood around the snacks table.

“May, you coming?” Craig asked.
“Ok, what’s up?” she asked.
“Refreshments” he said, heading towards the table set with drinks.
“Ok then” she said.
They arrived at the snack table, picked up two plastic cups and poured out some drink. Then they headed towards the side room. The pale blue walls were decorated with certificates that the school had won. Allison and Nigel sat in one corner. May and Craig headed towards them.
“Hello!” May said.
“Hi, Allison, Hi Nigel” Craig said.
“Hi” Allison and Nigel said together.
They sat down on the seats next to them.
“That’s a nice dress May” Allison told her.
“Thanks Allison, Mrs. Williams got me it” she said.
“Anyway Nigel, you enjoying the dance?” Craig asked Nigel.
“Yeah, I suppose so, I get to spend the night with Allison!” he said shyly.

A new song started playing and the words sounded out over the school.
“Girls Aloud, I’ll stand by you” said Allison.
“Ooh, come on Craig let's go have this dance” May said pulling on his arm.
“Ok May,” he said getting up and leading her to the door.
They rushed onto the dance floor, they grabbed one another and started to dance, arms in the air, running about, twirling in circles and dancing slowly to the song. May pulled Craig closer. He then pulled her closer, right up to him till their bodies met.

“come on May, follow me, we need to cool off” Craig said leading her out of the building.
They strolled around the back of the science block.
May looked at where they were, it was dark, but a light dimly lit the surroundings so they could see what they were doing.
“Wow I’m warm” May said.
“Me too” Craig said.
Craig pulled off his jacket ,then he came closer to May, she backed up against a wall. Soon his stomach was against May's Stomach,
His hand then moved to her sides where both hands held her there, pulling her in closer, as they kissed under the dim light.

Then they broke apart when they heard footsteps.
“Simon, what are the boys up to?” someone asked.
“They have gone to May’s council estate house” Simon said.
“Why?” the voice asked.
“They said they were going to get rid of her once and for all” Simon said.
“What do you mean by that?” The voice said.
“He said something about an accidental fire” Simon laughed.
“Accidental?” the voice questioned.
“Yes you know; accidental” Simon said.
“Ah I get it you mean make it look like an accident,” the voice said
“Yeah” Simon said, as they walked away.
May and Craig looked up and they saw them walking off into the distance.
“We need to get to your house, quickly” Craig said.
He pulled her by the arm.
“But Craig, its at least a ten minutes run” May said.
“Well we better get going then!” he said.
They set off into the darkness towards the council estate at the bottom of the hill.
May was running as fast as she could, Craig wouldn’t let go of her hand but he ran still as fast as he could.

Then a loud siren could be heard, they were nearing the street, and a huge red monster ran past them its blue eyes flashing. They rounded the corner of May's street and the fire engine had stopped outside her semi-detached house. The neighbors were stood outside on the pavement.

The house was engulfed in flames, all the windows were broken and flames were spewing out of them at an alarming rate. They chattered away at the building.
The flames chewed their way high into the roof till the rafters were on fire.
“Bloody hell” Craig said as he saw flames erupt through the roof.
“Mum! Dad!” May shouted.
No answer came, instead the sound of water been sprayed onto the building.

The neighbors came running up to her.
“May thank God you’re ok!” the women said.
“Where are my parents” she asked.
“I last heard them arguing in the bedroom, before they went to bed” She said.
“The firemen couldn’t get them out, the flames were too intense” her husband told May.
There was a huge bang and a hole opened in the slate roof, its contents flying outwards, and then collapsing into the house itself. Dust clouds erupted off the roof and spread through the house. The firemen carefully damped down the rest of the building before looking inside. There was a huge hole where the master bedroom had been and the stars were visible above.

May sat on the pavement, Craig was on his mobile phone to his parents when a fireman approached her.
“Are you May?” he asked.
“Yes” she said.
“I am very sorry May” he said. “But we found a dead body of your Mother, and your there is no trace of your Father” he paused “I am truly sorry, there isn’t much left of the house” he informed her. Then he turned and climbed into the fire engine and headed back to the fire station.

She sat crying on the pavement, and then Craig’s mother and father turned up in their car. They climbed out slowly, looked up at the burnt out building and then sat down next to May.
“May, are you ok?” Mrs. Williams asked.
May turned and cried into her arms. The police soon arrived and started to tape off the area for investigation.

The next day, May had slept at Craig’s house, but she did not get much sleep, most of the time she spent crying, and when Katie appeared she cried even more.
“Katie could you find my mum?” she asked.
“I am not sure I can May” Katie said sadly.
“But you're a ghost! Can't you look in some spook school or something?!”May cried.
“May, I shall try, you are one of the best friends I have had” Katie said placing a hand on her shoulder.

The next morning May woke, she looked at the gleaming crystals on her pillow and thought of her mum and dad, even though she sometimes hated them for how they treated her she still loved them.

A small knock came at the door and Craig poked his head through the door.
“I heard you crying last night, I wanted to make sure you're ok” he said softly. She cried harder into the pillow, tears saturating the pillow. Craig sat next to her and put a warm arm around her.
“May, my mum needs to talk to you downstairs” Craig told her as he lowered his head down to her level. “I know it's hard, and it took me a while to get over Katie, but you have to remember that your mother and father may be looking down on you right now and help protect you, with their love” Craig whispered in her ear, as she sobbed silently into the pillow.
“If you want anything, come downstairs” Craig told her stroking her brown hair, before getting up and leaving the room.

May eventually climbed out of the bed and ventured downstairs. Craig watched as she pulled on her coat and some shoes and then exited out of the front door. He immediately followed her, not disturbing her as she walked quickly along the pavements. Craig knew exactly where she was going, she was walking back to where her Mother had perished, although the body of her Father was never found she intended to look for herself.

The house was black from the floors to the roof tiles, some at which were loose on the nails that they were held on with. Totally ignoring the Danger signs and tape blocking the windows and the doors she entered. The door blackened laying in front of the passage.

Treading lightly she examined some of the furniture that was charcoaled and burnt in the flames. She entered the front room, the gray walls where once pictures hung showing scenes of winter, spring, summer and fall.

Craig followed light footed, following silently like a cheetah hiding in long yellow grass. She suddenly tripped over a loose floorboard and fell towards the exposed wood. A cloud of dust and soot flew into the air as she landed.
“Bloody hell” she said angrily at herself.
“Come on, you never been in the mud before?” Craig said rising from behind an arm chair.
“You followed me here?” she asked.
“Obviously, I didn't want you to get hurt” he said. “Or do something silly”
“Craig, I would never do anything like that” she said approaching him and pulling him closer so she could whisper in his ear.
“Not as long as I have you” she whispered cutely.
She let go and looked around the charred room.
“And to say I didn't like it here much!” she joked, but a tear ran down her cheek, not of laughter but of sadness and sorrow.
“May, I'm sorry, shall we go back to my house?” He asked.
“Can I hold your hand on the way there?” She asked sheepishly.
“Yeah, sure, hold tight” he told her leading her out of the building back onto the light street.

They soon came to the front doors of the house and entered. May followed Craig as they sat in the front room. The picture of Katie stared over the room, like she was watching when the phone rang.
Mr Williams answered it and soon came to May.
“May, its the fire brigade, they would like to talk with you” he said.
May stood up and Craig also stood up.
“Sit down Craig, I need to do this by myself” she ordered.
She wandered out into the hallway where the telephone table stood in a corner by the door.
“Hello May, This is the chief inspector on the Fire Brigade” the man said.
“Hello sir, is there something you needed?” She asked politely.
“Yes May, the fire at your house was no accident, it seemed as if it was done deliberately, and we were wondering if you had any ideas...” but May cut him off before he could go any further. “Simon Faukstone, I heard him planning it, me and Craig both heard him!” she said angrily.
“Are you sure?” he asked.
“We recognized his voice and we could see his face, talking to two other guys but I don't know who they were” she said “But he told them to, it seemed like he payed them to do it, he hates me, his family and my family have always hated each other, since my parents and his parents were at Dalla High together” she explained talking quickly.
“Right, well May I also have to ask you about funeral things” He said. “I am so sorry about all this, and I can come talk to you personally if you want..” but May interrupted him “Just my mother's body was found, and no one knows about my Father, so I shall contact the undertaker” she said a tear running down her cheek.
“Ok May” He said. “Goodbye” he said, then the line went dead as May followed suit and put the phone down.
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Chapter 10

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May woke on the sad morning, she looked up at the ceiling.
“Hope you're ok mum” she said holding her hand to her heart.
There was a knock at the door, Craig entered.
“May?” He asked.
“Yes” she answered.
“Well, today is the day” he said.
“I know” she sobbed.
“Are you ok?” he asked her.
“Yeah, I'm fine” she lied.
“Honestly, are you ok?” he asked again.
“No” she cried, running towards him and jumping onto him crying into his shoulders.
“Listen, I know its hard and painful, but remember I am here for you” he said a tear in his eye as well.
“I love you Craig, and thank you for everything you have done” she cried.
“I will always look out for you” he said.
“And so will I” Katie's voice said.
The door behind Craig quickly shut.
“Katie?!” Craig said.
May pulled her self out of Craig's arms as Katie appeared in front of them.
“Hello Craig” she said.
“Katie?” he asked again.
“Yes I know, I'm a ghost and all that May has been telling you about me is true” she explained.
“Katie” he said, running towards her. “I'm so glad to see you again!” he said as a tear ran down his face. Suddenly he stopped in front of her.
“You can touch me, even though I'm a spirit I can be solid if I wanted to be” she said as her feet met the ground.
“Katie” he said again pulling his ghostly sister into a tight hug. She smiled as she hugged him back.
“I've missed you too Craig” she said. A ghostly tear ran out of her eye and as soon as it left her cheek it vanished into a wisp of white smoke.
“I'm so glad you finally get to see her again” May told Craig.
“May, I never thought ghost were real, but know I know they are!” he said, looking at her.
“I wish I could find a ghost” May said quietly, looking at the floor.
“May, I will try to find her” Katie said, floating over to her.
“Katie, you are a good friend” she cried.
Katie put an arm on her shoulder and May looked her in her eyes.
“May, its hard, but I shall be with you” she said, then May also pulled Katie in, crying onto her ghostly shoulder, her tears going right through her.

The black cars pulled up outside the house, the main coffin car with its high glass windows and another black limousine which would take them to the crematorium.
May, Alison, Jade and Mrs Williams were all in long black dresses and Craig and Mr William's were in Black suits with white shirts and black ties.
They climbed into the car and followed the coffin car, and they passed the burnt house. A tear trickled down May's face and Jade handed her a tissue.
“Don't worry, everything shall be ok” she told her.
They followed the car up the main road, and past Dalla High. May was surprised to see most of the teachers wearing black stood on the pavement paying respects to Rachel.
“Of course, most of them knew my mum when she was at school” May explained.
Some of the students in the yard threw stones at May, and she cried into Jade's shoulder. Alison looked at the floor as she felt sorrow take over her body.

The long driveway to the crematorium and soon they stopped at the brick building, they climbed out and May was shocked at how many people had come to the funeral. Friends of the family, all dressed in black. Her headmaster and Mr Johnson, and even some of the teachers that weren't at the school, the fireman that put out her house all dressed in their black fire gear, removed their helmets from their heads in respect as the oak coffin was carried down the aisle and placed on a table surrounded by flowers.

“We are here today to celebrate the life of Rachel May Robinson, a loved mother and friend who unfortunately passed away on the 15th December 2007, she will be missed and will always be loved, and now her Daughter, May, would like to say a few words” The vicar said.
May stood up, and approached the podium.
“Thank you for coming today I have written a poem for you all to hear” she explained, then she began reading.

“Today is a sad day.
The day my mum passed away,
I loved her very much,
and I can still feel her gentle touch,
she shall always be in my heart,
and we shall never ever part.
It is a hard, sad time
and its all just one big rhyme
but during these sad emotions
I shall never stop the forward motion
stepping forward to the light
which shall be with me, every night
forever more.”

A tear snaked down May's face and people were in tears from hearing the poem that she wrote to her mum. Soft music played as people started to leave, exiting slowly to the song You'll be in my heart and May stopped and gave the coffin one last hug, Craig stood by her side, and then she took his hand and cried as they walked slowly to the door. May looked back one last time before coming to the small yard at the back, where Jade and Alison and all the others were waiting. She immediately burst into tears, not holding back her emotions she could feel sadness take her over.

The black car pulled up at the yard and they were taken to the funeral reception at a hotel near the school, May sat in a corner with a box of tissues and Craig brought her some food from the buffet that the hotel had provided.
“Thanks” she said wiping the tears from her eyes.
“No problem” he said sitting down next to her.
After hugs and tears May finally got back in the car to go back to Craig's house.
“May, I have had a word with the people at work, you can stay with us if you want to?” she asked.
“I would like that, can I call your house home” she asked.
“Well it's the only home I've got now” she weeped.
The car sped away and they were soon standing outside the house.
“May, come on, lets go home” Craig said taking her by her hand.

The sun glided down through the sapphire sky, taking the light and warmth from the land, but in Katie's room sat May, a piece of paper on her desk as she began writing.

When I feel alone, I search for you
When I feel sad, I think of two
Whatever happens, in following days
I know I can rely, on you sweet ways,
Terrible things, may come and go,
But when I am with you, I will always know,
That if on the ground lays, ice or snow,
You will be there to help me, if I slip,
And never let me, go down with the ship.
You have been a great strength,
And I shall always go, the extra length,
Just for you,I wonder why,
When your around, the stars burn brighter in the sky,
Long sad days, you have been there
By my side, with out compare.
And now to this very day,
I shall love you,
Winter's May.
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