From the Relent;ess Chronicles

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From the Relent;ess Chronicles

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Ashlynn stepped off the lift and onto the Bridge and there he was. Marcus. Her heart fluttered slightly, yet she showed nothing on the exterior. Walking over to him she came to attention "Captain Ashlynn Summers reporting for duty sir." she said with a big grin.

Marcus had been sat in the command chair he not heard her come onto the bridge his head was hurting as he looked up from his padd " Well if it isn’t Commander sorry I meant Captain Summers" he smiled and stood up to greet her " I would say its been a long time but we both know its not" He pulled he close in to his arms "Well they have finally made you a captain I guess I had better watch my step" He laughed he let Ash go and just stood staring at her couldn’t believe that she was here.

She laughed "Yeah. I'm not sure what they were thinking. But hey, I like the pips and it does have it's perks. I get to work with you again." She smiled "Headaches already? We haven't even left dock yet." Ashlynn smiled "Let's go talk in your ready room and see what I can do to help alleviate some of the stress."

Marcus knew where this was leading but he was on duty now so he dare not argue with her. Following her the ready room " Yep its been a while since I commanded a star ship I hadn't realized how much preparation was needed I see its increased since my first command" He sat down on the chair at his desk " You know i asked for you to be my First officer don’t you" Marcus recalled the conversation with command before they finally allowed him to have her aboard.

Ash nodded "I know you did. The courier that brought my orders informed me of that as did Command." She said as she sat down in a chair across from Marcus "I appreciate the confidence in my abilities." She looked him in the eye "But there's more to it isn't there?" She said with a soft smile.

He struggled deep down to respond to that question as it was some thing that had never crossed his mind before now "To be honest i was told that you had been passed over for your own command this time around I couldn’t well have you sit around moping could I" . He gave her a grin " To be honest my spies had informed me that you had just ended a romance so I thought why not let you come aboard the Relentless and plague me!”

Ash smiled "Well, you're spies are somewhat correct. I ended a two week relationship with a guy when he asked me to marry him a week into it." She looked down this was going to be a bit harder than she had initially anticipated "And I missed you."

Marcus rubbed his brow trying to alleviate the pain some he knew where she was coming from they hadn't been together for over 2 months he couldn't remember why they had parted in the first place he recalled them not spending enough time together " You know something Ash there hasn’t been a day in the last two months that i haven’t thought about you"

In his own way Marcus needed the comfort of some one who knew him well and was on the same wave length " You know what I missed you to" Looking at Ash he could see that she had something else on here mind "Are you ok?" he said in a causal way as not to pry to much

Ash smiled softly "Marcus, what if I told you there was a present from our relationship."

Marcus studied Ash for a moment what could she be possibly talking about " What present are you talking about" he gave her a smile he didn’t want to sound stupid or was the headache clouding his judgment " Ash tell me what you trying to say?" As if some one had turned the light on he had idea what she was about to say.

Ash blushed and looked at her hands for a moment "Marcus, how would you feel about becoming a father again?" She hoped that his answer would be positive.
Marcus hoped he had heard right he was about to become a dad again this was good news even better than getting the Command of the Relentless " I am so happy, when did you find out" he had so many questions he wanted to ask but realized that may be he should just enjoy the moment.

Ash leaned back "About a week ago. I wasn't feeling good and it didn't go away so I saw the doctor. The baby is due in about eight months."

He held her and for a second " That’s real good news Ash it really is" Marcus rubbed the back of his neck. The pain had gripped him harder he tried not to grimace in front of her as he held her hand.

Ash looked at him "What's the matter Marcus. You are in a great deal of pain. And don't deny it. I can tell by the way your jaw is set." Ash reminded him that she knew all of his signs of being in pain. "I think you need to have Dr. Simmonds take a look at you."

Marcus could tell that Ash was the only woman that could see right through him so he gave her the truth " What I am about to tell you could sour the future and us" his pain gripped again and the grimace showed this time as he let out a sigh. " I have malignant tumor at the base of the neck its due to be removed but that moment I thought I could handle the situation" Marcus studied Ash for a moment awaiting for her to gauge a response.

Ash looked at him and smiled “Well if I remember my medicine well enough, it is a fairly easy procedure. I trust that they told you that the entire tumor could be removed?” She asked as she held his hand “We will face this together. Let’s go talk to Dr. Simmonds and figure out the best way to handle it now, so that it doesn’t get any worse.”

Marcus was a strong man and Ash was the most kind and gentle women he had met " As far as I am aware it can be removed totally" he sat there with the tears streaming down his face.

Ash walked over to Marcus "Captain, it will be ok. I will be right there with you, just like you will be with me in eight months." Ashlynn took his face in her hands and wiped away the tears "Now rather than be in pain. Let's go get something for it and figure out the next step. We have a ship to run and a baby to plan for and I'm not doing either by myself."

He knew she was right "ok" pulling himself together he stood up and straightened himself out determined that the pain would not get any worse "Lets go sort this ship out then head to the Sick bay".

The ship had been put in as much order as it could for the time being. Ashlynn looked at Marcus and saw the amount of pain he was in and decided that now was the perfect time to go see Doc Simmonds "Captain, we need to go see the Doctor for our physicals. Let's get that out of the way while the crews are finishing up."

Marcus didn't argue this time it was to late for this to be left any longer he had more than one reason to be alive and well now "Come on then lets get cracking" he took her arm as the pain was now blinding.

It wasn’t long before they reached Doc Simmonds sickbay " Doctor Simmonds are you there" he winced as Ashlynn sat him down on a bio bed.

Dr. Greg Simmonds came out of his office when he heard his name "Ah Capt Summers and Capt Bridger ...." He stopped mid sentence when he saw Marcus blanched white with pain "How long has this been going on?" He asked Marcus "I told you we needed to take care of that problem a month ago."

Ashlynn looked at Marcus "A month ago?" She sighed, she was not going to argue with him "Take care of it now." She said with finality in her voice that left no room for argument by either of the men in the room.

Marcus new when he was beat he had finally had the chance to get this niggling pain out if his system once and for all " Ok Doc you wont get any further arguments from me" You only had to take one look at Marcus to see he looked tired and worn out " So what dose the process involve Greg as medical knowledge is very limited" for Ash’s sake he made light of the situation even though he scared about the whole thing in the first place.

Greg looked between the two senior officers "The procedure is very simple. I will make an incision at the base of your neck and remove the tumor from there. From the last scans that were taken about a week ago, there has been no new growth and it can be removed in one session. After it is removed, you will be given medication to make sure that there is no new growth for about two months.”

Marcus looked at Greg with child like eyes "How long will I be out of commission"

Greg smiled "About 48 hours, although I can make it longer if you want." He looked between the two again, he knew that they had been a couple in the recent past and had separated, it looked like they had reunited again. "I'm going to give you some medication to help you relax and sleep, then I will get started. Capt Summers is more than welcome to stay as I know she has a medical background.”

Greg turned and got a hypospray from the table and slotted anesthazine into it "Are you ready Marcus? You will fall asleep in a couple of minutes and it will be over in about thirty minutes. I will keep you for another hour or so for observation after you wake up. Do you have any questions.”

Marcus swallowed hard he gripped Ash’s hands " No Greg I don’t please proceed" with that Marcus slipped back on the bed ready for the procedure to start.

Greg nodded and brought the hypo home on Marcus' neck "Just let the medication do its job." Greg moved to set up the area for the procedure while Ashlynn stayed with Marcus. Greg smiled, he was glad to see them back together. He did notice that Ashlynn was a bit pale, he would talk to her after he finished with Marcus.

Going back, Greg found Marcus properly sedated and he began the procedure. The incision was small and barely noticeable and within thirty minutes the tumor was out and he was closing the incision.

Greg smiled at Ashlynn "We've got it all." As he looked at the new scans "The pain should dissipate in the next day or so." Greg administered a mild stimulant to Marcus and waited as he began to come to.

Marcus awoke feeling thirsty he was restrained to help the stitches heal " Greg what the hell hit me?" He smiled his eyes raced around the sick bay looking for Ash she was there also looking a little happier.

Greg smiled "A tumor the size of a golf ball, a laser scalpel and 4 stitches." He nodded to Ashlynn to get Marcus some water from the replicator

"You're going to be sore for a couple of days, but that will pass. You can return to duty day after tomorrow. I want you to come see me tomorrow morning and again tomorrow evening for a follow up." Greg watched as Ashlynn walked to the replicator "Now I have a question for you about your XO. She is very pale. Is she ok?"

Marcus smiled he new she was fine " Greg I suggest you ask her she needed to see you any way I cant say any more than that?" he grinned.

Greg nodded "I'll talk to her later" He watched as Ashlynn returned with the glass of water.

Ashlynn set the glass of water on the table and helped Marcus sit up "There, now drink slowly." She smiled glad that the procedure was over and that Marcus was going to be okay. She looked at Greg "I will need to see you as well at some point. I am pregnant and well everything that goes with that." She took Marcus' hand again and smiled "How are you feeling?"

He gave her a reassuring smile " I am feeling sore but a little more comfortable.”

OOC One reason not to have your wife as XO

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