The Alliance

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The Alliance

Post by Treymiar » Sun Dec 01, 2013 1:30 am

The Alliance

Now, I ask you.
Is Earth the only planet with self-serving, short sighted, greedy politicians?
Countries have revolutions and split off into new nations.

Organizations + High Egos = Fragmentation.
Just look at what happened to Obsidian fleet. *ducks*

Are we expected to believe that many planets wouldn't also storm off in a huff to start their own 'federation''?
Everyone's just going to wave the Federation banner and march to the drum with a big, happy smile?
Of course they won't.

Realism demands, especially in the presence of wheeling & dealing Ferengi, independent alliances form within the Federation.
And when that happens, will the Federation yippy-skippy invoke Prime Directive and wish them a happy non-interference?
Iiiiieee don't think so. A new alliance will build its own war fleet.
In the name of "the Security of all", the Federation will monitor and regulate new alliances which rise up.
And of course, like all birthing revolutions, the regulatees won't lllllike it.
(There is precedent in TNG of cultures departing Federation.)

This new "alliance" would be superimposed upon, within "Federation territory".
Fertile ground for new Trek scenarios.


"Sometimes, people become enemies because they don't understand each other.
Other times, they become enemies because they do."

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