Brain Leech!

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Brain Leech!

Post by Treymiar » Mon Dec 16, 2013 1:17 pm

Brain Leech!

Key members of diplomatic and military staffs haven't been waking up in the morning.
They've been found in deep comas. Thorough medical diagnostics have found no cause for it.
And now, it's beginning to happen with your starbase or starship crew!

With privacy modes off in the alert, security cameras catch sleeping personnel begin writhing in torment.
In one occasion, a pet parakeet shrieked in panic, waking its owner.
The owner apparently spotted something which made her scream "Intruder Alert!"
Whatever it was, if real and not delusion, it didn't register on camera.
Then, she too writhed into a coma.

Then, the insidious threat was proven to be more than some xeno-disease.
The starbase/ship is under a carefully planned attack.
Someone is systematically loosing shadow spiders against targeted victims.
These phase-creatures can pass through bulkheads and containment fields.
They phase into victims bodies, and then brain leech secrets and memories.
After the theft, they leave the pulverized body and return to their eugenically modified 'host'.
The host opens his hideous maw, and the creepies crawl inside.
After reattaching inside the host's body, they download their stolen brain contents.

The "spy", as it were, made one teeny tiny little mistake, however.
He targeted a joined Trill.
The shadow spider could enter the body and paralyze the host's brain.
But! It couldn't simultaneously paralyze the Trill symbiont.
Fighting against torturous metabolic trauma, the Trill staggered into sickbay.
Doctors then watched in horror as the ghostly phase spider departed the body.
Security had been alerted about the disoriented Trill.
A redshirt fired at the fleeing brain leech, but the critter was too elusive.

Now! :D WHO is behind this!?
Can the comatose ever be awakened again?
(Of course they can. They have to be back for next week's episode.)
Can the 'spy' be discovered, captured alive, and encouraged to confess...
...without a disgorged swarm of shadow spiders randomly running amok?
Tune in next week! Same Trek time! Same Trek channel!

edit - Oh, the phase spiders. Don't worry, you'll find a way to kill them.
Give Jordy a cup of positrons, and he becomes an engineering McGuyver.

another edit - Some helpful Sherlock hints:
Maybe the Trill victim could sense what the leech was trying to do, a directed intent.
And, don't worry about the spiders turning into a plague.
They can't survive for extended periods outside of shadow-land without life support ('host' support).

"Sometimes, people become enemies because they don't understand each other.
Other times, they become enemies because they do."

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