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Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2014 10:50 pm
by Treymiar
Hey y'all. Wanted to drop by, touch bases, and drop off an idea.

This really isn't a discrete 'mission idea' as much as it is an amusing subplot:

Starfleet's latest efforts to improve cyber-security and automate damage control include an AI. Hardwired circuit programs help keep it from going M5 on you, but an unanticipated side effect amounts to what one might call an 'attitude'.

You treat the ship poorly, cause damage to it, then the watchful AI will try to persuade you to change your ways. It has observed 'disciplinary action', so that becomes an option.

- Doors don't open for you until you tap your communicator to ask for repairs. Or, doors close to soon.
- Shower water suddenly becomes ice cold.
- Your replicators only give you 'healthy' foods... and drinks.
- Clothing items fitting a bit funny? Got pink?
- TurboLift take off or stop a little fast?
- Gravity a little heavy or light, today?

Be nice to the ship. You don't want 'Her' mad at you.
She can't outright harm anyone, but she can discipline in creative ways.
She can help you during a crisis, a major frustration for boarders.

You can't live with her, and you may not uninstall her. :)