That Darn Cat!

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That Darn Cat!

Post by Treymiar » Mon Jan 19, 2015 9:20 pm

That Darn Cat!

Anybody remember that Disney movie from way back?
I am SO dating myself, here.

This isn't so much a mission idea as it is an NPC-type idea.
Years ago on USS Beowulf, my technopath was largely ignorant about animals and nature. She was frustrated that a fellow crew woman's cat could only meow, so she gave it a translator collar. Kitty managed the most simple sentences. "Sharra bad! Water bad!" (Well, okay, my character thought a good way to keep kitty clean was to take it into the shower. Yeah, didn't end well.)

Kitties and other pets can learn to do other things. Biometric security aside, they can learn to push buttons, sneak through jeffreys tubes, etc.

Don't tell me that kitties can't premeditate ebil courses of actions. I lifetime ago, my calico sat watching us put up chicken wire against our pre-existing wood rail fencing. She quietly watched, tippy end of her tail flicking. Okay, cool, that's what cats do. But later that evening, she rocketed through the living room and gave a hard smack to one of the (sleeping) dogs. A chase inevitably ensued. Mitzy shot out the open back door, across the grass, and bounded gracefully over the top fence rail. The dogs, of course, plowed into the chicken wire. Kitty ROLLED with satisfaction in the grass on the other side. Don't tell me that wasn't premeditated ebilness! :D

Anyway, there is plenty of opportunity for the pets aboard starships to... surprise people, with a little tech help. They can be humorous, or they could be pivotal contributions to story lines.


"Sometimes, people become enemies because they don't understand each other.
Other times, they become enemies because they do."

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