Wolf Starbase XYZ

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Wolf Starbase XYZ

Post by Treymiar » Sun Aug 30, 2015 4:19 am

Wolf Starbase XYZ

A traitor within the Federation has compromised transphasic research to the Borg. One of their immense cubes has now been adapted with fields against the new torpedo.

Strategically, a way to cripple Starfleet is to assimilate its starbases. Enter the mission. It's really very simple. A cube is spotted en route to one of our illustrious starbases *cough*SB332*cough*. It will arrive and the battle begins. If this attack proves successful, then the invasion will begin. Other starbases across the quadrant will be assimilated by the cybernetic communists.

We will need every ship in PF in our era and reasonable vicinity to come join in the fun. Maybe a few red-shirt starships, too. It could be the mother of all joint-simm missions up to this point.

( You're welcome, Capt. Von ;p )

{edit} - If SB332 were to be the Borg goal, then I can guarantee that Starfleet will have plenty of early warning about the pending assault. Not too much, though. "If I were to fight right handed, it would be over too quickly and I would not be satisfied." - Inigo Montoya

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Re: Wolf Starbase XYZ

Post by Alex » Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:12 pm

That's not a bad idea, but personally, I'm a bit over the Borg. I'll have to think about it, but they just felt so overdone on Voyager that I started losing interest in them. Also, we're about to have a big battle for the station, so it might be a while before we have another one.

I do have to agree with Inigo though. If it were too easy, then it wouldn't be fun.
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