Attack of the Flying Saucers!

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Attack of the Flying Saucers!

Post by Treymiar » Thu Feb 18, 2016 3:34 pm

Attack of the Flying Saucers!

Remember all those 1950's space movies where the flying saucers made right angle turns at high speed? Well, they're back. Their partially extradimensional infrastructure allows them to violate known physics. The alien vehicles in Robinson Crusoe on Mars 1964 is another good example. I have a suggested writeup for them:
Rook Flying Saucers
Referred to as chess piece "Rooks" because of their strictly alternating horizontal and vertical movements (apparently, no diagonal), this type of saucer long teased at Earth centuries ago.

Although comparatively fragile, they have fantastic angular maneuverability at sublight speeds, appearing to pull off right angle turns at very high speed. Impulse thrust fighters of the Federation have no chance against them in a dogfight. At long distances, they have even dodged phaser bank bolts. At FTL speeds, however, they seem to lose the angular maneuverability.

Rooks are a technological contrast. The fastest Federation starships are the ones with the strongest reactors feeding the biggest engines (within an optimal ship size range). Flying saucers also have a size range, but it is the smaller vehicles which are able to utilize angular maneuverability. Although this might inspire a sigh of relief over saucer battleships not being feasible, the prospect of rook saucers delivering tricobalt bombs keeps Starship strategists up at night.

Although saucers can travel vast interstellar distances, it is suspected that their physics precludes using the strongest power sources such as antimatter.
The mission? They are attacking some Federation member planet. Your mission, should you decide to obey orders, is to find out where they're coming from and try to work out some sort of peace. And failing that? Figure some way to deal with the virtually uncatchable intruders.

{edit} Saucers vs. Starships? I should imagine that it would pretty much be 'Can't hit, can't hurt.' At sublight speeds, Starships would have a very difficult time hitting saucers. However, saucers wouldn't have enough power to be much threat to deflectors. (Unless you just sit there and let them pound away at you.) Go to warp where they lose their advantage. Saucers could probably dispatch fighters and runabouts with ease at sublight.


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