Suggestion: Amber Kryptonite

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Suggestion: Amber Kryptonite

Post by Treymiar » Thu Mar 10, 2016 1:49 pm

Amber Kryptonite

(Availability: Rare, non-replicable, nonsynthetic.)

This quickly became the popular name for a mineral when its effect upon Founder changelings was discovered. While not life threatening to them, in layman's terms, it 'melts them' back into native liquid form. Its radiation, which doesn't affect solids, destabilizes the molecular realignment metabolism. Founders could probably wear protective suits, but transmorphing inside a suit probably isn't terribly useful. Amber Kryptonite might not affect all varieties of shape-shifters, but it might further limit shift durations in some species.

There are currently two problems with amber kryptonite. One is, the only known source is within Ferenginar territory. They horde and jack the price just like Orions do dilithium. Second is, attempts to weaponize the effect into a projection gun have failed. Conventional guns don't contain and redirect the radiation properly. For similar reasons, force fields (including body shields) don't seem to stop the effect.

* Note: Voliraks have a limited set of transformations that are stable and do not require supporting energy.


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