Process for Submitting Proposed Canon

The Outer Office of the Galactic Anthropology Committee is the place to ask questions, propose fleet canon, and anything else which you need to post to discuss with the GAC.

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Process for Submitting Proposed Canon

Post by Williams » Mon May 16, 2011 6:01 pm

In Character items to be considered for acceptance as Fleet Canon need to be fully developed, and often the best way to do that is to get input and opinions from others. As such, the following shall be the process for submitting items to be considered for Fleet Canon:

If a pre-arranged format has been made for the item you are putting forth, then it should be followed in the posting of the proposal. Copy and paste the template into a new topic, and fill out as fully as you are able for the item in question.

Items of Fleet Canon can be anything, ranging from races, governments, ships, events, sim missions, and individual people, not exclusive. Where a template is not available for the item of proposed Canon, use your best judgement and include as much information as possible.

Items will be put up in the Outer Office for general discussion by the GAC and the Fleet, in order to ensure that the proposal is as complete and comprehensive as possible. This period shall last a minimum of one week.

Once the discussion period is over, the item and all discussed alterations will be put by a member of the GAC into the GAC's private forums, where it will receive a brief further discussion amongst the GAC, followed by a vote. If the vote is positive, the item will become a component of Fleet Canon.

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