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Pegasus Fleet Monthly Reports

Post by Alex » Sun Oct 05, 2014 9:54 pm

Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer Meeting
05 October, 2014

Vice Admiral Emily Quinn, PFCO | Captain Liarra Von, CO Starbase 332
Rear Admiral Cammila Jala, Academy Commandant | Captain Allycia Baldwin, CO USS Tachibanna
Vice Admiral Tzipora Simcha, Judge Advocate General
Commodore Fulana de Tal, Director of Personnel Management
Captain Tim Williams, CO USS Highlander and TG Argonauts CO | Captain Christina Curits, CO Discovery NX-04
Captain Gabriel Estabar, CO Astraeus Project and TF13 TGCO
Commander Jordan Gunning
Rear Admiral Loren Putski, Acting PFXO [out-going]
Vice Admiral Veronica Constantine, former PFCO [retired]

This month there was not a set agenda. The meeting was intended to be an open discussion forum. There were a few announcements. For those who have not already heard, Vice Admiral Veronica Constantine has stepped down as PFCO effective 29 September, 2014. Rear Admiral Loren Putski has agreed to remain as acting PFXO until the position could be filled. After which, he too will be resigning. Vice Admiral Emily Quinn, Director of R&D, assumed acting PFCO duties. As of 04 October, 2014, Admiral Quinn has been confirmed as the new PFCO.

There will be a call for applications to fill the vacant PFA positions. Prior to that call for applications, the PFA prefers to select a new PFXO. Once that position is filled, applications will be requested for the remaining open positions. Those open positions are to be determined following discussion from the PFA. Filling the open positions will be brought up following a decision by the PFA, but filling the vacant positions is a primary goal for the new administration.

The question of future monthly meetings was brought up, specifically asking if the meetings will continue as before, or be transitioned to another form. One suggestion was to have open “office hours” where Fleet members could stop in and ask questions of the PFA. Another option is to eliminate the meeting due to low attendance and instead use a monthly report, similar to these minutes, that will be sent out to the COs and posted to the forums. It was pointed out that there is a provision on the wiki to show what the PFA is currently discussing. However, that link is not widely known, and it would require it to be consistently updated. A monthly report sent out to everyone would be more transparent and more widely accessible. There was also a suggestion to add codes to the PFA discussion list to indicate what is currently on the agenda. That idea has been tabled for a later discussion.

There was also some concern over how long it will be before the decision is made on the PFXO and the call for applications made. The goal is to at the least have a plan in place by the end of the month, but preferably the call for applications will have occurred by then.

The final comment before adjourning was regarding a TFCO for TF13. That will be brought up to the PFA before calling to fill the TFCO positions.

If anyone has any questions about these minutes, or would like to add any additional comments, please contact me at Thank you.
Fleet Admiral Emily Quinn
Commanding Officer
11th 'Pegasus' Fleet

Fleet Captain Liarra Von
Commanding Officer
Starbase 332


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