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PFA Announcement, New Staff

Post by Estabar » Sat Nov 01, 2014 4:13 am

Esteemed members of Pegasus Fleet,

After reviewing many applications and extensive deliberation, I am proud to announce the newest members of the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty.

Firstly, Rear Admiral Putski will be staying with us as the Director of Fleet Recruiting. Admiral Putski has been with Pegasus Fleet since the beginning, and has an extensive knowledge of the inner workings, especially the ad blaster. He has been serving as the acting DFR for some time and knows the position possibly better than anyone.

As many COs have probably already seen, Captain Gabriel Estabar has been selected as the new Chief of Fleet Operations, and with the new position, has been promoted to Rear Admiral. Admiral Estabar is currently the commanding officer of the Astraeus Project, and has already hit the ground running with new ideas to present to the PFA.

Our new Director of Research and Development is Rear Admiral Anton de Fitenzia. Admiral de Fitenzia has served on a number of different sims during his time in Pegasus Fleet, and has always impressed me with his attention to detail. It’s been difficult for me to give up R&D, but I think the department will be in good hands.

In addition to our new and returning members, I am also pleased to announce the promotion of Commodore Fulana de Tal to Rear Admiral. Admiral de Tal has been a valuable member of the PFA in her short time as Director of Personnel Management, and is well deserving of the recognition.

Please offer everyone a congratulations and a warm welcome. I think both of the new members have some great ideas for how we can improve the Fleet, and I’m looking forward to working with them.

Vice Admiral Emily Quinn
Pegasus Fleet Commanding Officer

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