Monthly Update - August 2018

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Monthly Update - August 2018

Post by Alex » Sat Aug 11, 2018 3:54 am

Hello everyone!

This month’s update will be a little shorter than last month’s. I do have a few updates pertaining to July discussions, however. So let’s get to it.

The first thing that I want to discuss is to clarify some things that were said at last month’s meeting. There was a lot of focus on continuing to build our level of communication within the Fleet, and the PFA has been working on some things to help move us in that direction. But I do feel that the topic created some misconceptions about the Fleet, and I’d like to try and clear those up. Talk of communication issues strongly implied that our Commanding Officers are largely non-responsive to their crews, and that they are not paying enough attention to their sims. That is not the case. Our COs are very dedicated to their sims. Some commanding officers prefer to run their sims somewhat independently, without a lot of outside involvement from the Fleet staff, which is totally understandable. After all, one of the major ideals that Pegasus Fleet is built on is allowing COs to have the freedom to run their sims as they see fit without micromanagement from the PFA. And we’re not trying to change that. The point that the PFA was attempting to make last month is that for us to effectively do our jobs to administer the Fleet and to help it grow, we need support from the commanding officers. We don’t want to get in the way of running your sim, but without support from the COs, recruitment and universe building become much more difficult. We know our COs are dedicated to their sims, and we’re not trying to be more involved in your sims. But we would like to see the COs engaged more with the Fleet. This was the purpose for our discussion last month, and I apologize for sending the wrong message. The PFA is just looking for our commanding officers to help us help you.

All that being said, strong communication between the PFA, Fleet staff, the commanding officers, and all other members of the Fleet is important to us. For that reason, we have been putting together a new Communication Policy. The purpose of this policy is to introduce more accountability into our staff and commanding officers. Although we hope we never have to use it, the new policy leverages our disciplinary policy to enforce timely communication. This will include commanding officers responding to sim related messages from their crews as well as Fleet related business between commanding officers and staff. The purpose is not for the PFA to be able to issue more demerits, but to maintain and enforce open communication between the various leaders within the Fleet. More information will be shared with the commanding officers after the PFA has completed our review of the proposed policy.

Finally, I’d like to continue our discussion about the monthly award system. As discussed last month, the PFA feels that the current system is lacking as it only rewards sims based on a single criteria, posting rate. But as we all know, there are many more factors that go into making a successful sim besides the number of posts per month. The challenge is finding a way to properly and unbiasedly determine those factors. Until we can improve our awards system, the PFA has elected to wait to give the July Sim of the Month awards.

While the PFA could continue to discuss ideas internally, we would prefer to discuss ideas with our members. After all, Pegasus Fleet belongs to all of us. For that reason, we have created a new channel for awards discussion on our Discord server. Access will be granted on request. The purpose of limiting access is to ensure that anyone in that room is there because they are interested in improving our awards system, and to reduce the number of additional messages received by those who are not interested in joining the discussion. To request access, you can click the link below to send me an email, or you can ask any member of the PFA on Discord to add you to the list.

This month’s meeting will be held on Sunday, August 12, in the #meeting channel on Discord, and will start at 3:00 pm EDT. The meeting is open to all members of Pegasus Fleet and any guests. If you know anyone that’s interested in joining Pegasus Fleet, please invite them to join us. The next meeting will be held on Sunday, September 9.

As always, Live Long and Prosper

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