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Welcome Welcome Welcome!

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2019 2:16 am
by Thompson
Greetings Everyone!

I have three welcomes to do today. Firstly is to Commander Bjorn Tyrson of the USS Valhalla. No stranger to the fleet it is good to see him back in the hotseat again and we look forward to what he and this Interpid Class will deliver.

Secondly I'd like to welcome another new Commanding Officer to the fleet. Whilst certainly not new in experience Commander Zemta Kriv brings with her a focus on the basics with the USS Ark Royal, assigned to TF37 with a focus on first contact. We are very excited to meet these new races with her and her crew.

Lastly, as some will know we have been looking for a new TFCO for TF56. That concluded today with the appointment of Chris under the character Captain Ovik. An experienced player with a knowledge of the Fleet I have already dumped a pile of work on his desk. Welcome aboard!

Rear Admiral Thompson
Pegasus Fleet