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Monthly Update - April 2019

Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2019 1:44 am
by Alex
For most of us it’s once again springtime (sorry folks in the Southern Hemisphere), and that means time for spring cleaning. Which means that the PFA has been talking about some more updates to some of our processes and updates to site content. Among those updates are ongoing discussions about our ship specs, and the creation of guidelines to commonize and aid in the introduction of new ship classes. The first version of these new guidelines have passed PFA approval. We’ve also been talking about making some changes to our graphics and website, though there is nothing definite planned just yet. And recent conversations in chat has shown us that award reform is something that is much needed. These are all discussion topics that have been brought up, but I don’t have any more on those topics to share this month. Stay tuned for future updates.

We do have a second webmaster helping us out with site administration, Commander Anderson of the USS Asger, or as most of you probably know him, Rhimer. With the extra help, hopefully we will be able to take care of any site issues or get questions answered more quickly.

As part of this push to update our sites and add more content, we’d like to remind and encourage our COs to reevaluate their sim pages on the Pegasus Fleet Wiki. Some of the sim pages are very detailed, while others are a bit more barren. My page is one of the ones in need of an update, and I’ve been working on a sandbox version. Once we get these pages updated, and get into the habit of keeping them updated, it will help our Fleet look even more alive. Project Khitomer helped draw more attention to Pegasus Fleet, but it takes all of us to keep that attention. For everyone else, I encourage you to create pages for your characters that we can link to the sim pages. It’s another way to promote and showcase the talent of our writers.

On that note, I don’t have much more to report for this month. It has not been an unproductive month for the Fleet staff, though not much that is completed or visible to most of the Fleet. I would like to commend our commanding officers and crews for a good, active month, with some of our newest sims leading the charge. So well done, everyone!

This month’s meeting will be held in the #meeting channel on Discord this Sunday, April 14. It will start at 3:00 pm EDT / 8:00 pm GMT. The meeting is open to all members of Pegasus Fleet and any guests that may be interested in learning more about our community. The next meeting will be on Sunday, May 19.

As always, Live Long and Prosper

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