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Chief of Fleet Operations

Post by Alex » Thu Jun 20, 2019 9:43 pm

Hello everyone,

Today I have a sad announcement from Admiral Thompson. I’ll allow him to explain:
Hello Folks,

After a bit of discussions amongst the PFA and myself we've decided that its time to bring in some fresh energy to the busy role of Chief of Fleet Operations. Over the last 20ish months I've seen the role through several challenges and many tribulations, most notably 'Project Khitomer'. However as of late my energy for demands of the role have not been what you the community deserve. As such as of this message as agreed mutually between myself and the PFA I am stepping down from the role of Chief of Fleet Operations. But don't worry i'm not leaving you for good. While it has been an absolute delight to have worked on the PFA for such a long stint, and I look forward to my retirement in the sunny land of Vilandara. Thats a teaser btw. Keep supporting the PFA and each other. We are and will continue to be an awesome community. Stay Shiney o7

Rear Admiral Thompson
Pegasus Fleet
I’d like to thank Admiral Thompson for everything that he has done for the Fleet. He has been with the PFA for a long time, and in that time has led many projects and worked with many members of the Fleet. It’s not going to be quite the same with him no longer part of the PFA. But I am thankful that he will remain with us, and I look forward to hearing more about his new project. We wish you well, Admiral, and thank you again for all that you have done.

This also means that we will soon be looking for our next Chief of Fleet Operations. Ideal candidates are members of the fleet with experience commanding long running sims, as well as a strong passion in helping see the Fleet grow and improve. Good communication skills are a must. CFOps is one of the more time intensive positions in the Fleet, so we will be looking for someone who can dedicate a lot of time to the position.

Interested members can apply for the position using the link below. The PFA will begin reviewing applications on Tuesday, June 25. Interested candidates should submit their applications prior to that date if they want to be among the first applications reviewed. We are also extending the date for the TF56 CO position until Monday, July 1. We would like to choose our next CFOps and allow them to help make the decision on the new TFCO. Applicants for TFCO who have already submitted their applications will not require new applications. If any TFCO applicants wish to apply for CFOps, please let us know if you would like to still be considered for TFCO if not selected for CFOps. Any questions can be addressed to

Thank you again, Admiral Thompson, for everything you have done. And good luck to all of our applicants.

Application for Chief of Fleet Operations

Application for TF56CO
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