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New Sim

Posted: Tue Jan 28, 2020 4:43 pm
by CorvusZephyr

I would like to announce a new sim being added to our ranks! The USS Crazy Horse has joined Task Force 37 under the command of Cmdr Sidonie Ysayne. Please welcome the Commanding Officer and their crew as they join us and our mission! Good luck to all!

“The tales we will tell about the USS Crazy Horse center on exploration and discovery in a campaign style approach that emphasizes the lives of its crew – both personal and professional. What we do will have ramifications that extend into future missions and it all starts with a prisoner who sits alone in his cell. His face seems to melt, shift, move under the skin, holding shape for a moment before starting again. His guard shivers reflexively and the prisoner chooses that moment to smile, a wolfish, predatory thing, made all the more horrific because what the guard sees is his own face in the cell.”


RAdm W. Kelly