Monthly Update - February 2020

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Monthly Update - February 2020

Post by Alex » Sat Feb 15, 2020 4:44 am

Hello everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our members, if you celebrate such things. It’s been an exciting month since our last report with the premiere of Star Trek Picard! We’re only four episodes in so far, but we’ve been generating a lot of discussion in the #spoilers-Picard channel on Discord, so feel free to come join us if you haven’t already. Just make sure you are all caught up or willing to be spoiled because we’re not holding back.

With the new canon introduced by Picard, the Department of Resources has been hard at work trying to reconcile ten years of Pegasus Fleet canon with the backstory established in the new show. The good news is that Admiral Virtam has come up with a pretty good way to fit the forming of the Eleventh Fleet into the events shown fourteen years prior to the main timeline of the show.

The Department of Resources has also been working diligently to update existing specifications for use within Pegasus Fleet. This is an ongoing project with many starships, small craft, and stations to get through. If you have a class you are using and would like to see reviewed sooner, email the Director of Resources at So far this past month they have completed updates on the Ambassador and Centaur classes.

We also have a couple of new commanding officers and a promotion this month! First off I’d like to welcome our two newest commanding officers Commander Sidonie Ysayne of the Luna-class USS Crazy Horse, and Commander Rex McCormick of the Sovereign-class USS Atreus! Welcome, both of you, to Pegasus Fleet!

I’d also like to congratulate Franklin Johnson, commanding officer of the USS Poseidon, on his promotion to captain. Congratulations on the well deserved promotion, Captain!

I’m also excited to announce that Admiral Devane has been working on updates to our Commanding Officer Academy Lessons (COALs). Lesson 1 is complete, and she’ll be moving on to the next lessons soon.

Finally I’d like to remind everyone about the upcoming Project Khitomer conference. This year’s event will be held next Saturday, February 22, starting at 3:00 pm GMT / 10:00 am EST. For those who aren’t familiar with Project Khitomer, the event was started last year as a way for members of the simming community to put aside any differences in Fleet affiliation and come together for a day of fun and discussion. Last year we had a really strong turnout from Pegasus Fleet, and I hope we can do so again this year. Admiral Devane (@Amethyst) will be leading panels on Character Creation and Clicking in a Clique at 8:00pm GMT and 10:00 pm GMT respectively, and I’ll be hosting a panel at 5:00 pm GMT on Writing Mysteries and Twists. So come on out and join us for our and other discussions. The event will be hosted on the Khitomer Conference Discord, which can be found here. For more information on the schedule for the event, you can check out the Project Khitomer website.

This month’s meeting will be held in the #meeting channel on Discord this Sunday, February 16 at 3:00 pm EST / 8:00 pm GMT. The meeting is open to all members of Pegasus Fleet and any guests that may be interested in learning more about our community. The next meeting will be on Sunday, March 8.

As always, Live Long and Prosper

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