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Promotion Announcement

Post by Solaris » Sun Feb 16, 2020 9:43 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen, aliens, species and other assorted walking lunchables.

I have one bit of news that I would like to add, scary I know since usually I am at work or these meetings are way too early in down under land.

There is one amongst us that, following talks with the rest of the Admiralty has been selected for something...dun dun dunnnnn

This person has been part of Pegasus Fleet for a number of years in a variety of capacities, roles, duties and requirements. Instrumental in the development of areas within the fleet, leadership of departments but in addition to all of this has found the time to run a simm non-stop through it all. Being a CO is a challenge, more so for some than others. Being a leader is a challenge in and of itself. We are all people with lives, diving into our imagination to create something for others to enjoy.

Much to his no doubt surprise, since all of this was kept secret from him since it wouldn't be a surprise otherwise, to Alex our PFCO.

Alex has been a member of the fleet for many, many years rising up the ranks and titles to ultimately join the Admiralty in 2011. He rose to the position of PFCO in 2014 and has continued to run 332. Being a figurehead of a collection of like-minded individuals, a fleet, a community is difficult. It is difficult because every action is looked upon, every choice subject to scrutiny. It is impossible to please all and Alex has tried his level best to do what he can, as he can with his free time while making sure that he has time to dedicate to his simms playerbase.

Sometimes its difficult to log on to a torrent of private messages, a score of emails, never knowing what disaster or issue might be waiting, or if graced by luck, everything is a-ok.

So, because I am the Fearless, all mighty, claw armed Furry Overlord and grace you all with a limited amount of time before I claw you or you buy me off with 'gifts' or I eat you. I have the following to say.

As Pegasus Fleet Executive Officer, I hereby promote Admiral Quinn with the support of the Admiralty to the rank of Fleet Admiral.

Effective...right about now.

Through everything Alex has remained a constant in the fleet, a voice, a driving force and a leader in every respect in trying to make the fleet better for everyone. Alex, without you helping the community in the ways that you do then Pegasus Fleet would not be the fleet that it is today. No you don't get a new office, yes you get extra work and no I'm not paying you for it.

Congratulations, Fleet Admiral Quinn.

I will claw you later

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