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Chief of Fleet Operations
Chief of Fleet Operations
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Two New Sims

Post by CorvusZephyr » Thu Feb 20, 2020 4:30 pm


I would like to announce two new sims being added to our ranks! The USS Omaha has joined Task Force 37 under the command of Commander Jason Faulkner:

“As an old Ambassador-class ship, USS Omaha may not be as glamorous as modern ships of the line, but once you look past her quirks she's still built to venture past the frontier. The same goes for the crew: a mix of young guns, second chancers, and oddballs looking to prove that they've got what it takes to carry out Starfleet's mission of exploration and discovery. Join us as we investigate ancient mysteries, delve into strange scientific phenomena, and occasionally get our shirts ripped.”

The USS Birger has joined Division 74 under the command of Captain Pete Hoffman:

“The year is 2330. As the USS Birger finishes the last of a minor refit, she preps to depart once more for the outer edge of Federation space where she is tasked with providing emergency response and relief for vessels, starbases, and colonies. The Birger is equipped to handle and assist with SAR, natural disasters, medical aid, damage control, and any other emergency thrown her way. With a mix of salty crew and fresh faces, she stands ready to be the safety net when times are dire.”

Please welcome both Commanding Officers and their crew as they join us and our mission! Good luck to all!

RAdm W. Kelly
Rear Admiral William Kelly, CFOps
Academy Staff
Cmdr Kee’Bhor, USS Valhalla
LT Calvin Morgan, USS Astraea
LT Daisuke Hafan, USS Vesta

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