Anniversary and Promotion

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Chief of Fleet Operations
Chief of Fleet Operations
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Anniversary and Promotion

Post by CorvusZephyr » Mon Feb 24, 2020 2:46 am


Today I have the excitement of announcing an anniversary and promotion. Starbase 332 is celebrating her 10th year anniversary today! Congratulations to both current and former crew for making this sim what it has become!

In those ten years Captain Liarra Von started out as a Lieutenant, Chief Security/Tactical Officer. After a short tenure, she was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned as the Chief Strategic Operations Officer. Serving faithfully in that position for nine months, she was promoted to Commander and continued in that role for another year.

After two years on board, Liarra Von stepped up after the resignation of the former CO. She’s continually served as Captain for eight years, balancing the needs of the sim and fleet with over 200 mission posts under her belt. In recognition of her accomplishments and time served, with unanimous approval of Pegasus Fleet Admiralty, I hereby promote Liarra Von to the rank of Fleet Captain. This promotion is effective immediately.

Congratulations to Fleet Captain Liarra Von and Starbase 332 for your incredible accomplishments, and for many more years to come!
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