Resignation of Rear Admiral William Kelly

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Resignation of Rear Admiral William Kelly

Post by Alex » Sat May 23, 2020 5:01 am

Hey everyone!

With the events of the real world preceding a pace and the facets of our real lives that it affects or impacts, one such is our own Rear Admiral William Kelly.
Without going into too much detail Rear Admiral Kelly has responsibilities, a work load and time constraints have unfortunately required him to resign.

As such, we need someone to step into his shoes and continue the work he kept going and work with the Admiralty in working towards the future.

As Chief of Fleet Operations you will oversee the TFCO’s, be the go to person, review requests and any directives as outlined by the Admiralty. The position reports to Vice Admiral S'iraa, so a supply of premium quality nip should…should…see you survive the first wave of fine dining and will work closely with him in general operational matters. A summary of the expected responsibilities can be found here.

As an Admiralty member, the role will face exposure to elements that need to be kept within the Admiralty until such time as its needed to be made public, confidentiality is vital. You will provide input on a range of topics discussed in the Admiralty, feedback on proposals and cast votes as needed.

For those interested in apply for the position, there is an application form to fill in, which is here.

Application window will close on the 29th May, because the demand for the role a replacement is swiftly required. That weekend will see the Admiralty vote on whom to appoint.

I’d like to thank Zerin for the time and effort put in during his time as CFOps, as such, he will have a small grace period before Admiral S'iraa puts his name on the menu list again. During Zerin's time as CFOps, he has helped usher in a new era, with a large number of new sim COs getting their feet wet under your leadership. While we continue to look forward into the future, we thank you again for everything you have done for the Fleet, and we wish you great success with your new project.

As always, Live Long and Prosper,
Alex and S'iraa
Fleet Admiral Emily Quinn
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11th 'Pegasus' Fleet

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