Monthly Update - October 2020

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Monthly Update - October 2020

Post by Alex » Sat Oct 10, 2020 9:34 am

Hello everyone!

Happy October! It’s a shame that spooky parties and trick or treat will probably not be a thing this year. For those who do have gatherings, please remember to stay safe. I only have a couple of announcements this month, but they’re both exciting announcements.

First off, I’d like to wish Pegasus Fleet a very Happy Birthday! October 10, 2020 marks the eleventh anniversary of the founding of Pegasus Fleet! I’d just like to say thank you to everyone that has made Pegasus Fleet such a great community these last eleven years.

My other announcement this month is also very special. Pegasus Fleet has been chosen to co-host the Tenth Annual FallFest! For those of you who don’t know, FallFest is an online event for the greater simming and roleplaying community. The event is sponsored by OngoingWorlds, and will be co-hosted by Pegasus Fleet and Independence Fleet. This is a fantastic opportunity for our Fleet to shine among the greater community. We’d love to see you there representing Pegasus Fleet.

FallFest X will be held on Saturday, November 14th on Discord. You can join the FallFest server here. You can also learn more about our other co-host and see the current schedule at If you are interested in hosting a panel, a trivia hour, or something else, please contact me for more information.

This month’s meeting will be held in the #meeting channel on Discord this Sunday, October 11 at 3:00 pm EDT / 8:00 pm BST. The meeting is open to all members of Pegasus Fleet and any guests that may be interested in learning more about our community. The next meeting will be on Sunday, November 8.

As always, Live Long and Prosper

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