Task Force 56 - Monthly Update - November 2020

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Task Force 56 - Monthly Update - November 2020

Post by Amethyst » Sun Nov 08, 2020 9:41 pm


Hey there, and Happy Sunday!

October was a pretty spectacular month for Task Force 56, as we welcomed the USS Comfort, an Olympic-class hospital ship under the command of our very own Coffee Addict - Commander Venik. The Comfort was first announced as the newest addition to the task force on 2020-10-25 and quickly gained operational status as of 2020-11-01. The Comfort continues Task Force 56’s recent yet proud tradition of adding unique story-telling and setting elements to the task force makeup. We’re super excited to see this game continue to thrive under the thoughtful leadership of Commander Venik.

With the addition of the Comfort to our ranks, Task Force 56 grew to a total of six (6) operational games in October, helping contribute to some very impressive averages:
  • Average Players: 7.67
    Average Posts: 18.33
    Average PPP: 2.52
We look forward to seeing the task force continue to grow these averages in the weeks remaining in 2020!

Finally, please join us in congratulating @Amethyst and the players with the USS Astrea for earning the Task Force 56’s Sim of the Month Award with an incredible 4.0 PPP in October!

The Astrea is also the proud recipient of Task Force 56's Post of the Month Award for It’s All About the Ears. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to read this incredible piece of writing, click the following link, and I think you’ll quickly find out why this well-written piece was voted worthy of this achievement: http://astraea.pegasusfleet.site/index. ... ewpost/450

So, bragging rights all around! Congratulations, Team Astrea, both achievements are more than well-deserved.
All in all, we’re one happy task force this month! Way to go 56! :wink:


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