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New Division 74 Sim Announcement - SS Ceres

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2020 7:31 pm
by Amethyst

Without doubt, one of my favourite parts of being Chief of Fleet Operations is moments like these when I get to announce that another sim is being added to our community.


The SS Ceres is a Columbia class ship commanded by Commander Watney and his Executive Officer Lieutenant Commander Shrike and will be joining us in Division 74.

Please welcome Commander Watney and his crew as they move to join us here in Pegasus Fleet! Good luck to all!

"The Earth-Romulan War has begun! The United Earth Starfleet and it's allies are under attack against the Romulan Star Empire. Though they have never seen their faces, they have seen their ships and what terror they can give the most experienced crew. The S.S. Ceres is one of the newest NX Refit class starship released from drydock, and is equipped with experimental technology.

The Ceres has new experimental Quad Phase Canon, that fires four bursts, instead of a continuous beam. It is also equipped with a new experimental deflector shield technology, though the power levels required, they can’t use them all the time. Using these tools, the Ceres will help fight the Romulans and protect Earth and the Coalition."

Congratulations Commander Watney and Lieutenant Commander Shrike. We wish you all the best for your ongoing adventure with us.