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New Sim Announcement - USS Wellington

Posted: Wed Mar 03, 2021 9:15 pm
by Amethyst
So.. I get to end our month on an absolutely amazing high! I would like y'all to join me in welcoming a new sim to our ranks!


Newly assigned to Task Force 37, the USS Wellington has made the move to join us here in Pegasus Fleet. The Wellington is a Sovereign class starship under the command of Captain Michelle Bartlett @Saskbertan81


Set in 2394, the USS Wellington is looking for active crew members to join us in the Delta Quadrant many years after Voyager returned home from it. Following the discovery of a wormhole leading to it, the Federation renewed its interest in exploring it and establish a presence in one of the more historically lawless areas of the quadrant.

We're currently looking for a variety of department head roles including:
-Chief Flight Control Officer
-Chief Operations Officer
-Chief Medical Officer
-Other department head positions as well or assistant roles.

If being the Chief or Assistant isn't your thing, we're also looking for regular crew to write at least one post a week for all departments. If interested, send us an email at or join our discord.


Please welcome Captain Wellington and the crew of the USS Wellington as they starts a new adventure with us here in Pegasus Fleet!

Rear Admiral Niamh Devane
Chief of Fleet Operations
Pegasus Fleet