February 2011 POTM Nominations

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February 2011 POTM Nominations

Post by Terris » Tue Mar 08, 2011 2:59 am

Due to the Broken Polls in the Forums please click on the link below to cast your Vote.

Click here to vote!!

Here are the links to the Post of the Month Nominations.

Please read all the posts and then decide which post should be given the Award through the Poll. One vote per person.
This poll is open for 7 days.

"Frantic" by Captain Benjamin J. Byrne -- USS Endeavour
http://endeavour.pegasusfleet.net/nova/ ... iewpost/98

"Chief of Intelligence" by Lieutenant (JG) Shinji Matsumoto & Captain Alex Gunning -- Starbase 332
http://sb332.pegasusfleet.net/nova/inde ... ewpost/130

"Back To The Back" by Lieutenant (JG) Ignatz Jones & Lieutenant Commander Alex Meyers -- USS Shiloh

"The New Life" by Ensign Zoe Munroe -- USS Helios

"Is there a Doctor in the House" by Commander Colton North & Lt. Jordyn Chase -- USS Viper
http://www.uss-viper.rpg-uk.com/index.p ... iewpost/59
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