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Moesha V'tani
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Sim Proposal - To PFEC

Post by Moesha V'tani » Tue Feb 07, 2017 7:00 am

I post here as I have not received any response via Email.

Task Force (whatever)
USS Shadow (In place of the USS Oregon)
Prometheus class deep space tactical cruiser with a shuttle storage room converted into a large multipurpose science lab.
Captain Ianto Harkness commanding
40, Betazoid male, served in many battles during the dominion war in security, a few tactical positions and having passed the bridge officers test became a first officer then was offered captaincy of the Shadow.
He is a cautious man that has been seasoned by war and various personality and character testing experiences throughout his Starfleet career.

Where is the sim going:
This sim takes place in the Delta quadrant.

How will the sim get there:
Option 1: In 2368, scientists developed the Soliton wave that can be used instead of Warp drive. In the initial test however some issues arose like a transient power imbalance. That problem was solved within the 24 years after with deploying a smaller wave and or having additional counter forces fired by relays along the wave's trajectory. Yes this seems a bit farfetched as it would need a construction team ahead to build the relays and a facility that would emit the dissipating scattering field that eliminates the wave at it's destination.
I thought that Project Pathfinder could dispatch the needed knowledge (in a unmanned probe years ahead of the mission) to construct the facility to the Talaxians on New Talax where Neelix's influence has the Talaxians already an ally to Starfleet.
New Talax space would put the Hierarchy and the Hirogen as primary threats and remaining forces of the Borg Collective. Maybe the Liberated Borg from Unimatrix Zero episode could be in control of some of the Collective's domain and at war with the remaining Collective forces. The Cooperative (they'd be called) would be a valuable ally in this area only if Starfleet helps.

Option 2: Would be a large subspace catapult station at the edge of Federation space that uses a massive graviton surge that, one at a time, through an array of projectors, sends a starship hurtling into null space for hours to a day. Upon emerging back to normal space, the group would jump many hundreds or even thousands of light years. The distance is determined by the graviton field strength of the surge.

Option 3: The Barzan wormhole could be stabilised and used to bring the task group to Takar 2 in Delta. This would become the task group's beachhead and a defense station built to protect the wormhole entrance. This area of space is where the Kazon sects, the Vidiians and the Swarm will be considered major threats. However the Think Tank cured the Phage so the Vidiians could become potential friends against the Kazon.

Option 4: The task group could somehow find themselves in a Vaadwaur Subspace Corridor, while travelling between System J25 and the Transwarp hub Voyager destroyed. A Turei patrol encounters them and due to the race's experience with Voyager assists the group to find a nearby world to construct a station above. The Turei become allies in exchange for Starfleet's help tracking down any Vaadwaur. That would place the task group in range of the Hierarchy, Malon and Hazari to be possible threats.

Option 5 though I'm not particularly wanting this as it is dangerous: Quantum Slipstream or Transwarp Drive.

Please inform me of which method is acceptable to the Admiralty and I can better plan what I have in mind for Mission arcs.

Why is the sim going there:
The Federation Council is interested in learning about the state of affairs going on in Delta since Voyager's departure 14 years ago. Although due to the Jankata Accord with the Cardassians, neither side can colonise another quadrant the council wants to form diplomatic ties with trading pacts with those races Voyager had successful First Contact with. The second primary reason the council authorised this mission is to learn of the Borg Collective's fate since Voyager's report of destroying the complex that housed the Queen* and one of six Transwarp hubs on their way back to Earth.

*Unbeknownst to Humanity the Borg have multiple queens operating throughout the Collective.

What is the sim doing there:
Along with a Merchant fleet that would initiate all the trading side of things while the task group commander will be working towards diplomatic relations while the rest of the explorer purposed starships in the group survey unknown space. The Shadow will be the ship assigned to actually investigate the reported destruction of the Queen's complex and salvage any remains.

Mission Ideas:
1. Depending on how the Task group got to Delta, the first mission will pretain to scouting the sector they arrive in to find suitable colony worlds.

If Barzon Wormhole: The Shadow will encounter a Kazon raiding group and win the battle without MVAM, don't want to blow that advantage yet.

If Soliton Wave: The Shadow will have a run in with the Hierarchy and soon discover that a war has broke out between the Hierarchy and Hirogen.

If Vaadwaur Corridor: The Shadow will start seeking any Vaadwaur and fall into a battle between the Hierarchy and Malon. Unsure of which side to take the Shadow withdraws but not after being attacked by both sides thanks to their history with Voyager.

If Graviton Catapult: The task group will find themselves in a relatively empty sector with a few neighbours one of which are the Brunali who have been able to rebuild since the destruction of the Collective and have colonised nearby systems and allow the task group to use one of their stations as a base of operations in exchange for help terraforming their homeworld back to it's former glory. The Shadow however finds itself, after some scouting, in a conflict with surviving Collective and Hirogen hunting forces. Obviously siding with the Hirogen but only until the Borg are destroyed.

If Quantum Slipstream or Transwarp Drive: The group will arrive at New Talax to visit the Talaxians and assist with some minor things before moving on.

Sadly I need to know which arrival method is given the Greenlight before I can plan possible mission arcs. Suffice it to say there will be more battles with neighbouring empires as the task group gets settled and follows through with their end of agreements made.

The Shadow will be the first into those battles of course.

Moesha V'tani
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Crewman Apprentice
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Re: Sim Proposal - To PFEC

Post by Moesha V'tani » Tue Feb 07, 2017 1:39 pm

I realise there is a whole TF in the Delta and I would be happy to join them. It would be awesome to have TF joint missions.

Though not sure how my other sim plans fits into the TF stuff.

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Re: Sim Proposal - To PFEC

Post by Stannes » Tue Feb 07, 2017 6:03 pm

This has been sent to CFOPs who will send you further requests and requirements. All new sims must go through the application process using the forms found in the top menu bar of the PF site under 'Apply'. Thank you!

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