A new CO and a change in command

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A new CO and a change in command

Postby Williams » Sun Nov 22, 2015 4:38 pm


I have two very good announcements to make today. The first is that I have just approved a new addition to our niche task group in the fleet, of the USS Ark Royal. The Ark Royal is going to be run by Commander Nathan Grayson, and will be running with a concept that includes some interstellar gates similar to those seen in EVE. I look forward to seeing how the new commander gets on with this concept!


The second announcement is that I have been speaking with Commander Gunnar of the USS Argo about some potential changes for his sim, and we have agreed on a concept which leads to his sim changing from the Argo to become Gaia Colony. Gaia Colony has quite an interesting premise, in that it is set on a planet that was settled by an ancient race seemingly for the only purpose of being an interstellar zoo, and as such showcases some dangerous plantlife as well some creatures which have since become extinct on other worlds. I look forward to seeing how the new-look sim develops!

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