Two new sims!

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Two new sims!

Postby Williams » Thu Feb 04, 2016 12:42 pm

It seems that this forum is full of double announcements.

First off, I'm pleased to welcome Commander Logan Reece to the fleet, who will be taking command of the USS London!


Secondly, I'm pleased to welcome a rather special new sim. As some of you know from the opinion thread we put up on the forums a while back, the PFA has been debating whether to allow non-Trek sims into the fleet. After a thorough discussion process, and a detailed proposal from the individual who was interesting in bringing such a game into the fleet, I am happy to announce that we have today accepted the SSV Citadel into the fleet as our first non-Trek sim!


The SSV Citadel will be set in the Mass Effect universe, and brings extra diversity to our niche task group. The sim will be run by James (character name coming soon), and I look forward to seeing how the sim develops, and what other new sims this change in policy may open up for the fleet.

As an additional note, I'd like to congratulate two of our COs on achieving official 'active' status in their recruitment. First of all, there is Commander Gunnar, who has achieved 6 crew aboard Gaia Colony. I know the commander was struggling for a while when the sim was formerly known as the Argo, and I'm pleased to see the change of setting has helped. Secondly is our freshest face around the simming world's CO table; Commander Gregory Paladin. Despite being completely new to COing a sim, he has managed to attain enough crew to go active and then get one more, so a big well done there!
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Re: Two new sims!

Postby Travis » Sat Feb 06, 2016 7:14 pm

Thank you, Admiral. I cannot, however, accept any gratitude upon myself. This is my crews doing, my XO, my 2XO, and the remainder of those participating. I'm just the guy who had the idea. :)
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