A few announcements

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A few announcements

Post by Williams » Fri Mar 18, 2016 10:57 am

Just a few quick announcements to make.

Firstly, those of you who receive the monthly newsletter will have seen the notice that we've lost a few sims last month. The USS Ark Royal, IKS P'ach and USS Bosworth were both shut down due to inactivity. It's never good to have to close sims, but where those sims are dead in the water, we need to make way for new and active ones to take their place.

We also have unfortunately lost one of our more established sims in the USS Farragut, with its CO Mike resigning. Mike's been with PF since the start of the fleet, being the original founder of the USS Jackal (which evolved into Starbase 332), before moving on to a couple of other projects and finally settling into founding the Farragut. Unfortunately real life takes over for all of us at times, and Mike has had to step away from writing. We wish him the best of luck out there, and hopefully one day in the future he can return to this hobby and join us again.

On the more positive side, we have a new sim in the form of the SS Baralong; a small vessel assigned with Starfleet Intelligence. We have also had a bit of a sim changeover - the crew of the USS Kingdom - our Abrams-verse sim - has transferred to the USS Langport, in our regular task group. The CO and crew were having a few issues recruiting on their old format, so hopefully their new one will serve them better.

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