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Taskforce 11 December 2020 Monthly

Posted: Tue Dec 15, 2020 10:07 pm
by JasmineSomers
I will start by saying that this writes up is a little longer and for the month of November 2020 I am very proud of the ships in TF11, and there has been movement, but all in all considering the global lockdown the sims in the Taskforce have been doing well even if posting numbers are a bit low, but fluctuations are to be expected. The quality of the posts are good and I am happy with that, well done to all for putting the effort in these trying times in and I would like to thank those Sim commanders for this.

I would like to make three shout outs first is to the progress of a simmer on the Tomcat and the other is to a sim and final one is to a Sim Commander.

The first one is to Lieutenant Paul Winchester who is my Acting Chief of Security on the USS Tomcat who has been tasked with being a mentor to Ensign Rena Sara aka Melonna, Ensign Sara was doing four-word sentences and since she has been working with Lieutenant Winchester her simming has improved a little she is now doing proper full sentences, while she has a way to go I am happy with her progress to date and want to officially congratulate Lieutenant Winchester for the remarkable progress he has made with her.

The Second shout out is to the USS Poseidon, the ship is still looking for good simmers who which to do quality posts instead of fast posts. Yes, the sim has slowed since it came into being, but Captain Johnson has adapted and while looking for crew who want to do in-depth and posting that had proper content and not snippets i.e. he wants simmers who like to evolve characters and doe not mind a slow sim. If anyone is interested in a position on the ship please contact Captain Johnson on Discord on the PF Discord his full-screen name is Captain Franklin Johnson.
The third and final shout out is to Commander Larisna Koralova commanding the USS Hornet aka Cipher on Discord getting an official promotion to Captain, a big congratulations for Captain Koralova for great achievement.

Well done to the pair of you for this achievement. Also, I am happy with TF11s posting averages, for the month of November 2020 the 1 Month Average is as follows: Players Per Game: 12, Posts Per Game: 25, PPP: 2.38. And the 6 Month Averages are Players Per Game: 12, Posts Per Game: 22, PPP: 1.79.

I am also mindful that with things that are going on in Real Life, post counts for November 2020 are modest. The other sims in TF11 have to deal with a lot of Real Life stuff and one extra duty, keep up the good work all. I do not have much more to say for this report so I hope that I will have more news for my report for December 2020 in January 2021.

Nothing more to mention for November 2020 but hopes TF11 will do just as well for December 2020.

Thank You

Fleet Captain Somers
CO USS Tomcat