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February 2021 Monthly Report

Posted: Sun Mar 14, 2021 10:08 pm
by JasmineSomers
For the month of February 2021 I am very proud of the ships in TF11, and there has been movement, but all in all considering the global lockdown the sims in the Taskforce have been doing well even if posting numbers are a bit low, but fluctuations are to be expected. The quality of the posts are good and I am happy with that, well done to all for putting the effort in these trying times in and I would like to thank those Sim commanders for this.

A Special congratulatory shout out to Commander Maia Sterling of the USS Leto, Commander Sterling was my First Officer for over twelve years and over that time she served me well and dealt with any issues before they reached me. I am pleased to see that she has taken that same dedication to her own command and for February the Leto got Bronze Sim of the Month a monument to her leadership of the sim I hope at some point the Leto will earn Silver or Even gold, but Bronze is nothing to be laughed at it is a great achievement and my congratulations go out to her and her crew for making the award possible.

Another congratulatory shout out is to Fleet Captain Lirra Von and Starbase 332 celebrated eleven years in operation, with any sim making it to double figures is a great achievement to get so far and still remain active, many congratulations to Fleet Captain Von on the sims anniversary.

Also, I am happy with TF11s posting averages with a total amount for the month of February 2021 is as follows: 1 Month Average Players Per Game: 9.8, 1 Month Average Posts Per Game: 22, 1 Month Average PPP: 2.19, 6 Month Average Players Per Game: 11, 6 Month Average Posts Per Game: 24, 6 Month Average PPP: 1.99 a damn good job is done.

I am also mindful that with things that are going on in Real Life, post counts for February 2021 are normal. The other sims in TF11 have to deal with a lot of Real Life stuff and one extra duty, keep up the good work all. I do not have much more to say for this report so I hope that I will have more news for my report for March 2021 in April 2021. Nothing more to mention for this month but hopes TF11 will do just as well for March 2021.

Thank You

Fleet Captain Somers
CO USS Tomcat