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TFCO11 Monthly Report April 2021

Posted: Tue May 18, 2021 11:57 am
by JasmineSomers
Greetings All

For the month of April 2021 I am very proud of the ships in TF11, and there has been movement, but all in all considering the global lockdown which is slowly being eased where restrictions are concerned, the sims in the Taskforce have been doing well even if posting numbers are a bit low, but fluctuations are to be expected. The quality of the posts are good and I am happy with that, well done to all for putting the effort in these trying times in and I would like to thank those Sim commanders for this.

A Special congratulatory shout out to Ensign Ted Silver the Deputy Chief Science Officer and Ensign Thyra Sh’shraaqir the Deputy Chief of Security for getting Post of the Month for April 2021 a job well done to both of you on getting Post of The Month. Also, SB332 USS Leto and USS Poseidon are looking for more crew to fill their respective ranks, so if you can spare a new PC to one of these sims, please contact FCapt Von aka AlexM for SB332, Capt Johnson USS Poseidon and Captain Maia Sterling USS Leto for more information on the individual sims, please be aware they have busy schedules so they may be slow in responding due to this.

I am also mindful that with things that are going on in Real Life, post counts for April 2021 are normal. The other sims in TF11 have to deal with a lot of Real Life stuff and one extra duty, keep up the good work all. I do not have much more to say for this report so I hope that I will have more news for my report for May 2021 in June 2021.

Thank You

Fleet Captain Somers
CO USS Tomcat