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TFCO11 Monthly Report December 2021

Posted: Sun Dec 12, 2021 9:14 pm
by JasmineSomers
This will be my last entry here as TFCO 11 as I have stepped down from the position due to personal issues, I wish all the luck to my replacement

Hello all I am Fleet Captain Somers and I am commander of Taskforce 11 and the month of November 2021 has been a good one for the Taskforce, some progress has been made and all the sims proceed at their own pace, all sims have their own missions currently in progress and all look good and they are some amazing stories.

- USS Tomcat FCapt Somers: Current mission “Captive State” the Tomcat has just been given a new mission where they have been sent to investigate a planet of a Pre-warp human civilisation whose ancestors were taken from earth by the preservers, like what happened with some Native American tribe before them. Not much about the system is known, except that is has some habitable planets in the goldilocks zone of the systems star, the system is only known by its survey designation of Unexplored System 569701.

- SB332 FCapt Von (AlexM): Starbase 332 being a hub of activity has to cope with many, many occurrences, in their latest mission “The Archan Job” a Special Agent from Starfleet Intelligence arrives on SB332 with a mission for FCapt Von and her personnel to complete, and someone will also have to enlist the help of the 332 Crew to carry out an infiltration mission that the SFI agent had arrived with and help to stop the Tejar from retreating further underground.

- USS Poseidon Captain Johnson: After the Battle of the Bright Nebula and Starfleet cancelling the ships original mission aiding the Cardassian’s with Relief supplies, now with a dubious event of possibly more Pirated Isolinear chips yet to be found on the ship the Poseidon has been tasked with fending off Pirates in their local sector as illegal activity has increased.

- USS Leto Captain Maia Sterling: Captain Sterling has the job of dealing with the Riixian Insurrection as the ships is going to Betazed to deal with an unexpected events that has seemed to have suddenly cropped up with the Riixian Caliphate. A prisoner which was part of the Caliphate had been captured and now Captain Sterling has been tasked with taking their prisoner to Betazed for Trial in an attempt to appease the Betazoid Government. The USS Leto is concentrating on Diplomatic missions and the occasional border skirmish, but the ships main mission is diplomatic.

- USS Endurance Commander Temperance Harding: Being one of the newest commanders and ships to be commissioned, the ship has already started its first mission so it is an interesting time to join the Endurance as their future is not yet written. On their first Mission they were assigned the task of tracking down a lost freighter the SS Liberte, eventually they found it and are currently defending themselves against some hostile fighters, when it is safe Lieutenant Commander Lightfeather and an Away Team will beam over to the freighter.

I would like to mention in recognition of the following sims and their success in getting both Sim of the Month and Post of the Month Awards, first, we will start off with Pegasus Fleet level Awards and that would be the USS Leto who has obtained the Gold Sim of the Month for November 2021 Congratulations to Captain Sterling and the Crew of the USS Leto. Also congratulations to Commander Temperance Harding of the USS Endurance for getting the Bronze Sim of the Month Award for November 2021, congratulations to Commander Harding and her crew.

Now for the Taskforce Monthly Awards for the Sim of the month for November 2021, this award goes to Fleet Captain Somers and the crew of the USS Tomcat congratulations to all on the sim for this achievement. The Post of the Month at Taskforce level Award goes to Fleet Captain Von of Starbase 332, congratulations to Captain Von and the crew of SB332.

Finally, the TFCO 11 Choice Award for November 2021 goes to the USS Leto and Captain Maia Sterling, the sim moves along at varying paces fast and slow due to the real-life commitments of the Commanding Officer and most of the crew, the sim managed to keep an interesting storyline going and have begun to bring it to its conclusion, their current mission is weirdly interesting in the aspect that some of it is unconventional but it is good storytelling and everything remains realistic and has a touch of a supernatural thriller.

To all sims in Taskforce 11, let us keep up the good work for the coming months and make December 2021 results even better than November 2021, that is all I have for this month, everyone.

Thank You

Fleet Captain Somers
CO USS Tomcat