USS Vanguard May 2014 Ship Awards

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USS Vanguard May 2014 Ship Awards

Post by Jilrak » Sat May 31, 2014 3:48 pm

Hi all,

I am very proud of my new crew. They have made the USS Vanguard's first month very fun and interesting. I want to share the awards that I have granted everyone for! Give them a hand for a job well done.

Captain Jilrak

CO's Merit The start up of a new sim is always difficult. For those of you who haven't done it, there is a lot to it. Getting a website ready, recruiting player, putting plots together. There have been three people who have helped a lot.

Commander Ward - He has helped giving input on plots and put together some graphics for the site as well as filling in some items.

Lieutenant Commander Monro - She has given feed back on my plots, recruited a brand new player both for the ship and Pegasus Fleet, and helped new players get settled.

Doctor Mordin - He has given feed back on the site, made suggestions, and offered to help on numerous occassions.

Antagonist Award - Lieutenant Severide - Normally it takes a little while for someone to get to the point of antagonist PC wise. However, she has rocked right out of the gate. Shot twice, put in the brig, removed from her position, all in the first two days, the Lieutenant has become the first openly "bad girl" of the Vanguard.

Funny Bones Award
Doctor Mordin - Ok, who would have thought a Klingon would be getting this award? The Doctor has a very dry wit, but still it has been very amusing.

NPC Award
Lieutenant (jg) Ryan - Ok, who would have thought that a condiment could become an NPC? However, Lieutenant Ryan's secret salt-shaker Sybil (say that five times fast), is very interesting and I believe will entertain quite a bit.

Lieutenant Severide - She has made the intelligence department come alive, each person in it having a distinct personality, all being torn to a degree with the dismissal of their department head within 2 days of being on board.

Post Master
Lieutenant Severide - With 17 posts, she leads the pack, but she has been on board since day one. I think this month she will be given a run for her money with everyone starting on equal footing, but well done none the less.

Recruitment Award
Lieutenant Commander Monro - Brining new blood in from outside the fleet is VERY important, not just for the ship, but for the fleet as a whole. New players bring new ideas and different ways of doing things that can help a ship and fleet grow. I hope I get the opportunity to give this award to everyone on board at least once.

Post of the Month Submittal
Every month, when a CO does their monthly report, one item is a post of the month nomination. This is a fleet wide award, decided voted for on the Pegasus Fleet forums I believe. This month's nomination is:

"Ryan's Maximums for Survival in Starfleet", by Lieutenant (jg) Ryan. ... iewpost/23
Lieutenant Commander Robert Haines, CIO
USS Viper

Marine Captain Tom Andrews, CO
The Renegades

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