Task Force Restructure & Introductions

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Task Force Restructure & Introductions

Post by Williams » Fri Aug 08, 2014 10:47 am

(Message below copied from email to fleet COs and XOs)

Hi everyone

In case you haven’t read all of your emails for the announcement yet, Task Force 11 has been reorganised slightly due to the departure of a few sims. As the new commander of Task Group Argonauts, I had planned to write a brief email to introduce myself to the new members of my TG and set out what they can expect from me – however, considering that I am at present the only serving TGCO, I thought it would be better for all if I included Task Group Hyperion in the email as well. Following on from Rich’s precedent, I’m also including those of you who run sims in Task Force 13 – obviously it goes without saying that if you don’t want me to include any of you 13ers on more emails like this, just let me know and I’ll take you off the list.

So, first of all, here is where the restructure places each of our sims:

TG Hyperion:
- USS Nimitz
- Starbase 332
- USS Niagara
- USS Trafalgar

TG Argonauts:
- USS Highlander
- USS Harbinger
- USS Tachibana
- USS Tomcat

Task Force 13, with the loss of Renegades, currently sits as:
- Astraeus Project
- Discovery NX-04
- Phantom
- Starbase Zeta
- USS Tesla

Now, as we may find ourselves in groupings that we may not have worked with the other members of in the past, and as we have had new members join us since the last round of introductions, I think it would be good for us to do another round, and just introduce ourselves to each other. As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, I’ll also explain what you can all expect of me as TGCO.

Firstly, my RL name is Matt, but I write primarily under the name of Captain Tim Williams, the skipper of the Highlander (previously Benjamin Byrne on the Endeavour, until we changed ships and I changed my CO character). I’ve been simming since 2007, where I began in Horizon Fleet, shortly before branching out into what was at the time Sigma Division (it became Epsilon Force, which I helped found, and now more recently it has become the 8th Fleet). I have also simmed in Bravo Fleet. In 2009 I formed Pegasus Fleet, and I served as the PFCO from then until early last year, due to real life constraints. With my real life relenting on me later on last year, I wanted to once again do more for the fleet than be a CO, so I applied and was accepted as TGCO for Atlantis and following the reshuffle, am now TGCO for Argonauts.

In terms of what you can expect from me as TGCO, I will do my best to stay in regular contact with you throughout each month, keeping you up-to-date on things that are going on and generally trying to help build a community between us. I am always happy to help with any issues or problems any of you might come across, and give advice freely, so if you ever have anything you want to talk to me about, never feel afraid about coming to me with it. You can most easily get me by email at this address, or on the forums. I also try to get on the fleet IRC chat (under the name Krace) as often as I can. I am also going to try to continue Rich’s tradition of weekly emails to everyone, as I thought that they were a good way to keep everyone updated as to what was going on within our sims. As Admiral Constantine said, TG Hyperion members are more than welcome to come to me just as if they were members of TG Argonauts whilst the fleet staff recruit a new TGCO to fill the vacant spot, and that invite is also open to those members of Task Force 13 – though with the caveat that obviously I am not a member of TF13’s official chain of command.

Those in TF11 (and particularly TG Argonauts) also remember that I am the first in line for your chain of command for any issues that you need to bring to the fleet staff’s attention. That isn’t to say that you can only go through me for things; if you feel the issue is urgent or even if it is an issue with me you can of course skip steps in the chain. However for the majority of issues, the chain of command is designed to help lift the strain on those in the fleet staff positions by filtering some of the issues that come through it; therefore, anything that you pass on to me that I can deal with myself, I will do so as quickly as I am able. Anything that I cannot handle myself will be promptly passed to the next link in the chain that is able to assist with it.

If you have any questions for me, feel free to come straight to me with them. I look forward to working and continuing to work with you all, and reading the posts on your sims :)

I’ve also posted this on the forums, as I figured that might be a better place for your own introductions to go, so that the regular members of the fleet can get to know you as well (and to stop us all clogging up your email inboxes :D)

Captain Tim Williams
Commanding Officer, USS Highlander NCC-74962
Commanding Officer, Task Group Argonauts
11th "Pegasus" Fleet

Alexanderia Cahill
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Crewman Apprentice
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Re: Task Force Restructure & Introductions

Post by Alexanderia Cahill » Sun Aug 10, 2014 12:33 am

I like the way you have done things Captian Williams and can see how much thought and more you did to set the Task Group up. I look forward to seeing more as we grow.


I am Lt Aleaxnderia Cahill CMO on the USS Tomcat, my real name is Christinamarie Bolt. I came here at the invite of my XO. I have been simming since 2000 at one site or another and I am a huge fan of all the Star Trek series.

I have simmed in several fleets and use the simms to escape the rl issues and to blow off some steam. I was in Bravo Fleet til it folded and was ACMO on the USS Electra there. After it folded I went to Raptor Fleet and it fell appart. I hope to enjoy myself here and to one day be in command of my own ship. I have a lot of ideas on what I want to do with it once it happens.

LT Alexanderia Cahill
CMO USS Tomcat

Interms of what can be expected of me is I will always be loyal to my crew and ship no matter what my characters title or position is. I will always be looking for ways to help improve my ships or the fleet ae I can with suggestions to what may help to reduce problems and to help in anyway I can.

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