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Task Force Catch-Up

Post by Williams » Sun Sep 07, 2014 12:59 pm

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening everyone (depending on what part of the world you are in when reading this).

I know I haven’t been able to do the weekly catch-ups I said I was going to try and do recently; I’m afraid things have been a little bit unpredictable for me recently, and so I’ve only been able to keep up on most things via my phone, which isn’t the best medium to write emails to large numbers of people. Nevertheless, I thought it was important to make sure to get at least one catch-up out to you guys following the turnover of a new month.

From what I’ve seen on sim sites, and from what I’ve read in the monthly reports I’ve seen (if you haven’t gotten yours in yet, make sure you do it soon; late is always better than never, and it gives the TF staff a better idea of how everyone is doing and how we can best support you), August was a bit of a mixed month for all of us, which is to be expected with it being one of the busiest holiday periods for most of the Northern Hemisphere of the world (I don’t know if it works the same in the Southern half of the world). Most of the sims managed to get a respectable number of posts done, and I’m sure that we all have more in the works, so I don’t think that there is too much to worry about for most considering the time of the year, and we should all be looking forward to the time when everyone’s schedules tend to settle down into a more regular pattern as holidays are finished and kids go back to schools.

Now; one quick reminder for everyone; it is the fleet’s monthly meeting later today on IRC. It’s always a good thing when we get a lot of COs and XOs attending, and I’m going to be doing my best to make sure that I am there also. It’s a good venue to get information as to what has been going on in the fleet over the past month, and to ask any questions you may have to the fleet staff, so if you can make it, I would encourage you all to do so. If you need help getting there (for example, if you’ve never used IRC before), just shoot me a line and I’ll do what I can to help you out. I’ll put a table of the most common time zones in comparison to the meeting time sent out on the automated email from the mailing group at the bottom of this email.

Going forward, I’m going to try to do better on getting these catch-ups out to you on a more regular basis; weekly if I can manage it, but at the very least I’ll be sending them out bi-weekly. We didn’t get many responses to the last catch-up where I asked for you guys to introduce yourselves (our only response actually was a member of the Tomcat’s crew, who wasn’t included in the original mailing, but did see the message on the fleet forums). I think it would be good for the task force and for the overall community of sims that we are if we could get more introductions of who we are and what we do on the sims we are responsible for there, so if you have time, see if you can get over there and write something up quickly.

Once again, for maximum visibility, I’ll be posting this up on the fleet forums as well, so any responses to this feel free to send either by email or by posting to the forums; it’s up to you, but I am of course trying to encourage the usage of the forums as much as I can, as I think it really is an under-used tool that the fleet has at its disposal.

And as usual, my door is always open if you have anything you want to talk to me about. I hope to see as many of you as can make it at the monthly meeting.

Captain Tim Williams
CO, USS Highlander
CO, Task Group Argonauts

Edit: Here is the table I forgot to add to the email:

GMT: 7pm-9pm
British Summer Time (BST): 8pm-10pm
Europe (CEST): 9pm-11pm
New York (EDT): 3pm-5pm
Chicago (CDT): 2pm-4pm
Denver (MDT): 1pm-3pm
San Francisco (PDT): 12pm-2pm
Canberra (AEST): 5am-7am
Perth (AWST): 3am-5am

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Re: Task Force Catch-Up

Post by Mike » Sun Sep 07, 2014 1:06 pm

Well, I'm never one to avoid talking about myself. I'm Matt's First Officer on NX-04, Discovery. To be honest, I'm finding my feet when it comes to the Enterprise era. I've only watched the odd episode here and there and it never really 'got me' like the other Trek series did. That being said, I love the premise of a 'Space Western' and that's why I applied to play Dewitt Cayne, Armoury Officer and First Officer.

In terms of 'what I do' across all the sims I'm on, I guess I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades although I tend to play Security/Tactical personnel or people with a background in it. Aside from Commander Cayne, I also play Commander Jordan Gunning (Chief of Strategic Operations) on Starbase 332 and Lieutenant Ciaran McIntyre (Chief Security Officer) on the USS Highlander.

So hello!

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Re: Task Force Catch-Up

Post by Alex » Sun Sep 07, 2014 4:52 pm

I guess I somehow forgot to do my introduction after the last post. Sorry about that. Anyway, my name is Alex. I'm the commanding officer of Starbase 332, Captain Liarra Von. While my favorite Star Trek series had always been TNG, I've really enjoyed DS9 and I've been trying to channel the political intrigue for my missions on SB332. In real life I'm a mechanical engineer, which has helped me a lot in my other major job with the Fleet, Director of Research & Development Vice Admiral Emily Quinn. I also try to be very approachable. I don't spend much time on IRC, and I'm not on skype, but I check my email and forum PMs pretty often. If anyone has any questions about the Fleet, about SB332, or about me, feel free to ask.

My characters tend to lean towards security/tactical or engineering, though I do occasionally branch out. Science and medical are not my strong suits, but I might dabble with them from time to time. On the NX-04 Discovery I'm playing the communications officer, Ensign Chloe Bishop. I'm also the chief engineer on the Nimitz, Lieutenant Alana Tovan.
Fleet Admiral Emily Quinn
Commanding Officer
11th 'Pegasus' Fleet

Fleet Captain Liarra Von
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Starbase 332

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