Monthly Reports - April 2015

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Monthly Reports - April 2015

Postby Williams » Sun May 03, 2015 8:32 pm

I know this thread is a bit late going up, but here is this month's tally of reports received so far:

  • USS Highlander [X]
  • Starbase 332 [X]
  • Starbase 47 [X]
  • USS Casey [New CO - Exempt]
  • USS Freedom [L]
  • USS Harbinger [L]
  • USS Kumiho [X]
  • USS Praxis [X]
  • USS Tokyo [L]
  • USS Tomcat [X]
  • USS Vanguard [L]
  • USS Victory [X]

Warehouse 13
  • Discovery [X]
  • Starbase Zeta [ ]
  • USS Argo [New CO - Exempt]
  • USS Farragut [X]

Those COs who have just joined us in the past month I'm giving a free pass to, though obviously it would be much better for reports to be submitted. Anyone listed with an exemption this time around though will need to submit a report next month (thank you to those COs who although you are new have still submitted your report)
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