Monthly Reports - July 2015

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Monthly Reports - July 2015

Post by Confusedfire » Mon Jul 27, 2015 4:05 pm

It is that time of the month once again! Please try and get your reports in no later than August 3rd. And, as always I can be contacted if you run into any problems or time restraints on your monthly report at tf11xo[at]pegasusfleet[dot]net

TF11 - Main
USS Highlander [X]
Starbase 332 [X]
Starbase 47 [X]
USS Casey [Exempt New CO]
USS Freedom [ ]
USS Harbinger [ ]
USS Kumiho [X]
USS Praxis [X]
USS Tokyo [X]
USS Tomcat [X]
USS Vanguard [ ]
USS Victory [X]

TF11 - Niche Task Group ("Warehouse 13")
Discovery [X]
Starbase Zeta [X]
USS Argo [X]
USS Farragut [X]
USS Manoora [X]
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